Leaving my husband Nate behind at home while I drove several hours to a cabin in the White Mountains was every bit as difficult as I had imagined it would be.  I felt silly when a few tears stung my eyes and a giant lump awkwardly formed in my throat.  It wasn’t as though I was going all that far.  I mean, I hadn’t been this emotional when I flew across country to Oregon for a business trip!  But I also knew that what I felt, due to the traumatic experience of nearly losing Nate (Letting Go), was real.

But just like being brave doesn’t mean that you’re not afraid, being strong doesn’t mean that you didn’t cry.  You just choose to not let those emotions control you or stop you.  You move forward, because you know it’s the right thing to do.

Since Nate’s assault, I’ve had a very real understanding of how frail – and precious –  life is (so much more so than I ever had before).  And while I think living as though today is your last can be a good thing, there’s also something to be said for living as though you have another 80 years.  Life is meant to be lived.   Plans to experience new and exciting things should be made.  Friendships should be cultivated.  Love should be nurtured.


So instead of focusing on the emotions that made leaving Nate so difficult, I decided to pour all of that fierce love for him into something positive.  I was going to miss him and leaving him was hard… end of story.  But I could tunnel all that energy into something that made us both smile.

It started with one note.  It was a simple (and personal) love letter, filled with my honest feelings of how much I love him.  It’s easy sometimes to take for granted that your soulmate knows how you feel.  That he / she realizes they’re your world.  But as much as they may already know it, they also need to hear it sometimes.  I left the note on Nate’s pillow so that when he climbed into bed alone that night, he’d know my heart was there with him.


The second note was taped in the shower and was much more upbeat with lots of smiley faces.  It too was personal… and not so rated G, if you know what I mean.  Wink, wink.  😉

By this point, I was having a blast!  Why didn’t I leave home more often?!?


Okay, maybe I didn’t take it that far.  But still, flirting with him and sharing my love for him through these little notes was special.   I mean, who says that you have to stop having fun once you get married?  Sure the experts always say that marriage takes work… but I definitely think it’s important to remember that marriage takes a whole lot of fun too!

I ended up leaving a few more notes, including one on the steering wheel of his car (since he had rode his bike to meet up with a friend and had left home that morning before I did).  And ultimately, it made leaving him a little bit easier.  Because even if we’d be apart for a few days, he knew how much I loved him… and I knew that I had put a smile on his face.  🙂


So here’s a challenge for all of you!!!  🙂  Leave a fun little note (or leave a bunch like I did) for someone special to find.  They can be your soulmate, a friend, your parents, your child, or even your grandchild.  It doesn’t have to be a love letter!  The letter just has to be for someone you love.  🙂  Write up a little note to tell them how much they mean to you.  Or even keep it as simple as an ‘I love you’.  I guarantee you that it won’t just make them smile… it’ll make you feel pretty good too!   



10 thoughts on “Notes

  1. I love this line: But just like being brave doesn’t mean that you’re not afraid, being strong doesn’t mean that you didn’t cry. Well said, friend.
    I frequently sneak notes into Kevin’s bag when he travels out of town. 🙂 It’s a simple way to show I care.

    1. I love that you already are in the habit of leaving sweet notes for your hubby! Guys pretend to be all tough and manly, but – honestly – they adore sentiment!! 🙂 I definitely want to do it more often!

  2. Yesssss! Fill us in on Nate’s reaction!

    What sort of man-things did Nate do while you were away??

    You two are an inspiring image of what marriage and love can be. Thank you for that!!

    I too adore the line Amy pointed out above. Brilliant. You are so wise.

    1. Ooh, I totally forgot to write about Nate’s reaction!! So I wasn’t sure if he’d love it or think it was dumb, because – you know – guys have to be all tough and everything. Ha, ha. But he seriously did love it! He texted me almost every time he found a note, and then he called me that night and was all excited about them. His reaction was really cute… and honestly, unexpected. So I definitely have a few more surprises like that up my sleeve for the future! 🙂
      And as far as my being wise… Sometimes – most times – I feel like I’m still figuring it all out! 🙂 But I’m so blessed to be surrounded by people who have lived as an example to me. So I definitely learn from them, for sure! And I’ve most definitely found that making time for memories and keeping our friendship (and love) strong is so important! Who knew that simple, little notes could be a part of that! 🙂

  3. I LOVE doing this! We moved into our house this day 6 years ago and for the 1st week we weren’t living in it properly cos we were painting and getting furniture delivered, utilities set up etc…. So because we were both in the house at different times of the day getting stuff done, we left each other notes around the place making plans about what would go where, what food we left for each other and so on. We still have them pinned to the fridge. (They’re completely covered in magnets now, but we know they’re there!)

  4. I love that you did this!! So sweet!! I’ve done this for Christopher and he’s done it for me too when one of us is traveling. One time I filled his entire suitcase full of neon colored post it notes filled with a variety of notes. I’m definitely with you on having fun in your marriage! 🙂

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