The Babymoon

Everyone is familiar with the term ‘honeymoon’, but taking a ‘babymoon’ is a fairly new concept.  New or not, however, I was convinced – from the moment I became pregnant – that I wanted to do something special like that with my hubby.  It’s the chance – for a few days – to forget that your life now revolves around getting ready for baby and to focus on the romance, love, and fun that brought you together as a couple.

Our original plans didn’t work out, due to the exorbitant car expenses as of late.  But we did receive a free night’s stay at a Best Western recently thanks to travel points (YAY!); so we decided to have a Babymoon Day, complete with hotel room that night.  And honestly, just staying away from home for one night ended up being our best option.  Apparently there’s a reason why it’s recommended to take a Babymoon before your third trimester.  😉  I was tired by the end of the day…

The one day of fine dining and fun, however, was absolutely perfect… and magical… and a day that I’ll always treasure.  So without further ado, I give you our Babymoon Day!  🙂


It’s actually been awhile since Nate and I have gone on an official date.  I hadn’t really realized that until we were walking – hand in hand – through the beautiful Boston Gardens.  I was positively giddy with excitement; and I took in the sights, sounds, and smells as though visiting my favorite city for the first time.  Then again, the whimsical lightposts, beautiful roses, historical statues, and the large weeping willows never get old.  I snap a picture every time I’m there, because it’s just so beautiful.

And being there with my guy only makes the experience that much more special!

After meandering through the Gardens for awhile, we decided to walk down Newbury street.  Even though most of the shops are way too expensive for my wallet, I love window-shopping and seeing the latest city fashions.  We also stopped in a Chocolate House that I’ve always wanted to explore (and that sold small bags of rich, hot chocolate for $20)!  That must be some chocolate!!

Our explorations also led us to the famous Tortoise and the Hare statue’s…

AND an adorable farmer’s market.  The market was a pregnant woman’s paradise, complete with seasonal veggies and fruits, local cheese, fresh crusty bread, and every Danish or cookie you could imagine.  I’ll take one of everything, please!

It was from this general area that we could see the Prudential Center just ahead of us.  It’s a great place to shop and has a healthy mix of high-end and more familiar (Loft, Ann Taylor, Victoria Secrets) shops.  But this time, our destination was the very top of the building (shown in the pic below).  We had reservations for Top of the Hub!

Top of the Hub is a fine-dining restaurant located at level 52 of the Prudential Center and overlooks Boston’s Back Bay.  I’ve only been once, but it has always been on my Life Sparkle’s List (a.k.a. my Bucket List) to eat a romantic meal there with my husband (who had never been).  The food is amazing, and the ambiance can’t be beat.  The dining room is absolutely beautiful and surrounded by glass walls that allow guests to look out over the city.  The staff are courteous and treat those sitting at their tables as though they were royalty.

And honestly, to me, this is how eating out should be.  It’s an experience.  Something a little bit magical.

When making the reservation, I had let the restaurant know that my husband and I were celebrating our Babymoon and that – if it was at all possible, we’d love to have a window-seat.  The restaurant didn’t disappoint and had a lovely window-seat waiting for us when we arrived.  The views were spectacular!

My only complaint about the food was that I couldn’t decide what I wanted.  😉  I ended up ordering the Chicken Pot Pie (my ultimate favorite comfort food), although the 10 oz Sirloin, Shrimp Scampi, and Baked Haddock Rockefeller all sounded as though they were to-die-for!  We also ordered the Crabmeat Cake with salsa verde for an appetizer, and it was out of this world.  Seriously, best crab cake I have ever eaten!  When Nate took a bite, his eyes widened, and he said, “Oh, wow!”

He also said that he wished he had ordered the crab cake sandwich for his meal, because he could have eaten another one!  🙂  (Don’t worry though, his Ravioli with Parmesan Cream Sauce was absolutely amazing too)!

When we finished our meal, we declined dessert; but as we pulled out our wallet to prepare payment, our waiter arrived at the table with a piece of Mousse Cake… on the house!  He told me that he wasn’t sure if we were expecting a boy or a girl, so he had put both a pink and a blue candle into the cake.  And in chocolate, the word ‘Congratulations’ had been written on the plate.

It was delicious… and SO special!  I couldn’t believe the kind gesture, although it is these little touches that make Top of the Hub so incredible.  🙂  I decided that giving the kind waiter a hug would probably not be the appropriate thing to do in such a setting, so I just kept thanking him, flashed him my happiest smile, and made sure we left him a really good tip!  🙂  Seriously, this meal was one of the top meals I have ever eaten out, and the experience itself definitely made the top of the list.  So magical!

After dinner, the head cold I’d been trying to fight off started to prove itself stronger than me…  😉 So we decided to forego too much more walking by going to see a movie.  The Maze Runner was really good, following along the lines of such movies as Hunger Games and Divergent.  It was definitely intense (sometimes violent, often suspenseful, and a cliff-hanger since we’d never read the books); but we enjoyed it!

Dinner that night was a cupcake from Sweets for each of us, since calories don’t count when you’re on a Babymoon.  😉  Nate chose the Lemon-Blueberry cupcake, and I chose the Boston Cream Pie.  So unbelievably delicious!

We walked around a bit more after that, but I was quickly becoming quite tired.  So we left the city soon afterward and headed to the hotel, which was just outside of town.

The next day, as I mentioned above, kind of turned into just a drive home…  (Although we did stop at an apple orchard just outside of the city to walk around a bit… and to pick up some Apple Cider Donuts, obviously).  🙂

The entire experience was so much fun, and it was a great way for us to do something special before Brady arrives and our next chapter begins.  I’d definitely say that taking a Babymoon, even if it’s just for one night, is totally worth it if you’re expecting your first child!

Have you ever gone on a Babymoon?

If you had to pick a favorite restaurant, what would it be?



17 thoughts on “The Babymoon

  1. How fun! I’m so glad that you got to do this. My husband and I did a babymoon cruise to the Bahamas when I was about 25 weeks pregnant with my first. It was 100% worth it, we have great memories from the trip and it was a perfect way to relax and connect before the craziness of parenthood.
    And, that restaurant sounds to die for!!

    1. Going on a cruise for a Babymoon must have been AMAZING and such a lovely memory to hold onto!! 🙂 I agree, going away together (whether it be something fancy or even just low-key) is SO worth it. Things obviously change once the baby comes, and it’s important to make sure your marriage is still a priority. So what better way to set yourself up for that then to go on a Babymoon ‘before’ baby arrives?? 🙂
      And YES, the restaurant was most definitely delicious perfection! I told my husband that we should make it a yearly tradition… 😉

    1. I agree!! Maze Runner was definitely entertaining (and some of the no-name actors were quite good)!
      And, yes, I definitely haven’t been shy this pregnancy when it comes to indulging in treats! Ha, ha. (Although I do eat ‘some’ healthy food too, I promise)!!! 😉 Sooo yummy!

  2. Aww, I just love this! So glad you guys went! What fun you had! 🙂

    Those Gardens are GORGEOUS! I have a senior session later this afternoon that would look PERFECT there, haha! Too bad it’s a bit of a drive for us. 😉

    That restaurant! The views! So beautiful! And classy. And they brought you cake on the house! How sweet. You deserve every bit of that sweet attention and congratulation. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Rachel! I REALLY hope that you and Christopher make it out to Boston sometime, because you would absolutely LOVE it!!!! You and your camera would be right at home in those beautiful gardens, and I’ll bet you’d take soooo many gorgeous photo’s there! 🙂

  3. This looks like so much fun!! My mouth is watering thanks to the food pictures. I love that the restaurant went above and beyond and brought you a slice of mousse cake. How sweet that they included a blue and a pink candle!

    So excited for you guys and happy that you had a delightful babymoon!

    1. Thank you, Amy!!
      And it really was SO nice of the restaurant to do that for us. Most restaurants are all about ushering people in and out quite quickly, so that they can make more money. To actually have that special, thoughtful touch made the restaurant that much more amazing. (Of course, the food didn’t hurt either. YUM!)

  4. Oh my gosh, everything looks amazing – including you (what a beautiful momma)! It looks like you really lived it up – you’ll never regret that. So glad you were able to enjoy a day of each other!

  5. Aww, this post made me so happy! All of the pictures are so beautiful, and just scream fall (aaaand I LOVE your purse!). I think the surprise dessert is so sweet (literally!) and special! I probably would have cried, haha. I actually kind of teared up reading about it… LOL.

    I’m just so happy and excited for you and Nate and Brady!

    1. Thank you, Allie!!!
      It’s definitely an exciting time, between the fallish weather arriving and the baby coming soon. It was so lovely to celebrate together and to just have a nice day in the city. (And I agree, the surprise dessert was most definitely the epitome of ‘sweet’)!!! 🙂

  6. I love staying at a hotel so much that it’s usually something we do to celebrate special days too! There’s just something about it that seems so luxurious! And those apple cider donuts…I must try one…too bad I’m so far away…

    1. I LOVE staying in hotels too!!! There’s just something so special and luxurious about it, even if it’s as simple as a Best Western! (I think that part of it is that we’re not home, so I couldn’t do housework if I wanted to. 😉 Ha, ha. So it allows me to just sit back, relax, feel pampered, and to not feel guilty about it one bit).
      Oh, and you would LOVE the apple cider donuts!!!! I wish I could ship some to you without them getting crushed or dry. They’re just so delicious! If you ever make it up here to New England in the fall, I will definitely treat you to some!!! 🙂

  7. Oh man, I think Nate and John are long lost brothers. haha. They have this style that’s like “I’m much more comfortable in jeans and a tshirt but I guess I’ll try to look dressed up and grown up.” Plus their love of bacon, donuts, 80s music, and that cupcake… I swear John would’ve picked the same exact flavor as long as their wasn’t maple-bacon. Although chocolate peanut butter would make it a tough call.

    I’m so happy you enjoyed your babymoon! I’ve never heard any food experience described as magical. And how nice of the restaurant and your server to bring dessert like that! Gosh. I love when people don’t suck!

    Since you asked… I don’t have a favorite restaurant but I do have a favorite dish! It’s the lobster dumplings from GW Fins in New Orleans. I would fly to NOLA just for those.

    1. Oh vey! Yes, men and fashion can be an interesting thing. 😉 My sister wants to do a photo-shoot tomorrow with us in a pumpkin patch, and – no lie – I might have to take a quick trip to JCPenny first. I honestly don’t think that Nate has any nice fallish shirts! LOL!! Normally I try to keep up with it, and I’ll buy him a nice new shirt here and there… But with the pregnancy, my focus has been on baby things and maternity clothes (which are expensive). Sooooo, I haven’t bought him anything recently, and – obviously – he hasn’t gone out shopping for himself! So, yes, finding him something nice to wear for the Babymoon was tough. I did get him to wear a nice shirt for the day in Boston, but by the second day, he was rocking a polo shirt that he’s had for years. 😉 So tomorrow, I will probably have to race to the mall super quick to make sure he has a nice shirt to wear for the photo-shoot. (And then he’ll have the shirt for church and other you-should-be-dressing-up events). 🙂
      Normally, I don’t think I’d ever refer to a food experience as magical either! But I suppose it wasn’t just the food… although that was amazing! It was the entire package: the ambiance of the restaurant, the quality of the attention from servers, that free dessert with the ‘congratulations’ message and candles. It was all too sweet and once again proved that I am a hopeless romantic at heart. 😉
      And oh my goodness, I’ll bet that lobster dumplings are AMAZING! I’ve never had them, but I can imagine that they are just so delicious!

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