Random Photo Friday

#1.  Seven mini pumpkins and a sharpie were all it took to give my side porch a bit of autumn cheer.  I might not be Martha Stewart, but I sure do enjoy an easy craft here and there!  🙂


#2.  The only thing I crave more than red meat these days is pizza…  Soooo, hamburg pizza is pretty much a slice of heaven on earth.


#3.   The baby outfits have been washed and sorted; and yesterday I finished washing baby sheets, blankets, and towels.  Everything feels so soft and now smells so delightfully fresh.


#4.  Although I very occasionally indulge in decaf coffee, I’ve avoided Starbucks coffee (even decaf) due to the higher caffeine content.  But I had promised myself that I could have a decaf pumpkin latte as at least one splurge…  🙂  I indulged the other day, and it was AMAZING!  After drinking watered-down coffee for so long, coffee from the ‘Bucks tasted especially delicious!

Now I’m good until Brady arrives!


#5. This peeping tom follows me around the house like a shadow these days.  He was just a little shy when the piano tuner came, so he watched from a safe distance.


#6.  While making dinner the other night, I was greeted by the prettiest rainbow stretching out over the foliage behind our house.  I instantly forgot about peeling and chopping and raced outside to take some pictures!  🙂


#7.  Thank you SO much for all of the encouragement and kind words that you left yesterday.  Honestly, it means a LOT!  Being a mom will be such a new experience, but I plan to do my absolute best and to love the little guy to the moon and back.  🙂

Ooh, and if you haven’t yet guessed my due date, make your guess!  Ha, ha.


#8.  Have a wonderful weekend!  We’ll ‘talk’ again soon!


7 thoughts on “Random Photo Friday

  1. Such beautiful foliage you have – love that deep red colour. It’s something we don’t really see often here in Belgium. Orange, brown and yellow, but the reds are lacking.

  2. That rainbow is beautiful! I love sitting outside, ignoring any kind of chores, to take in the sky in special moments (although our sunrises are pretty extreme here, so the excuse doesn’t work EVERY day, haha!). And I love the pumpkins too! I really need to decorate for fall…it just keeps getting put off every weekend….maybe this weekend will be different!

  3. Cuuute pumpkins!! You did such a great job! I love how festive they are. 🙂

    Also, I crave pizza always. I just do. I love it. And spaghetti. I may only technically be Italian by last name, but I’m pretty sure there must be a little of something running in my veins because I eat pasta like I was born in Italy. 😉

    So glad you treated yourself to some Starbucks! Brady will be here before you know it and you’ll be enjoying those peppermint mochas with the rest of America. 😉

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