Sooo happy that Fall is coming!

I felt something jab me in the ribs, pulling me out of a deep sleep.  I groggily opened my eyes, pulled my chin off of my chest, and wiped a bit of spit from the corner of my mouth.

“Are you sleeping?” Nate whispered into my ear, sounding slightly horrified.

“I’m tired,” I said, pushing his hand away so he couldn’t jab me again.  “I just nodded off for a little bit.”

He shook his head, very much looking like a schoolteacher about to scold a rebellious student.  Then he turned in his seat and faced the enormously-tall movie screen in front of him that was flashing lights and colors across the dark movie theater.  I jumped a bit as another loud explosion jumped out of the surround-sound speakers, blaring the sounds of Guardians of the Galaxy, but then wondered how in the world I was going to stay awake for the rest of the movie.

Yeahhh, anemia is no joke.

My doctor officially diagnosed me with low iron last week, but I had my suspicions even before the blood work was done.  Falling asleep in a loud movie theater aside, my energy levels have been unbelievably low.  My heart races, even when I’m standing still.  My legs and arms feel weak.  And I’m so tired ALL the time.

The blood work just confirmed it.  I had already known something was up.  It’s not normal for me to have to sit down while cooking, because my legs can’t hold me up any longer.  It’s not normal for me to have to take breaks while doing my makeup, because my arms are too tired to lift up a makeup brush.  It’s not normal for me to put my pajamas on each night by 8pm.

Okay.  So maybe that last one is normal for me.  😉  But still, I haven’t been feeling all that great lately.

It also didn’t help that these past two weeks have been hotter than most days this summer.  Normally I don’t mind.  I’m all for warm sunshine and tank top weather.  But the preggo version of me doesn’t like the heat and humidity.  Preggo-me gets a little bit nauseous, grumpy, and swollen.  It’s not all that pretty… or comfortable.

BUT the weathermen are calling for 70 degree temps over the next week, which means the fallish weather is finally arriving.


Which – with the addition of iron pills to help with the anemia – means I’ll be feeling a lot more human, while I’m growing a little human.  🙂  Which makes me oh-so-happy!!

Want to know what else makes me oh-so-happy?  My baby shower is just DAYS away.  Yikes, I can hardly believe it!!!


10 thoughts on “Sooo happy that Fall is coming!

    1. I know!! 😦 My doctor is at least letting me take the iron every-other day, so I’m hoping it won’t be as hard on my stomach. But I’m definitely preparing myself for a few bouts of constipation in the near future.
      Oh, the joys. 😉
      Worth it though!! Ha, ha. 🙂

  1. Oh, I am so sorry about your anemia! I know that is no joke and pretty rough, from what I’ve heard. I feel so bad!! I hope your pills will help you begin to feel better and just have more energy!

    I totally get in my PJs around 8pm, too ;). I love these pictures, you watermelon smuggler!

  2. Did Nate at least love the movie? I’ve heard it’s so good!

    We’ve had some super hot weather lately too. Ugh. I’m never a fan.

    Is it possible that the anemia will go away postpartum?

    1. Nate LOVED the movie! And I did hear that it was really good, so maybe I should watch it again in the future when I’m not so – ahem – tired. 😉
      And, yes, the anemia should most definitely go away postpartum. I’ve never had it before, so it’s definitely pregnancy related and due to the fact that my body is giving my iron to the baby. (A mother’s body automatically puts the baby ahead of her own, even before the baby is born, which I think is pretty special). So my doctor said that hopefully the iron pills will get this under control, but – at least – it should be over in a few months once the baby is born! 🙂

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