Preggo Journal – Week 30 (AND 20 Before 20 Update)



How far along:     This is a recap of week 30, but – as of today – I’m officially at 31 weeks.  Only 9 weeks left to go!!!


How big is baby:  Baby Brady is now the size of a pineapple!!  (Not going to lie, I’m kind of hoping that he’s the size of a small pineapple).  😉



Best moment of this week:   The Babymoon, for sure!

Oh, AND Brady jumped around so much one day that I could physically see my tummy bouncing up and down.  🙂  It was so funny!  One of the cats kept swatting at my stomach, like he thought there was a mouse under my shirt or something.  Ha, ha.  (Brady still isn’t very consistent though, so I never know when he’s going to decide to be active.  And he’s super stubborn!  Every time he’s moving around a lot, I call Nate over to feel… and then Brady decides to settle down and stop moving.  He takes after his stubborn mommy and daddy, for sure)!

 Food cravings:   I cannot tell a lie… This week, I wanted French Fries and sweets!  AND I wanted red meat (like burgers and steak) in addition to pizza, but that’s nothing new.  If Brady grows up to love what I’ve been craving this entire pregnancy, then his appetite will be ALL boy, for sure!

(Oh, and yes, the grill cook totally drew a smiley face with mayo on my order!  Happiest cheeseburger ever)!!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  I thought I was over all of my food aversions, but I made the mistake of buying turkey burgers this week while grocery shopping.  And I still can’t eat them.  Ground turkey was my first food aversion, and apparently it will be the last to go away!  But I can eat everything else.

Symptoms:  A few preggo bloody noses, leg cramps, and a really sore belly as though I could feel the muscles being stretched out.  But it really hasn’t been all that bad (although I could have done without the head cold this week)!  😉

20 by 20 Updates!!

1.  Buy a special  outfit for Brady from mommy (me) and daddy (daddy).


2.  Start a food journal to document healthy eating habits.

3.  Baby gender reveal photo-shoot.


4.  Finish nursery.

5.  Pick a baby name.


6.  Register for baby things.


7.  Enjoy some pampering!

8.  Have fun at my baby shower

9.  Write thank-you notes for shower guests.  (I’m almost done)!!

10.  Complete Christmas shopping by end of October.

11.  Freeze at least 10 meals for after-baby-arrives dinners.

12.  Take parenting and breastfeeding classes.  (They’ve been scheduled). 

13.  Tour maternity section of hospital.

14.  Begin baby blog.  (Almost done)!

15.  Go on a Babymoon with Nate

16.  Read at least 2 more pregnancy books.

17.  Pack hospital bag

18.  Find a pediatrician  (We’ve started the process)!

19.  Get my hair cut shorter for easier care after  delivery

20.  Browse birth announcements and narrow down favorites.

It’s getting there!!  Woo hoo!



18 thoughts on “Preggo Journal – Week 30 (AND 20 Before 20 Update)

    1. Thank you, Sarah!! And the blue plaid shirt is from Motherhood Maternity. I had so much to buy while I was there that I almost didn’t get it, but my sister ‘insisted’ that I needed to buy it… so she bought it for me. 😉 And now I’m so glad that she did, because it’s one of my favorite preggo outfits!!! 🙂

      1. Oops, you know what, I was mixing up that story with a different shirt. Ha, ha!!! This shirt I bought from Kohls! 🙂 I tried to get on their website to see if they still have any, but their website is down. If I do see that they’re still selling it, I’ll send you the link!

  1. A suggestion, instead of reading more pregnancy books, I’d read a sleep book. We’re using “healthy sleep habits, happy baby”… Wish we would have read it before she arrived, as we could have avoided some nasty sleepless nights and prevented some bad sleep habits from occurring!

  2. ooooh I can’t wait for #20. I bet those announcements will be cute!

    Have you tried any tricks to get Brady to move around? My niece responded to a flashlight to the belly and sometimes music.

    You are on a roll, my friend. Serious hugs for you ❤

    1. I really haven’t tried any tricks to get Brady to move, although it does seem as though he likes music!
      And slow and steady wins the race! I get a little something done every day and then I remind myself that it’s okay if I don’t get absolutely everything done. There will be time afterward as well, if need be. 🙂

    1. Yes, bloody noses can be a part of pregnancy. Apparently something about the nasal passages opening for easier breathing during labor, or something like that. Ha, ha. I’d never had one before now, but – since getting pregnant – I’ve had a couple (although I didn’t know about this beforehand too)! They haven’t been bad or anything though! 🙂
      And, yes, pregnancy is a pretty incredible experience!

    1. I would LOVE some freezer meal suggestions!!!! I’ve never tried freezing meals like this before, so I’m making all new recipes. I would love to make a few tried-and-true recipes for sure! Thank you so much!

  3. I just found your blog and wanted to say hello! I literally cracked up at the cats thinking there was something moving in your belly when your son kicks! I’m only 23 weeks, but my cats are very interested in laying on my belly, and kneading at it, they definitely know something is up! I also loved your list, I may steal a few of those goals! If you’re wanting to cross food diary off your list, I recommend It’s a great little community too!

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! Looking forward to scoping out more of your blog 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by to say ‘hello’!!! 🙂
      My cats were the same way and seemed to sense that there was something going on, well before my belly began to dance. 😉 My larger cat was super protective and wouldn’t let the smaller one sleep or lie near me at night, as though he was protecting my stomach! But now that my belly is bigger, they’re both just obsessed with it when it moves. Ha, ha.
      I LOVE myfitnesspal, and that’s actually a really good idea. I should definitely put it to use, as I haven’t tried it out for awhile. But it really is a helpful tool!
      Thanks again!! 🙂

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