A Simple Vlog

I’ve been writing some long posts lately, so I thought that – for today – I’d do something different and just post a follow-me-around-for-the-day vlog.  🙂

(And, YES, there will be a crazy cooking video with my sister Sarah coming soon!  Summer just got so busy, but we’ve got some great recipes to try for this upcoming fall)!


18 thoughts on “A Simple Vlog

  1. Too cute! Loved the vlog. When you said you were stretching out your summer wardrobe, I said out loud (cause I talk to videos, what? it’s completely normal), “literally” at the same time as you did. Looks like you had an awesome day, and I’m so glad it was covered by the warranty!

    1. Ha, ha! That’s too funny that you said “literally” as the same time I did. Do you have a saying down south that says “you owe me a coke” or “you owe me a sprite” if someone says the same thing as you at the same time? If that’s the case, we need to meet up to exchange cokes or sprites. Ha, ha! 😉

  2. I love the cat cameo in the first 30 seconds. And I love the cat on your lap, helping with the grocery list. I think it is so cool that you can drive an hour and be in another state. That’s the beauty of New England, I would imagine. The other day my meal was that same amount and I’m not superstitious either but you can’t help but shudder, right? Nate looks like a rockstar in Whole Foods. I enjoyed the day in the life vlog!!

    1. The funny thing is that I had no idea that our black cat was sniffing around in the background until I watched the video back! (Of course, I saw him jump up and try to take out the camera with his tail. Ha, ha). Naughty kittens. 😉
      And, yes, that is one of the amazing things about New England. From where I live, I can spend the day in historical Boston, or drive to the beaches of Maine, or hike a mountain in New Hampshire, or tour the mansions of Rhode Island… etc. It is nice having that portability to so many sites!
      And funny story about Nate’s sunglasses in Whole Foods… He has prescription glasses, and he’s constantly forgetting to bring his regular glasses with him (if he exchanges them for sunglasses). So then he’s forced to wear sunglasses for the rest of the day, even if we’re in a store! Ha, ha. 🙂

  3. I might have to steal your idea. Not sure I’m brave enough for a blog, but maybe a day in the life in pictures would work! I’m dreading going to the mechanic’s next month. It’s my least favourite thing to do/ Luckily you were still covered.

    1. They’re a LOT of fun to do! Even the photo an hour posts are a blast! (You would take AMAZING photo’s for such a ‘challenge’)!
      And I agree! Going to the mechanic’s is pretty much the worst thing ever, because it’s just so expensive!

  4. Cute! You’ll have to do a vlog when Brady comes so we can all enjoy his cute face! Someone got me those ginger cookies when I was pregnant with Abrielle. They do taste good!

    1. Ooh, that would be fun! It still boggles my mind sometimes that baby Brady will be here so soon! I will definitely do a vlog once he’s here!! 🙂
      (And I’m munching on some of those ginger cookies right now as I type this. Soooo good)!

  5. So the kitty cameo in the beginning cracked me up! I didn’t realize how loud Oreo can be (especially if he has his collar on) until I started vlogging and would be editing a video and realize that you can’t hear me over the shaking of his collar, ha! Oh our sweet pets. 😉

    Also, I LOVE those jeans! I mean, I get that they are maternity, but they look SO cute on you. I love my yoga pants SO much and I’m always thinking that I’d really love it if I had jeans that had the band at the top of the yoga pants. Which is essentially maternity jeans! I wonder how weird it would be to wear maternity jeans if I’m not pregnant… 😉

    Whaaaat?! The Jeep has to be fixed too?! Good gracious, girl! You deserve some froyo after all of this! Ha! I’m glad it’s still covered by the warranty, though! And I think a date day at the mechanic is totally romantic. 😉 You and Nate made me laugh! Love seeing you two on video together. 🙂

    Oh goodness, the total of your meal… hilarious! I mean, not… but kinda. Glad you prayed over your food just in case. 😛

    Wait! Are the chicken legs STILL on sale?! I need to hit up our Whole Foods! That’s a steal!

    1. I had absolutely no idea that Highstreet was prancing around in the background until he decided to jump on the table and wave his tale in front of the camera. Ha, ha!! (Of course, then I played the video back and saw him poking his head around in the background). Oh, pets are a handful… but they sure are worth it. 🙂

      And seriously, maternity jeans are SO unbelievably comfortable. (AND no worries about bending down, because the band goes nice and high… so no fidgeting to make sure that low-rise jeans didn’t fall too low. Ha, ha). I LOVE them! Oh, I also just discovered maternity yoga pants, which are also out-of-this-world comfortable. 🙂

      I KNOW! I couldn’t believe the total of the meal either. LOL! (Especially since we were at the mechanic’s to fix our NEW vehicle). Thankfully I’m not superstitious (but I do believe in prayer), so I most definitely prayed over that meal. You know, just to be safe. Ha, ha.

      I hope you made it to Whole Foods while the sale was still going! It really was SUCH a great deal. I bought extra to freeze!!

  6. You’re adorable! Loved the video and love you, especially your laugh and positivity! I also love that you’re comfortable doing this around Nate. And, how did you get a man who gets in front of the camera without doing something ridiculous? Pretty sure my boys would look grumpy, make a funny face, bump, fart, or… oh who knows.

    Hope you had a great day!

    1. The funny thing about Nate is that he’s not shy AT ALL, although he’s a little quiet when in groups of people he doesn’t know well. And the minute I start recording for my blog, he gets the same way, as though he can somehow see all of the bloggers who will be watching. 🙂 (He used to be all embarrassed when I’d whip out my camera to just take pictures in public. But now he’s so used to me doing it that he doesn’t even think anything of it. Ha, ha). So maybe this quieter side of him won’t last forever? 😉 But for now, it’s pretty cute!

  7. I try to share the good and the bad too. It helps to vent, and allows fellow bloggers to relate. Good luck with the Jeep. My exhaust broke recently, but my hubby is my lifetime warranty and fixed it, haha. Great vlog!

    1. I agree! And I think that we all appreciate honesty, because we’re all very much aware that sometimes life isn’t easy. It’s finding a healthy balance, I suppose! 🙂
      And that’s awesome that your hubby knows how to fix car problems! That is a HUGE help when car problems start to come up!!

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