100 Happy Days (Days 44 – 53)

For those of you who are new to my blog, I’m participating in the 100 Happy Days Challenge, during which I’ll  – for 100 days – take a picture of something that made me happy.  🙂  Here are pics from days 44 through 53.


Day 44 – I had a lovely chicken dinner planned, but the severe thunderstorm passing through had other ideas. Thankfully, the electricity went out only minutes before the slow-cooked chicken was finished! So granted dinner didn’t go according to plan, due to my inability to cook up mashed potatoes and veggies; but we enjoyed a dinner of herb-rubbed chicken, tossed salad, and Italian bread. Nothing fancy… but romantic and special just the same!


Day 45 – Seeing this black bear was pretty exciting!


Day 46 – There’s nothing like spending time with my bestie! I’m so blessed to have a sister that’s such an amazing friend (and who will be such an amazing auntie)!!!


Day 47 –    Like father like daughter! (#having too much fun to care!)


Day 48 – A preggo pancake party with the hubby during the early morning hours. Sometimes, a girl just needs pancakes!!  (When you’re craving pancakes at 4am, you just go with it)!  🙂


Day 49 – Cooking up meals with fresh veggies that we grew ourselves. It’s delicious, healthy, AND fulfilling!!


Day 50 – My preggo pillow arrived today, so hopefully that means I’ll actually be able to sleep tonight! Woo hoo!! SO excited! (And, seriously, these things are no joke. It’s HUGE)!


Day 51 – Nate and I picked up paint for the nursery!! Can’ wait to paint the room and then to start decorating. (We’re painting the walls gray and decorating with a jungle theme)!


Day 52 – Discovered wild blueberries while hiking this morning. It made for a lovely snack! (Although I regretted not having a container with me. The endless wild berries would have made one delicious pie)!!


Day 53 – Spent the afternoon in Portsmouth with Kelsey and my bro Matt. SUCH a lovely day!! (AND they filled us in on all of the things to do there, so I definitely want to go back soon)! 

Happy Monday, my friends!!  🙂



6 thoughts on “100 Happy Days (Days 44 – 53)

  1. Your garden! Whoa!!!

    Nate looks so handsome! I love a man who can dress himself. Or at least dresses a little nicer than tshirt and shorts. Aw crap that’s hypocritical of me… I only like shirts and shorts and sneakers. Oh well.

    Can’t wait to see that nursery!

    1. Nate has honestly been doing all the gardening this year, so I guess I shouldn’t take any credit. 🙂 (Other than I give him lots of encouragement. Ha, ha). I LOVE gardening and usually help out, but – this year – I stuck to my herb garden. Nate is the one who does the weeding / watering for the main garden, and it is doing so well!!
      And I can’t WAIT to show you pics of the nursery!!! 🙂 The crib is put together, and the walls are painted now. Hopefully I’ll be ordering the curtains this week!
      Oh, and I’ll have to tell Nate that his fashion got a shout-out. Ha, ha. He HATES shopping, but he does like to look good! (Although he too loves to wear sneakers, shorts, and T’s most days too. We’re all for comfy clothes with the occasional dress-up day, when we go out. Ha, ha). 🙂

    1. They’re soooo good!!! The toughest thing is deciding whether to make a blueberry pie, blueberry muffins, blueberry crumb cake, or blueberry cobbler… or to make ALL of them. 😉 Ha, ha!

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