Cupcake Dreams

I haven’t officially announced on my blog yet that my bestie Liz (the beautiful, red-head that is so often my workout partner and bargain shopping-trip partner) is pregnant too and expecting her baby just eight weeks after me!  I’ve been waiting for our belly-bump photo shoot, but we haven’t had the chance to do that quite yet.  So here’s the official announcement…  😉  My bestie Liz (the beautiful, red-head that is so often my workout partner and bargain shopping-trip partner) is pregnant and expecting her baby just eight weeks after me!!!  🙂

(Since we haven’t done a bump photo-shoot yet, here’s a pic we took during one of our shopping trips last year).

I was  thrilled from the onset to be pregnant with my first child.  But expecting a baby at the same time as such a close friend has made being pregnant so much more exciting, precious, and hilarious.  We talk almost every day on the phone, comparing food cravings, baby kicks, or nursery plans.  We encourage each other after a long night of little sleep and laugh when pregnancy brain kicks in and leaves us quite embarrassed… but with a good story to tell.

The simple truth is that being pregnant together has made pregnancy extra fun!

So when Liz’s family threw her a gender-reveal party, and I was asked to bake the gender-reveal cupcakes, I instantly said “yes”!  Baking is my passion; and I’m pretty sure that (other than getting paid to write) being paid to bake would be my favorite job ever.  AND it was such an honor to be a part of Liz’s special day!!

Granted, as much as I adore cupcakes, I didn’t have a ton of experience baking or decorating them, so a trip to Michael’s craft store for inspiration was a must.

(Which reminds me, I need to add “Take a cake decorating class” to my ‘bucket list’, if it’s not already on there)!

I picked up a few cake decorating tips (the large-mouthed ones that would make for easy piping of frosting), fun cupcake tins, chocolate for melting, a few chocolate molds, and mini Oreo’s.

Then, this past Saturday morning, my kitchen was transformed into a bakery, complete with flour-coated floor and deliciously-sweet smells.  After mixing, blending, beating, and baking, I soon had 70 cupcakes cooling on my kitchen table, just waiting for a gender reveal party (and a church outdoor picnic).  Seventy, gently-mounded, little cakes just waiting to be nibbled on and devoured.  Thirty pieces of molded chocolate, now shaped like hearts and swirls, waiting to add a special touch to a frosted cupcake.  🙂

Oh such sweet, sweet fun!

Liz had given me the top-secret, doctor’s note that revealed whether she was having a boy or a girl, and the plan was to fill the cupcakes with blue frosting (for boy) or pink frosting (for girl).  Using a sharp knife, I carefully whittled out a small piece from the top and center of each cupcake and then filled it with the colored frosting.  Then, to make sure the surprise wasn’t discovered until the  first bite, I replaced the cake ‘cap’ and covered the top of the cupcakes with buttercream frosting.

The note from the doctor said “Girl”, so the frosting was pink!  🙂  YAY!!!

I made three types of frosting (from scratch) and three types of cupcakes (one from scratch, while two were box mixes that I doctored up a bit).

And I’m really happy with how they turned out!  🙂  (Click here if you want the recipes for the lemon buttercream frosting, the Oreo cupcakes, or the chocolate cupcakes).

Soooooo, it may be awhile before Nikki’s Cupcakes is taking orders, but you can be sure that I already have a list of must-try cupcakes for the near future!  😉

I think it’d be fun to make a new cupcake every couple of months, at least!!!  🙂

Oh, how I love cupcakes!

And, oh, how I love my friend Liz!  I’m soooooo excited for you, Girl!!!!


13 thoughts on “Cupcake Dreams

  1. You ladies are adorable! I enjoy that you put the pic of the cupcake and how the top comes off- always wondered how to get frosting in the middle- makes sense : ) Enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy with your bestie…being Moms together will be a new adventure that will come quick.

    1. I had to kind of figure out the frosting in the middle situation too. Ha, ha. I tried to pipe the frosting in (via a long, skinny frosting tip), but it just didn’t work well. So cutting out a small wedge from the center of the cupcake, and then replacing the top, was my next attempt… and it worked out GREAT! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, so much goodness! That is so fun that you and your bestie are having the pregnant experience with one another. And those cupcakes look so good! You did an awesome job. I would definitely order from Nikki’s Cupcakes!

    1. When Nikki’s Cupcakes are officially in business, I’ll be sure to send you some. 😉 And being pregnant with a friend has been such an amazing experience, for sure!!

  3. Cupcakes are fun because you can TRY THEM ALL! Which I would absolutely NEED to do with yours! They’re so pretty which I’m sure just helps them taste even better. You’re quite the woman for baking all these cupcakes and expertly decorating them, all while pregnant and juggling so many other things!

    Do people really call you Nikki? Now I’m curious!

    1. ‘All’ of my college friends called me Nikki. I’m not sure how it happened, because I never introduced myself as anything other than Nicole. But somehow that’s the nickname I earned in college, and I did love it.
      Then, when Nate and I started to hang out, he called me ‘Nikki’ too! (Two other friends then began to call me ‘Nikki’). Again, not sure how that happened, as everyone else back home called me ‘Nicole’. But Nate had dated a ‘Nikki’ back in highschool, so he eventually started calling me Nicole. Ha, ha. He said he preferred that.
      All that to say, I’m ‘Nicole’ to most people, but there are about 10 people out there who still call me ‘Nikki’. LOL!

  4. How exciting for Liz! I bet it’s so much fun to be pregnant at the same time!! So, did she know whether or not she was having a boy or girl?! That would be so exciting to just not know until biting into a cupcake!

    1. Liz didn’t know if she was having a boy or a girl until she bit into the cupcake! 🙂 She gave me the top-secret envelope and never checked before giving it to me. (Then I had to avoid her for a few days, because I was SO afraid that I’d let the secret slip). Ha, ha. 🙂

  5. That must have been exciting for you to be the only one to know the gender at first. And probably challenging too, I imagine.

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