6th Wedding Anniversary Weekend – Day 1

The original plan for our sixth wedding anniversary was to order a pizza, rent a movie, and enjoy a relaxing evening at home.  And quite frankly, that kind of evening sounded absolutely amazing.  Nate and I both love quiet evenings at home, movies, and pizza.  (Oh boy, do I love pizza these days)!!  So really, we had no reason to come up with a Plan B, other than the fact that I have really, really been craving Italian food from our favorite Italian restaurant Maggiano’s Little Italy.

Like REALLY craving it!

And since the only Maggiono’s around is located in our favorite city – Boston – one thing led to another and soon we were packed up and ready to spend one night away.  (Thanks to Expedia, we found a hotel just outside of Boston for only $130, and I had already put money aside for some foodie fun).  And honestly, I’m SO glad that we did it!  Nate and I kept going back and forth as to whether or not we should spend any money at all; but we came to the conclusion that once Brady arrives, we probably won’t make it into Boston for quite awhile.

And if worst comes to worst, we’ll just wait a few extra weeks before buying a baby monitor system.  😉  We only knew that we wanted to make our last just-the-two-of-us anniversary extra special… and delicious!

Boston is only just over an hour away, so staying the night isn’t necessary.  But it sure is fun!  🙂  The hotel we found (located in Cambridge) was only a ten minute walk from the Cambridge Galleria, so we decided to hold off on going into Boston until the next day (our actual anniversary)… and to instead explore the Galleria, which we had never been to.

The Galleria was basically (and wonderfully) a three-floor mall, complete with Ann Taylor Loft, Loft, Sears, Macy’s The Gap, TJMaxx, Motherhood Maternity, and restaurants.  I kept asking Nate if he was absolutely certain that he didn’t mind spending time there, since shopping really isn’t his thing.  He insisted that he was having fun and that he wanted the day to be extra special for me.

Gosh, what a guy!!  Honestly, I can’t remember the last time that I shopped at a mall, so the retail therapy (even if I mostly window-shopped) was soooo needed.  And I found a cute gift for my sister Sarah whose birthday is coming up!  Score!

In our travels throughout the mall, we also found a Boston team store that sold these New England Patriot’s heels!  I totally wouldn’t be able to walk in them, but – still – they were cute to look at.  😉  Ha, ha.

I mean, check out how thin those heels are!  That’s pretty much a sprained ankle waiting to happen, if you ask me!

Hmmmm, I wonder if they make them in flats…  😉

Anywho, for dinner, Nate and I decided to split a BBQ chicken sandwich from D’Angelo’s and then a piece of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory for dessert.  We chose the banana cream cheesecake, which was absolutely delicious!

Honestly, their cheesecake slices are kind of expensive, but they’re worth every penny.  So unbelievably amazing!  (Remember how I said that my sweet tooth was finally behaving?  Yeahhhh, well, that lasted a day.  I’m now convinced that my sweet tooth will remain in overdrive throughout the rest of my pregnancy.  And while I’d normally try to reserve dessert for the weekend, I’m now doing my best to limit dessert to once a day).  ;

We ate the cheesecake in our hotel room, while we watched The Amazing Race on TV and finalized our teams.  (Nate and I are both super competitive, so we took turns picking teams that we think will win.  The loser has to give the winner a back rub.  😉  Sadly, two of my team members were kicked off the show this past week, so hopefully I do better next week).

For the record, Nate and I both wanted The Dentists, so I’m convinced that he still owes me a backrub if they win.  Ha, ha. 

(to be continued…)

Have you ever eaten at a Cheesecake Factory?

Do you watch the Amazing Race?




25 thoughts on “6th Wedding Anniversary Weekend – Day 1

    1. Oh no!! I have a friend who was the same way… She couldn’t have dairy during her pregnancy, and that is so rough! Does it help you eat healthier though? I imagine that I’d probably be eating a little bit healthier if I couldn’t have dairy (a.k.a. icecream and such). 😉 But it still wouldn’t be easy!!

  1. It’s always fun when it’s spontaneous! And the Cheesecake Factory has delicious food, even though their portion sizes are a little off 🙂

    1. I know, I need to be spontaneous more often, because it really is so great! Ha, ha. 🙂 It made for a very fun, special day!!
      And I’m just glad that there really isn’t a Cheesecake Factory close to me, because it would be dangerous. 😉

    1. Thank you SO much! And I agree! There’s something special about a spontaneous trip!! (I honestly think this past weekend was even more special than our Babymoon and for ‘that’ very reason… We weren’t expecting anything of it – because it was so last minute. And it ended up being really special and fun)! 🙂

    1. No way!?! That’s great!! I definitely think they’ll go far in the competition if they keep it up, because they seem really smart!! (I’m also rooting for the firefighters a bit too, even if they’re on Nate’s team as well. Ha, ha. Since they’re from Boston, I can’t help but cheer them on)!!

  2. What a great trip! Spontaneous is definitelly better sometimes 🙂 And I LOL-ed like a cat at the part about limiting desserts to once a day. I’m with ya!

  3. This is my perfect day! I love the Cheesecake Factory (Key Lime Pie flavour for me) and I also love the Amazing Race! I think the Surfers will do well, but I’d love to see the Firefighters go far.

    1. Ooh, Key Lime Pie must be AMAZING! I always say that I’ll try a new flavor when I go, but then I usually order something chocolate flavored. 😉 It’s SO difficult to pick from all of the choices!
      I really hope the Surfers do well ( not only because they’re on my team but also because they seem like such a nice couple). 🙂 And even though the Firefighters are on my hubby’s team, I’d like to see them do well too… They’re from Boston, so I HAVE to support that!! Ha, ha. 🙂

  4. Mmm, that cheesecake. Can I have that for lunch please? I ate at a Cheesecake Factory in DC when I was a sophomore in high school and I still remember that as one of the best meals (and desserts!) I’ve ever had.

    FUN anniversary day 1!

  5. LOVE the Cheesecake Factory. Just remembering some one gave us a gift card to go there before Elliot arrived- as a “last date before the baby” thing. We never used it! I may have to stop over on my way home from work and get a couple slices to go 🙂 Love that you decided to go away for the night to celebrate- these times of just the two of you are special, savor ’em!

    1. Ooh, NICE! (Let me know which flavors you choose and how you like it! 🙂 I always want to try new flavors, but I usually always pick one of the chocolate variety. Ha, ha. But after I tried the banana cream one, I knew that I really need to start trying new flavors, because it was SO good)! 🙂

  6. UGH cliffhanger!!!

    Maggiano’s has the best calamari. YUM! I can’t wait to hear what you got there! I’m told that there’s some bakery in the North End that has incredible cannoli. Maybe you need a second trip into the city?

    I haven’t met anything at The Cheesecake Factory that I didn’t like. That is a problem. ha!

    Does Nate read your posts?? I wonder if he gets a big head from all the times you say how great he is. I love that!

    1. YES! Mike’s Pastries! It’s a MUST-STOP, for sure, if you go to Boston!! 🙂 They have THE best cannoli’s! (They just recommend not going there if you’re allergic to nuts, so I actually haven’t been since Nate and I started dating. I think the last time I went, I was a freshmen in college, and I went with my brother Matt and my friend Matthew!). Hmmm, I may need to remedy that! Why don’t my sister and I ever go, now that I think about it? Ha, ha. But, yes, those cannoli’s are amazing!
      Nate doesn’t read my posts for the most part. He always says that he will someday, kind of like a walk down memory lane. But every once in awhile, he will read it (especially if he’s interested in a recap). And when I write about things that are a little more personal, I usually tell him to read it first to make sure it’s okay for me to post. 🙂

  7. I’m hoping the aversion to rich, or really sweet, food will go away, because that cheesecake looks amazing. I do like the Cheesecake Factory. I used to go every year for my birthday.
    Unfortunately, I haven’t really been able to get into reality TV. I try every year, but I get more caught up in the other shows. I’ve been loving a lot of shows this fall though! I like Forever, Gotham, Once Upon A Time (of course), Resurrection (though this season has been a little slow), Agents of SHIELD (also another slow start), etc (cause there are too many to list, but those are the ones right off the top of my head).

    1. Or maybe it’s a good thing that you have an aversion to the rich, sweet foods! 😉 Once the cravings for them start, it’s hard to get it to stop. Ha, ha!! How have you been feeling overall?
      I’m with you on the reality TV, except for The Amazing Race. For some reason, I love the show… but I can’t get into any of the others. I’m currently watching all of the shows that you listed as faves, as they’re my faves too! (Except for Agents of SHIELD… For some reason, I could never get into it). But both Gotham and Forever are showing promise, my hubby really likes Resurrection so we always watch it, and – as you said – OF COURSE we have to watch Once Upon a Time! 🙂

      1. Overall, I’ve feeling a lot better, almost like I’m not pregnant (except for the bulge reminder 🙂 ). I didn’t like SHIELD at first, but then when they started doing crossovers and interweaving the movie plots into the TV show, I was hooked. However, it will be a while before they will do that so the story kinda slows until a new movie comes out. I’m still hoping for more crossover characters though!

  8. I love that the whole beginning of this trip revolved around your craving for Maggiano’s! Haha! That sounds like something that we would do. Travel somewhere just to eat at a specific place we’re craving, haha!

    Those heels look pretty intense! I’m pretty sure you’re right about them being a sprained ankle waiting to happen!

    I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of The Amazing Race, but Christopher REALLY wants us to try out for the show. He’s always talked about how much fun we’d have and how we’d get to travel for free, ha! He’s right, but at the same time reality TV always kind of freaks me out. I’m afraid of them editing the things we say to make it look like we’re fighting or rude to each other. That was a huge reason I was so unsure about the Fix It & Finish It show when Christopher first brought it up earlier this year. But he managed to convince me that it’d be okay. After the episode airs, if they don’t make us sound too crazy then I miiiiight consider it. Maybe. 😉

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