Everything is Awesome

Going forward, my doctor’s appointments are now going to be on a weekly basis, since I’ve reached week 36.  What, what!?!  Four weeks left (or possibly even less) until the newest member of our family arrives!

Up to this point, the appointments been very noninvasive…  The visits have consisted merely of my stepping on the scale (always the scariest moment of the appointment, as I hold my breath and hope for a healthy weight-gain), getting my blood-pressure taken, listening to baby’s heartbeat, and then chatting with the doctor a bit.  And as far as the chatting with the doctor goes, even that has been pretty minimal.  This pregnancy has just been so easy and uncomplicated that I rarely have questions and concerns.

At the end of the day, any discomfort I have is normal, and I’m aware of that.  So I’m not concerned about the symptoms I do experience, although – like any pregnant woman – I will be more than happy when they are no longer a part of my daily routine.  😉  At this point in the game, I am very ready to snuggle my baby boy and to say goodbye to daily backaches!

Even labor hasn’t freaked me out very much, and one doctor commented on how calm I seemed about everything.  I don’t know, I guess that I just realize it’s going to happen and freaking out about it isn’t going to help anything.

I know, this is so not like me!  It’s amazing how being pregnant has really calmed me when it comes to worrying about the future.  (Ahem, except for breastfeeding.  That kind of still freaks me out, if I’m going to be completely honest.  Ha, ha).  But anyway, I’ve viewed labor as a marathon or an extreme mountain climb.  It will be difficult and painful, but I plan to pace myself and to focus on just getting through one contraction at a time.  And in the end, it will all be worth it!  🙂

However, it’s funny how one’s confidence can be shattered so very quickly, isn’t it?  😉   For today’s appointment, as always, I was worried about stepping on the scale… And, as always, I hadn’t gained as much as I thought  I had. (I only gained 1 extra pound over the past two weeks, and both the nurse and doctor said that I was right on track for weight gain).  It’s seriously amazing how triumphant I felt in that moment!

Then the doctor measured my belly to predict Brady’s weight…

Well, remember how I said he seemed to be growing like a weed?  Apparently that was no exaggeration…  Today, when the doctor measured my stomach, she said that I’m measuring large.  Which means that I could be having a big baby…  She assured me that it doesn’t 100% mean that I’ll have a big baby, but measuring big could point to that.  So I may need to go for another ultrasound to check things out more accurately, just to be safe.  (She started to talk about baby’s shoulders getting stuck on the way out, and I kind of tuned her out around that point…).  😉

I definitely was not expecting that kind of report, only because people keep telling me that my belly isn’t all that huge.  I mean, sure, I’ve popped exploded.  But still, I’m not that big…  Or am I??

Well, time shall tell, I suppose.  Time shall tell!  (I’m hoping that maybe Brady just hasn’t dropped in my stomach yet, so that’s why my belly is measuring larger than it should at this point).  🙂

Anyway, I did what any pregnant woman would do after being told that she may be pushing out a football player…  I went to Panera for a chocolate chip cookie!  Actually, I went to Panera for a lemonade (as my thirst has been insatiable lately, and I’d already drunk all of my water), and Nate commented on how good the bakery items looked.  So I suggested that we split one…

Because who am I to deny my husband something that he really wants?  😉

Then we went to Burlington Coat Factory, where Nate bought me a wedding ring.  (Explanation:  My fingers are just swollen enough that my wedding ring was cutting off circulation to my ring finger.  It took a ton of pulling, Windex, and olive oil to get the ring off in the first place; and I was worried about the ring cutting into my finger if I kept it on.  So – sadly – it’s off for the next month or so, just until my fingers go back to normal).  Anyway, my wedding ring is just a symbol of the love and commitment that I have for Nate…  But that being said, my hand just felt so lost without a ring on my left hand ring finger!

SO Nate bought me a stretchy, gold ring that I can wear for now!  🙂  (It was only $4.99; but it’s super cute, and I love it)!

Nate teased me that he’s going to have to propose again…  Ha, ha.

Maybe I don’t know how big baby Brady will end up being, and the doctor’s filling me in on some complications that could happen shook up my calm demeanor just a little bit… But I do know that Brady still seems healthy and strong!  And on top of that, I got a delicious chocolate chip cookie AND a new ring today.

That’s enough to keep me happy and focused on positive thoughts!  Because at the end of the day, it really is about taking it one day – and one step –  and one prayer – at a time!!  🙂



21 thoughts on “Everything is Awesome

  1. If it makes you feel any better, two of my friends were told the same thing (about them measuring for big babies) and they both had little bitty babies. Like 5 1/2 pounders! So maybe Brady will be like that! Or you know, something reasonable in the 7lb range. Christopher and his brother were both 10lb babies and that is always in the back of my mind when I think about birthing a child. But his mom is tiny and she had them both naturally without complications so that encourages me!

    Also, I love that you are so calm about all of this. You have definitely seemed serene about a lot of the pregnancy stuff since the early stages and you seem to take the awkward moments in stride and just laugh them off. I’ve loved that. I’m glad you’ve been at peace about this process. And I will pray that you continue to be at peace about it. And that Brady is healthy and born quickly without complications (with the least amount of pain possible!). 🙂 Yay FOUR WEEKS! 🙂

      1. Oh, and sorry about getting the Lego movie song stuck in your head. 😉 As soon as I wrote the title, it was stuck in my head too!!! LOL!

    1. I’m not going to lie, you’re the first person I thought of after being told that Brady may be on the large side, because I remembered you writing about Christopher and his brother being 10 pounders! Ha, ha!! (I’m pretty sure that my husband also was a big baby… maybe around 9 pounds, I think). Like your mother-in-law, mine didn’t have complications either though and also gave birth naturally. So you’re right, that is encouraging!! 🙂
      Although it’s also encouraging to know that others have been told that they might have a big baby… only to have one that’s under 6 pounds! Ha, ha.
      Thank you for the encouragement… AND the prayers!! 🙂
      And, yes, YAY for four weeks! Baby Brady will be here SO soon!!!

    2. Congrats Mama! Don’t let the size estimates scare you, they are often off. I had a friend in a similar situation who ended up with a 6lb baby. And, truly, it’s the size of the head that affects labor the most… I had a small baby with a huge head, lol, and everything still worked out fine even with a very long labor. It is amazing how it all works though, I also felt uncharacteristically calm, keep it going, sending you good thoughts! 🙂

      1. Thank you, Olivia!! 🙂 I’ve been told by several people now that size estimates are often wrong… and – if they’re not – it’s not the end of the world. We women get through it!! I SO appreciate the support and the encouragement, and I’m glad I wrote this blog post… if only because I felt SO much better after reading everyone’s comments! 🙂
        Thanks again!!!

  2. Whoa 36 weeks?! That came quick! So excited for you in these last few weeks, the anticipation leading up to your little man’s arrival will be like nothing else you’ve experienced. Praying that sense of peace and calm stays with you into motherhood- it did for me which was pleasantly surprising. God does some wonderful works in us pregnant ladies I have found 🙂

    1. I know, didn’t it come quick?? I just can’t believe how fast these past few months have flown by!
      And I agree! It’s almost as though God created us women with this ability to suddenly become calm and collected during pregnancy. I always thought that I’d be such a worrier (as I can be a worrier by nature). But I really haven’t been, and I’ve been calm as I think about raising a little boy too. Just one of God’s miracles, I suppose!! 🙂
      Thank you for the prayers!

  3. Big babies are good!! They are more likely to be in a good position in the birth canal. 🙂 Panera lemonade…oh my word do I wish I had one right now. I may have to get some this week. Can’t wait for Brady to arrive. I have one more appt that is 2 weeks out and then mine are every week too (and about to get very invasive bleh).

    1. That’s the first positive thing I’ve heard about having a big baby, so I’ll take it… and I appreciate it!! 🙂 The news really threw me off… But at the same time, I do know people who have had big babies without complications, so I need to continue to trust God… and to focus on the positive! 🙂
      I know, isn’t Panera’s lemonade just the best?!? Our closest Panera is about 20-25 minutes away (but just so happens to be about 5 minutes away from my doctor / hospital). So on the days I have doctor’s appointments, it’s usually my special, refreshing treat! 🙂
      Yeahhh, ‘bleh’ to the more invasive visits, for sure! Ha, ha. At least there are only a few of them before D-Day! 🙂

  4. It’s so nerve-wracking when you get unexpected news at a regular appointment. 😛 I measured small, to the point that they wanted to make sure that my daughter was still growing, and when they did another ultrasound at about 35 weeks, everything was right on track. If you go for another ultrasound, enjoy it! Seeing my girlie one more time, about a month before she arrived, was SO special for me. The ultrasound tech was able to get a fantastic shot of her face. 🙂

    And even if little Brady *is* on the bigger side, it doesn’t mean that it will be more painful or harder to deliver him. My mom had medication free deliveries on two of my brothers, one over nine pounds, the other under seven pounds, and says that there was no difference in the level of pain in delivering either of them. 🙂 Your body is made to do this!

    1. Oh, wow, that must have been scary for you, when they told you they were concerned about her growth. I suppose that doctors have to be over-cautious so that they don’t miss any potential issues.
      Thank you for the encouragement! It’s VERY encouraging for me to hear women say that having a larger baby didn’t necessarily mean complications. (Insert ‘huge’ sigh of relief)! 🙂

      1. I was at the point in my visits that I was seeing a different provider every appointment, so I wonder if one had a measurement that was slightly off or perhaps baby was in a weird position when they did my fundal measurements. In any event, they said I was measuring three weeks behind and sent me for an ultrasound to make sure she was doing okay since I was certain my dates were right. Scary, but all turned out okay. 🙂

  5. Love the lego movie reference! (At least I hope it was that!) I think your bump looks very small! And I think even from ultrasounds the science of measuring the baby is not very accurate. I would continue to be calm about it all 🙂 Hope you enjoy your last few weeks! I can’t believe I’m at 28 already!

    1. Ha, ha. YES, it was a Lego movie reference. 🙂 My hubby and I watched it a week or so ago, and the song has been stuck in my head ever since.
      And I’m hearing that same thing from a lot of women… The baby measurements do tend to be off! So I agree, taking it a day at a time and staying calm about it is the BEST course of action!
      It’s amazing how fast the entire 9 months fly by!! I remember when I was at 28 weeks… and NOW, I’m already at week 36. It’s just crazy!! 🙂

  6. My stomach has butterflies for you! 4 weeks (or less – like November 23 😉 which I think was my guess for the birthday). You have such a good attitude!! Keep it up. I hope I’m like you when the time comes.

    1. I KNOW, it’s coming up so fast! (Even faster, if you and my mom have guessed correctly, and I’ll go early… Ha, ha). 🙂 I can’t believe that – soon enough – my little family will be a family of three! (Or well, a family of five… I can’t forget my fur-babies)! 🙂

  7. I think it’s awesome that you’ve been so calm throughout your pregnancy!! I know I have a tendency to worry, worry, worry. You’re right that worrying up a storm does nothing when things will just happen the way they happen! Such a simple but often forgotten concept for me, lol.

    I’m sorry about the possibility of a biiig baby. I suppose it’s better than a preemie, though! I’ll be praying for you to have an uncomplicated non-football-player-sized delivery!! ❤

    1. Very true! At the end of the day, we mama’s just want our babies to be healthy, so a big baby who is born without complications for him is much better than a baby born too soon with complications to adapt to life outside the womb!
      And thank you for those prayers!! 🙂 A non-football-player-sized delivery sounds great to me! Although at the end of the day, I WILL get through it, and it will all be good! I know it, even if the doctor’s predictions threw me for a loop. 😉 Keep those prayers a’coming! 🙂

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