6th Wedding Anniversary Weekend – Day 2

(Continued from yesterday’s post – Day 1)

I woke up Saturday morning (which was the actual date of our 6th wedding anniversary) and stumbled my way across the hotel room to the bathroom.  I leisurely washed my face, brushed my teeth, and walked back into the main room to see a large present sitting on the couch.  Nate had rushed out of the room, down 8 flights of stairs, over to the car, and back in that small amount of time without my having even realized he’d left.  (I guess that shows how observant I am in the morning).  It also shows how observant I am in general these days, since I had never noticed the gift sitting in the back of the Jeep.  Ha, ha.

Had I noticed, I would have panicked much earlier.  😉  Nate and I rarely buy each other gifts for our anniversary and instead spend money on going away and delicious food.  This time, however, Nate had put money aside and bought me a large decorating kit!  He knows that I’ve been having such a fun time decorating cupcakes lately that he bought me my very own kit, so that I don’t have to borrow pieces from my mom.  The kit is absolutely amazing, and I’m now even more determined than ever to take a cake decorating class!  (I mean, I don’t even know how to use half of the pieces, so a class is a definite must)!  🙂

Cupcake decorating, here I come!!

Anyway, now I know how Nate feels when I surprise him, and he isn’t quite as prepared.  😉  I told him that I’ll have to surprise him with something special soon, and he said that I already will be.  He said that I’ll be giving him a son, which is the best gift anyone could ever give him.  Sigh, he can really be SO sweet sometimes!!  It melts my heart…

We started our day in Boston at Quincy Market and Fanuel Hall.  The large, brick buildings are home to food and souvenir vendors.

Nate bought a coffee at Red Barn Coffee, which he said was good but not the absolute best coffee he’d ever tried.  I tried their hot apple cider, and it was really refreshing, especially since the day was misty and chilly.

Then, as we walked around the Wharf, we ran into our friend Mike (who had been a groomsman in our wedding)!  He works as a tour guide for Old Town Trolley Tours, so we decided to hop onto his trolley for the nearly two-hour tour.  It was a BLAST!  Being pregnant, I get tired a whole lot faster than I used to, so it was nice being shuttled around some of our favorite Boston stops.

I’d definitely highly recommend this tour to any first-time visitors to Boston, because the trolley ticket is good for two days… and you can hop off and on all day (with trolleys making pickups and drop-offs every 10-15 minutes).  Some of the stops included Paul Revere’s house, Fenway Park, a historic cemetery or two, the Prudential Center, Newbury Street, the U.S.S. Constitution, MIT, etc.  Visitors can hop off to explore a bit, do some shopping, eat at some great restaurants, and then hop back on another trolley to be ushered to the next stop.

Easy peasy, as no knowledge of how to maneuver the city is needed!  🙂

Plus the trolley tour is fully narrated, with lots of Boston information and plenty of humor.  SO much fun!

After our trolley tour, Nate and I walked to Maggiano’s Little Italy, our absolutely favorite Italian restaurant.  (Granted, Boston has some amazing, authentic Italian restaurants in the North End.  But we haven’t tried any of those yet… so Maggiono’s is still our fave).  🙂  It is just SO delicious!  (And Rachel, who has actually eaten pasta in Ialy, says that it’s one of her favorite Italian restaurants too; so that just goes to show you how good it is)!!

I generally order the spaghetti and meatball (yes, one meatball comes with the order, but it’s the biggest meatball you could imagine) or the lasagna.  But I’d heard some great reviews about the Rigatoni D, so Nate and I both ended up ordering that.  Rigatoni pasta, herbed chicken, mushrooms, and a Marsala cream sauce with parmesan cheese.

(So obviously low-calorie…  Ha, ha.  NOT!).  🙂  So deliciously worth it though!

I was in pasta heaven!!

From there, we walked around Boston a bit more, then headed home (a drive that I slept through for the most part).  🙂  But even if I was tired, I was sure happy.  It was a REALLY nice anniversary weekend!

I think I needed that one more night away with Nate to make a few more memories and the just-us time.  It was really special.  🙂


10 thoughts on “6th Wedding Anniversary Weekend – Day 2

  1. Did you cry when Nate said that about his son being the best present? Michael did that on his birthday when I was too sick to be able to take him out. I remember I was sitting on the couch just crying because I felt like I had ruined his birthday. Then, he said something pretty similar to what Nate said that got me crying for a whole different reason!

    Also, when I was in New York earlier this year for my job, my coworkers and I took a bus that was similar to that trolley. For some reason that day, though, the buses were really disorganized. We did do part of the tour down to the Statue of Liberty, but ended up taking the subway back to the hotel, which I was excited to do anyway! However, that trolley is MUCH cuter that the buses, and I agree, it is a really fun way to travel! I’m a big nerd about city trivia, though. 🙂

    1. I didn’t cry… But I SURE came close! I was at the ‘there’s a lump in my throat and tears are pricking my eyes’ stage. 🙂 I felt so guilty and so touched all at the same time!!
      And I’m definitely a nerd when it comes to big cities too! 🙂 I love the tours that teach me the little-known (but interesting) facts!! I’m not a huge history buff (like my hubby is), but I do somehow love learning about ‘that’ kind of history!!

  2. Hahaha! The very beginning of this post made me laugh because I was totally reading it at the pace you were describing it. Laid back morning… going about your routine leisurely… and then all the sudden BOOM Nate is flying into action in the background without you even knowing! It just made me laugh! Hooray for the cupcake decorating kit! How fun! I’m excited to see all your creations. 🙂 Also, his comment about you giving him a son… *TEAR* He’s a keeper, that Nate!

    Those trolley tours sound fabulous! I will remember that if I’m ever in Boston. What a great idea! And how fun that you got to see an old friend! 🙂

    YES!! MAGGIANO’S!! My fav! And I’m not going to lie, I have only ever ordered the Spaghetti and Meatball (also, I find it hilarious that it is a singular massive meatball, haha!). Even as my to-go meal. I still only ever get that. Because it’s SO amazing! But Christopher always tries new stuff (which is how I’ve had that Rigatoni D and recognized it so quickly on FB, haha!). Their food is ALL so good! 🙂

    1. Ha, ha!! That’s too funny that you were reading at the same pace that I was describing! 🙂 And I can’t wait to see all of my future creations too!! 😉 I sorted through the decorating kit this afternoon, and there are SO many pieces that are unfamiliar to me. It’s so exciting. LOL! I think I might have to practice a bit this winter, while Brady takes his naps and while I’m stuck inside (thanks to the frigid cold outside). 🙂
      And you would LOVE the trolley tours, for sure!!
      I totally understand wanting to order the same thing at Maggiano’s, trust me!! 🙂 You’re right, it’s just SO good! I’m always afraid to order something that I might not like as much, so I always go for my absolute fave! 🙂 But for some reason, this time around (probably thanks to the pregnancy), I wanted something a little more indulgent and creamy! And I definitely remembered that Christopher had ordered it, loved it, and that you tried it and loved it too. And I’m SO glad that I went with it this time around, because it was ‘just’ what this preggo girl was craving!
      (Next time though, I’m ordering the huge meatball. Ha, ha)!!

    1. I thought the same thing… There’s something about tall, old buildings reaching into the fog that really is romantic and mysterious!
      And the pasta was soooooo good! I could go for a plate right about now. 😉

  3. Funny… I want to take a cake decorating class too!

    I am tempted to do the trolley thing. I think that’s a great option in any new city so you can quickly take everything in then know exactly where you want to spend more time. You are so wise.

    I am sad that there was no dessert on this day 😦

    1. No way!?! I plan to take a cake decorating class next summer with my sister and my friend Ashley. I figured that Brady will be 6 months by then, so I’ll probably need a few nights out (and it will be great bonding time for Nate to babysit the baby. Ha, ha). I wish you lived closer, so that we could take one together! It’d be SO much fun!!! 🙂 (If I can find a class that’s just a basic, day course… I might have to convince you to come visit then). 😉
      Ooh, you (and especially J-Slice) would love the trolley tour! Plus the tickets are good for two days (and are good all day). So you can actually get off and enjoy some of the tours / shopping / restaurants, before hopping back onto another trolley.
      Goodness, I should get some kind of commission from them or something… 😉
      But seriously, I loved it and thought it was a great experience!
      And I cracked up at that last line, because I wondered if anyone would notice that we actually didn’t have dessert that day. Ha, ha. We really didn’t… Which I guess is pretty unusual for us, when we go out for the day. 😉

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