Friday Five

#1.  First things first…  I bought my first candy corn of the season!!  It felt like a pretty big deal, because I love it so much!  🙂  That’s happiness (and fall) in a bag, my friends!


#2.  Want to know what else made me happy?  This meal from Panera!  I had the You-Pick-2 option and chose the BBQ chicken salad (obviously) and the butternut squash soup.  Sooooo good!

I’m pretty sure that I could eat Panera every single day and not get sick of it…

The company was pretty amazing too, I must say!  🙂  Love my sistah!


#3.  Apparently, it’s possible to bargain shop for nail polish!!  I was at Sephora the other day to pick up a high-quality topcoat, and the cashier suggested I take a peak at their clearance section.  There was a bunch of nailpolish on sale for $2 or $3 a bottle!!

I ended up buying a topcoat by Formula X for $3, a black Formula X polish, and two Sephora brand nail-polishes for $2 each!!  Score!  I’ve never used Formula X before but have always wanted to…

Because I tried it for the first time today, I can’t comment on how long it lasts.  But I will say that it went on really nicely, so I’m a fan so far!


#4.  Because I love trying new makeup products (but I rarely want to dish out money on a product that I’m not entirely sure I’ll like), I might sign up for Ipsy.  For $10  month, recipients receive a small pouch of about 5 sample (sometimes full) sized products to try.  (Birchbox sounds pretty great too, but those are more body products – like lotions and such.  And since I already like the lotions and body-care products that I use now, I don’t think that is quite what I’m looking for).

I think it’d be fun to try new products, especially since it would only add up to a little more than $2 a week.  Have any of you ever tried Ipsy?  And if so, what are your thoughts??



#5.  I’ve gone to the dark side…  No, really, I bought yet another pair of dark flats.  😉  As I’ve mentioned before, I have officially given up on heels for the duration of this pregnancy (although I still manage to wear my cowboy boots on occasion).  I bought a pair of comfy, brown flats on sale for $20 to add to the black pair and red pair that I already own.

Even if I miss wearing heels on occasion, I do have to admit that flats are pretty adorable too!  🙂

And THAT is my Friday Five!

What are you up to this weekend??  🙂


3 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I have done Birchbox in the past and really liked it. The ratio of makeup to lotions, etc. was actually probably 1:1 – I scored some of my favorite makeup through Birchbox. But my sister and a few of my friends do Ipsy and they adore it! And you get the cute little bag each time. (There are only so many ways to repurpose the Birchbox boxes…) So really I don’t think you can go wrong.

    As a flats girl to the core, welcome to the club! 🙂

  2. I haven’t been to Panera in MONTHS which is possibly illegal. But it’s back to being pink ribbon (cherry vanilla) season verrrrry soon so I’ll be at Panera A LOT!

    Not sure if you know this about me… I exclusively wear sneakers. I have other shoes but hate wearing them. Sneakers for life.

    I bet Sarah would love it if you got makeup products to try because you’d share them with her when possible!

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