Gettin’ It Done

My Nesting Frenzy continues, and I’m amazed at what I was able to accomplish today.  Amazed… and exhausted.  But on the flip side, I probably won’t have any trouble sleeping tonight, and I got a lot done.  So I feel pretty good, despite the fact that my body wants to sink into the living room couch and never get up.  🙂

But I can’t yet…  With each falling leaf, we’re one moment closer to the arrival of baby Brady.  So it’s crunch time!  (But the best possible type of ‘crunch time’ there is…)!

Nate helped to put together the baby swing, baby bouncer / sleeper, crib mobile, and three nursery wall hangings, on top of vacuuming and helping me tidy the upstairs.  I didn’t even have to ask him, which earned him some major bonus points!

So now, the spare bedroom is much more organized and will empty out even more once we use up the diaper storage and move out the swing and bouncer (which will soon find a home in our bedroom and living room).  Trust me, this is WAY cleaner than it was before (no more looking like a tornado ran through it), so I’m very happy with how this looks for now.

It’s just a spare room, so the door can stay closed for the most part anyway.  🙂

I basically finished cleaning the bedroom too!  Granted, the room isn’t finished yet.  I still haven’t purchased curtains or wall-hangings, and the bedspread desperately needs to be replaced.  (Hmmm, we’ve only been here how many years now??).  But the floor is now visible, and – once I get rid of the last bit of trash / donation piles – the room will be clean.

No more endless piles of clutter and unorganized baby things!

It’s definitely baby-ready, so Brady will have a clean space to sleep his first few months. (As for finishing the room, that will be tackled much later in the future, as it’s never been at the top of our priority list).  🙂  Nate and I just both hate clutter, so it makes us oh-so-happy to have a tidy room again!

Oh, goodness, completing this project is just such a huge weight off of my shoulders!  I really dreaded the thought of putting Brady’s sleeper into a messy room…

The nursery, on the other hand, is finished in terms of being ready for Brady to sleep in.  YAY!  But the last of the decorations are still coming in the mail, so I haven’t completely finished with the décor yet.  SOON though, and I can’t wait to show you all pics!!

I also went for a walk today with the hubby, which was really nice.  I haven’t been very committed to working out (or even walking), due to how busy life has been.  But I know that walking is healthy for me and baby, so I promised myself that I’d be much more committed to it.  (Hey, finishing strong must count for something)!

Granted, I walk a whole lot slower these days.  We started out at a pretty good pace, but then I could feel myself cramping up a bit.  So we had to slow way down…  An older couple walking nearby smiled at us and then whispered to each other.  I then realized that I look very pregnant at this point, and Nate was sweetly holding my hand.  They must have been commenting on the adorable pregnant couple going for a slow, afternoon stroll.

Either that or they were commenting on the crazy, preggo lady.  😉  (I can’t help but take a mustache pic every time I walk by these tall, marshland plants).  I’m so mature like that!

Hmmm, let’s see… What else did I do with my day?

I taught a piano lesson later in the afternoon…  And then I spent just over 3 hours prepping for the next two days of piano teaching. (These days, prep takes a little bit longer, because three of my transfer students are especially gifted in playing by ear.  So in other words, they can hear a song on the radio and then – in time – play it on the piano without the music.  This was never my gift – as I was classically trained – but I do my best to learn the songs they’re trying to learn… and then we work on it together.  So I’m challenging myself to learn these pieces before their lessons… which means extra time at the piano, in addition to normal prep).  🙂  It’s a lot of work, but – at the same time – it’s stretching me as a musician, which is an awesome experience that I’m totally embracing!

I also put together a musical version of Dominoes and Twister.  I like to play games that reinforce musical building blocks, especially with the younger kids who tend to get a little bit antsy.

Oh, yeah, and I made 90 meatballs…  I prepped them, baked them, cooled them, and then placed them into food-storage bags with spaghetti sauce.  Afterward, I popped them into the freezer so that Nate and I can enjoy Meatball Subs or Spaghetti and Meatballs in December (after Brady is born).  This was Freezer Meal # 1, and I plan to continue with several more so that I’m well-stocked.

No cooking for me once baby arrives!  🙂  If all goes according to plan, Nate can just take meals out of the freezer, follow directions, and we’ll have a homemade meal to enjoy for dinner!

So that’s what I accomplished today!  I am woman, hear me roar!  (Or, well, at least hear me meow…  Kind of too tired to roar very much right now).

Wow, am I going to sleep good tonight!!!!!  🙂

How was YOUR day??




12 thoughts on “Gettin’ It Done

  1. Very impressed with your meal prepping skills!!! With both babies I did none of that. Our church has care groups and whenever someone in that care group needs help like baby, funeral or anything really those other people in care group step up and make meals. I was asked when I wanted them and if I had a preference. All I said was just any and whenever works for them. It was a HUGE blessing and grateful for a church home like this!

    1. Ooh, that IS such a blessing! 🙂 My husband and I attend a VERY small church (which we’re hoping will continue to grow) with mostly older women at this point… We try to do outreaches that will attract families, but it’s a slow process… So when someone needs a meal, I’m usually the one who does the cooking (being the youngest person in the church, other than the children / two teenagers). Ha, ha. My pastor’s wife and a friend at the church have already mentioned that they would love to bring me a meal though, so those two will help!! AND I know that my mom and sister will probably make me several meals too. But I definitely can’t count on a ton of meals (especially since many of my close friends are expecting babies around this time too), so I’m all about freezer-prep!! LOL!
      I hope that one day, our church grows and has a care group like yours does. I think that’s SO special… and the way church-life should be!! It’s a good goal for our little church to have, that’s for sure!! 🙂

  2. You go, girl!! You are getting so much done! I’m so glad the room is cleared out and ready for Brady’s arrival! It sounds like that is such a relief for you! And I am so very looking forward to getting to see his nursery once the final touches arrive. So exciting! 🙂 Also, glad you are starting your freezer meals! I really do wish I could come up and help you prep, but I know you can definitely handle it! You’ve got this, girl! 🙂

    1. I really hope that the nursery wall items come in soon, so that the room is officially decorated… and I can share pics! 🙂 Both are from Etsy though, so I guess it depends on if the items are in stock… or if they’re being made first. The good thing is that Brady will be sleeping in our room for the first couple of months (in a sleeper), so the room will definitely be finished before it’s time for him to move into the crib. SO he’ll definitely move into a finished room! Ha, ha. 🙂 Soooo excited to show everyone the finished result!
      My sister mentioned the other day that she could come over to help prep some freezer meals… So I think I may have to take advantage of her help, just to move things along a little bit faster. 🙂 I too wish you lived closer, as it would make for a VERY fun afternoon, if you were here with us!!! 🙂

  3. The house looks great!! I’m the same way with clutter – get it out. And doesn’t it feel good when things are clutter free! So the meatballs idea is super smart – you’ll be so glad you did that. Do you follow Allison at Nestful of Love? She is due like last week and she posted a bunch of freezer meal recipes if you need/want ideas. I am certain that the elderly couple was talking about how adorable you and Nate are. Anyone would be!

    1. It feels SO good when a room is clutter free!! I walked into the bedroom last night and didn’t have to turn on the light for fear that I’d stub my toe on something. Ha, ha. There was a clear path to the bed and nothing to step on. Awww, such a wonderful feeling!
      I don’t follow Allison at Nestful of Love… BUT I just checked out her blog and have already fallen in love. So I’ll definitely be reading it going forward and checking out the freezer meal ideas!! Thank you for suggesting it!!! 🙂

    1. Oh my goodness, how AMAZING is that friend to give you so many frozen crock-pot meals!?! What a great idea to give as a gift to someone!
      And now that you mention it, a meatball sub does sound good… Too bad mine are all frozen right now! LOL!!

  4. Okay 1) you look awesome!! Honestly, you are an adorable little pregnant momma! 2) take that, clutter! The room looks great and I just can’t wait to see the nursery! And 3) that swing was a magical godsend for us. Hope baby Brady loves it, too!

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