A Car Shopping We Will Go (…part 1)

“Oh no!! I didn’t do laundry yet this week,” I muttered in frustration, pointing at my preggo belly and then at the hamper. “And I only have like five shirts that fit me, which are all dirty; so that means I’ll have to wear a sundress.”

Nate squinted his eyes a bit.  Was he supposed to realize the reasoning behind this outburst?  He cautiously said, “And you don’t want to wear a sundress, because…?”

I threw my hands in the air and exclaimed, “A sundress is the last thing I should be wearing.  I mean, ideally, I should be wearing combat boots.”


“You’re not going into the jungle,” Nate protested, again carefully but looking very much confused.  “We’re just going to a car dealership.”

“Same difference,” I countered.

If you’re a woman, you know what I mean.  If you’re a man, let me explain…  I’ve only purchased one car before; but thanks to that experience, I’ve been called ‘little lady’ enough to last me a lifetime.  There’s just something about being a female stepping onto a used car lot, and suddenly the salesmen think that all that matters are ‘pretty colors’ and ‘sparkly things’.

Oh, yes, and suddenly your name becomes ‘little lady’, which isn’t so bad if you’re talking to a cowboy.  But somehow salesmen make it sound so demeaning…  Like I might as well be wearing a goofy, clueless grin and sporting a cow hat.  Seriously, like that’s me at all!  😉

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that combat boots would help with the whole ‘little lady’ problem.  A sundress, on the other hand, just screams, “I’m a little lady who likes pretty colors and sparkly things.  And, oh, yes, I have no idea what I’m looking at, so please manipulate me into buying the most expensive vehicle on your lot.”

Oh, car-shopping how I detest thee.

Honestly, purchasing a used (but new-to-us) car this year wasn’t something we’ve planned on doing.  Both cars are paid off, and we absolutely love not having a car payment.  Our plan had originally been to drive both vehicles as long as possible (hopefully for another five years), but sometimes life happens… and usually that means it didn’t happen according to your plan.

Like when your husband’s car, paid off not-so-long ago, decides that it’s tired.  And it doesn’t want to be run to the ground.  So it decides to start costing you something between $3,500 and oh-my-goodness-that’s-expensive.

Nate and I kept telling ourselves that this was the last big fix and that – in the end – it would still be cheaper to keep his car.  But then, when our car ended up with yet another problem last week, our trusted mechanic shook his head and said, “If I were you, I wouldn’t put one more penny into this car.  You’re dangerously close to another expensive repair.  Time to go car shopping.”

And, well, when the guy who makes a living off of repairing your car tells you to stop repairing your car, it really is time to buy a new one.  ‘Nough said.

Thus our car-shopping adventures began… and there wasn’t a pair of combat boots in sight.  There was, however, a very giddy husband who was more than a little excited to put his car-shopping expertise to work.  So I guess I didn’t walk into a car dealership completely unprepared… 😉

(to be continued…)



14 thoughts on “A Car Shopping We Will Go (…part 1)

    1. Ha, ha!! Katy, that would have made for SUCH a fun picture! Is it kind of sad that I still want to do a photo-shoot, just to see how this vintage look suits me? LOL! I think it would be fun!

    1. The hubby really wanted a truck, but the soon-to-be-mom (a.k.a. me) didn’t think that would be so efficient for us. 😉 So we’re trying to compromise a bit, and he’s looking into the Jeep Grand Cherokee types. Still lots of power (and it will give the hubby his I-kind-of-own-a-truck-feel), but I can handle driving it. Ha, ha. 🙂

  1. Haha! Very true. The Grand Cherokee is a great vehicle! The Tahoe is too (although it has a little bit of a higher starting price.) Either way, we hope you find something that all 3 of you feel safe and comfortable in for many many years! If we could be of any assistance, we’re happy to help (although it does sound like your husbands got it covered 😉 ) Best of luck!

  2. Oh girl, I hear ya… I got the same news about my car. I hope you find something that fits your budget and your growing family! And it isn’t too stressful.

    Also, John and I went to 3-4 dealerships and they all addressed him. He had to tell them to talk to me. Pretty sad. But my Mom just bought a car this weekend and it went well! Good luck chica!

    1. Ugh, sorry to hear that you received bad news about your car too! It’s just the worst. I tried to convince Nate that we should just become Amish and buy a couple of horses… but he couldn’t be convinced. 😉
      And it’s just amazing that so many salesmen think that we women don’t have car sense at all. I’m glad that your mom had a good experience, because that means there is hope! Ha ha.

      1. haha… you see a horse and buggy all the time around here. I can’t remember… did you guys visit Lancaster when you were in PA? That’s the heart of Amish country in South-Central PA.

      2. We didn’t make it into official Amish country, BUT we did see a few horse-drawn carriages while we were visiting PA. See, that’s only an additional bonus of me and Nate becoming Amish… We’d be SO close to where you live! 😉

  3. Ugh, I know exactly what you mean about how you’re treated when you walk into a place like that. I hope your car buying experience went (or is going?) well! I saw you are looking at Jeeps… that’s what we’re looking at! Though we’re looking at the Wranglers. 🙂

    1. Ooh, NICE! The first vehicle we tried was a Wrangler, and we loved it!!! (It just didn’t fit in with our lifestyle right now… but more on that during tomorrow’s blog post). 😉 But we kept saying that we would totally want to get one someday. Ha, ha. They are amazing!!!!

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