D Day and Nesting Frenzies

Now that my due date is five weeks away,  I can officially say that I’m one month away from D Day, which is what I’m calling my Due Date these days!   Well, not really.  But it sounds kind of cool, so maybe I should start…  Anyway, since some months do have five weeks, my due date is officially one month away, so – no matter what I call it – I don’t have too much longer to wait.

Oh, and for the record, it’s no longer accurate to claim that I have popped.  I think that ‘exploded’ might be more like it…  People are asking me how I grew so fast in just a matter of a week or two.  I tell them that I have no idea, because I just woke up like this.  But it’s all good, because that just means that Brady is healthy and growing like a weed.  (Although if he wants to remain an adorable, smallish, healthy weed, I won’t complain either).  😉

Of course, if those of you who guessed that I’ll go into labor early are accurate, I might even have less than a month left!  (My mom’s current prediction is that I’ll go into labor as early as November 17th)!  I’m not sure if her guess is based on the fact that she was a week early for all three of her kids, or if she just can’t wait any longer than that to meet her first grandchild.  😉  But whatever the reason, she was right when she guessed my baby’s gender, so I’m definitely not ruling out the fact that she could be accurate in her predictions this time around too.

Excuse me as I experience a moment of elation blended with a healthy dose of panic. 

Actually, to be completely honest, the closer I get to D Day (yep, the name is sticking), the more ready I feel.  Our house, still-boxed-up-baby-supplies, and scheduled baby classes might not be ready…  But me?  I’m waiting at the finish line in eager anticipation.

Thankfully, the excitement – and slight panic over the fact that we really do have some things to accomplish still – has begun to evolve into a sudden burst of energy. Granted, the energizer bunny, I am not…  But these days, I have found a renewed sense of motivation and energy to tackle projects that need to be finished.  Honestly, I don’t think that the Nesting Stage is really a thing, because it’s not that pregnant women wake up with a sudden desire to clean.  It’s that they suddenly realize that they have weeks left before they bring home a precious bundle of joy… and they don’t want to bring that precious bundle home to a messy house.  So rather than it being a nesting stage, it’s more like a nesting frenzy brought on by the stark reality that there is no room for cute, adorable baby things until the house is tidied and organized.

Just the other night, my husband Nate looked around the bedroom (which becomes messier with each passing day, because somehow the clutter from the rooms I clean tends to end up in not-so-organized piles in our room) and commented, “We need to clean this up soon, or else we’re going to lose Brady in here by accident.”

I forced a laugh like he had said a funny joke. But seriously, it’s true.  The cleaner the baby room and study becomes, the more of a disaster zone our bedroom becomes (which is not okay, because baby Brady will be sleeping in our bedroom for the first couple of months).  It’s just that usually once I’ve carried things into the bedroom (with the intention of organizing it afterward), I’m just too exhausted to continue cleaning.  So it kind of just sits there, waiting to be joined by the next pile.  😉  And there are still boxes that need to be opened, baby things that need to be put together, and a hospital bag to be packed.

So while it’s getting there, we still have a decent amount left to do.

BUT Nesting Frenzies?  Well, they’re totally a real thing… and they’re kind of amazing! I woke up the next morning with a renewed sense of purpose and before I even took the time to eat breakfast, shower, or get dressed, I had made a decent-sized dent in the clutter and filled up two trash bags for donations to Salvation Army. (At this point, if I really don’t need an item or there is no obvious place to store it, it’s leaving).  I’ll bet one or two more hours is all it will take to get the room clean (especially since Nate will be helping), and then it will ready for a baby bouncer, sleeper… and a baby!  🙂

Take that, messy room!  This preggo girl is ready to kick butt, and the To-Do list doesn’t stand a chance!!  🙂


17 thoughts on “D Day and Nesting Frenzies

  1. You go, girl! You are going to get it all finished up soon and there will be plenty of space for baby Brady in your room as well. 🙂 Also, I think it’s kind of hilarious that you call it a “nesting frenzy”. I can totally see why you’d call it that. As time gets closer, it does become more of a “oh my goodness, the clock is ticking now!” haha! I’m helping a friend prepare for the arrival of baby #2 right now (moving baby #1 into a big boy room, etc). I wish I lived closer so I could help you out!

    1. That would be AMAZING if you lived closer!!! 🙂 But the encouragement is a huge help too!!
      I don’t have any plans for tomorrow (although Nate will be helping out at church for most of the morning), so I plan to get as much cleaning done as I possibly can. 🙂 And then probably more cleaning on Monday. I really think that I have a shot at getting this all done by the end of next week and then I can finish decorating (which is almost done) and pick up the rest of the supplies we need.
      It’s definitely getting there!!! 🙂

  2. I’m so excited for you!! That last month is such a bag of mixed emotions, but just remember that no matter how ill prepared you may feel, you will be great! The necessities for those first couple months are pretty limited. Everything else is icing. Ps, you look gorg! Enjoy these last few weeks!

    1. Thank you so much!!
      And I have to remind myself of that. We probably do have most of the things we absolutely need right now… and if not, worst situation is that hubby runs to the store. It won’t be an emergency item, because we already have diapers, outfits, a sleeper, and I plan to breastfeed. SO it will be all good!
      Thank you for the encouragement!!!! 🙂

  3. So exciting! I just had my baby shower so my house as had an explosion of baby things to wash and put away. Well, if you have Brady a week early, maybe you avoid being in the hospital on Thanksgiving! I can’t believe how late Thanksgiving is this year.

    1. We FINALLY finished sorting through our baby shower items. It’s amazing how overwhelming (and exciting) it is to see so many baby things scattered about. Ha, ha. 🙂
      And that would be amazing to already be home in time for Thanksgiving!! (Although I’m sure that it will seem amazing, even if I’m ‘in’ the hospital for Thanksgiving). My choice though would be to go early, even if I keep thinking that I’ll be late. Ha ha.
      Do you have any guesses as to whether you’ll go early, late, or right on time?

    1. I know! I remember when I first announced my pregnancy on my blog… And now I’m suddenly facing the final stretch (literally… because my belly is stretching like there’s no tomorrow). 😉
      Where did the time go???
      Awww, SO excited!

      1. I’m glad it feels like it is going by quickly for you and I hope you’re enjoying your pregnancy. Sometimes, especially near the end, the pregnancy can feel like it’s really dragging.

  4. I think the nesting energy is totally a sign that D-Day is near and Baby Brady will be here soon!! Or maybe I’m just really excited, like your mom (and you and Nate!), and I want him to come ASAP!!

  5. My house is the same as your bedroom… stuff just gets left in piles because it doesn’t have a place to go or it hasn’t gotten there yet. Yikes! I’ve thought about taking a day just to organize but umm that doesn’t sound fun. Good for you for getting on it!

    You are as beautiful as ever 🙂

    1. I know, why can’t cleaning a bedroom be more fun? We need to come up with some sort of game… Or maybe for every pile that gets cleaned, you get a piece of chocolate?
      Ooh, yeah, now we’re talking!! 🙂
      And thank you so much!

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