A Baby Shower for Me and Brady

I’ve gone to so many baby showers for cousins and friends that it felt rather surreal to walk into a baby shower that was for… me!  Surreal, but on the other hand, quite exciting.  🙂  I had been looking forward to it for weeks, dreaming of the cute outfits and practical baby things that my baby Brady would receive.  So much so that on the morning of the shower, I woke up at a ridiculously early hour, because I was just too giddy to sleep.

My mom and sister outdid themselves with the planning process, booking one of my favorite restaurants for the event.  It’s a rustic restaurant that was once a working mill and that still is surrounded by a little pond, waterfalls, and lots of funny ducks.  (In fact, when I was a little girl, my mom would sometimes bring me and my siblings there to feed the ducks and geese).  It’s the epitome of quaint, New England charm.  And since they know me so well, a breakfast brunch was served (complete with corn fritters and syrup, pecan rolls, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, home fries, and fresh fruit).

Also, cupcakes were set up for each guest to take home.  (You all know how much I adore cupcakes, and these – purchased from a local bakery – were especially delicious)!

The centerpieces were mason jars filled with blue stones and a rubber ducky, then topped off with burlap and a pretty blue bow.  Guests also were able to take home little fall-scented hand sanitizers for their purses.  Cuteness, right?!?

Additional décor wasn’t even needed, as the wooden-beamed room (complete with brick fireplace and old-fashioned wall-paper) had so much character.  But my mom and sister added a few additional touches, including blue tissue-paper flowers to hang from the ceilings.  Everything was just so beautiful and perfect!

After the delicious breakfast, it was time for me to open presents!  I received so many cute outfits (and some things that I really needed, including a stroller, infant sleeper, bathtub, baby blankets, play mats, the Baby Bullet to make homemade baby food, and diapers).  It definitely put a good-sized dent in the things that Nate and I will have to buy!

So many adorable things!

It was SUCH a special day, and I truly – from the bottom of my heart – appreciate each woman and girl who came out to celebrate with me!  I’m also so thankful to my mom and sister for all of their hard work in putting such a beautiful shower together!!  It wasn’t only helpful… it also was a beautiful memory that I will treasure forever!

(And a HUGE thank-you to my mom and dad for their generosity in providing us with a few big-ticket items.  I love you both SO much)!!!

AND Mr. Nate, I love you oh-so-much, and I’m SO crazy excited to be experiencing this adventure with you!!!  🙂

Outfit: Mothermood Maternity dress (on sale for $20) with cropped sweater (The Limited)

Shoes:  American Eagle flats




11 thoughts on “A Baby Shower for Me and Brady

  1. I don’t know where to start! I love the decorations. You look stunning! I could devour that plate of breakfast food. And I love that your mom and sister used local vendors for the venue and the cupcake favors – that contirubutes to such a strong sense of community. You, Nate, and especially Brady did great from the looks of it.

  2. Love love love!! It’s all so perfect! The location, the decor, the huge smile on your face! It’s just perfect! Your mom and Sara did a GREAT job putting this together! It’s all so beautiful. 🙂 Yay for presents for sweet little Brady! So exciting! 🙂

  3. Ahh, so happy for you! I just l;ove this post! There is so much excitement and just joy! I really love all of the decorations.. and the food..YUM. I really love the picture with you and your parents–it’s so sweet!

  4. Listen here, Nicole. Could you please stop being so darn cute and grateful? Sheesh. I turned into a blubbery baby myself just reading this. ❤ ❤ ❤

    For real though… you really are fortunate to have an awesome man by your side and so many loving, supportive family members and friends. You deserve all of that and more.

    On a fun note: 1) is that the same nail polish you were showing off the other day? It looks more like mint in the sunlight. And 2) I looked at the photo of you and Sarah and thought, "man, I didn't know Sarah was so much taller!" Then looked down. A ha! Wedges!

    Love and hugs ❤

    1. Yes, I am soooo fortunate! It overwhelms me sometimes, because I love them SO much!!! 🙂
      1) In the first pic, the nailpolish did look blue, didn’t it? But, yes, you’re right! It’s more of a deep mint color, which matched the touch of green in my dress. Good observation!!! 🙂
      2) Funny story about Sarah’s wedges… They were brand new, and she forgot to take off the bright yellow stickers that said the shoe size. None of us noticed it until after the shower, when we saw that – with every step she took – the bright sticker (and her shoe size) was revealed. It was funny and cute! Ha, ha. 🙂 And, yes, those wedges made her even taller… She was so gorgeous for the shower that I told her she should walk like a model when she walked some of the presents over to where I sat! 🙂

  5. That looked like a perfect day! I love this tradition – it’s a pitty we don’t have it over here in Belgium 🙂 Would have loved that.

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