100 Happy Days (Days 34 – 43)

For those of you who are new to my blog, I’m participating in the 100 Happy Days Challenge, during which I’ll  – for 100 days – take a picture of something that made me happy.  🙂  Here are pics from days 34 through 43.


Day 34 – The crib my parents bought for us came in today!! Thank you, Mom and Dad!!!!! Baby B is going to love it!



Day 35 – Ate breakfast this morning at one of my favorite places… Mom’s house. My mom had me over for scrambled eggs and some of her delicious cinnamon rolls. What nostalgia for me, because she used to make them every time I flew back home from college. I’d wake up to the scent of sweet dough and cinnamon and know that I was home. I don’t know if I’ve had them since…. but they’re definitely just as delicious. Love you, Mom!!! Today was SO much fun!

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Day 36 – Took my workout to the woods today!

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Day 37 – That moment when you’re putting together a worship service for church, and your baby starts to kick once he hears you playing piano and singing. Special moments!!

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Day 38 –   Celebrating my Uncle Fred and Aunt Yogi’s 50th wedding anniversary with my amazing aunts, uncles, and cousins. These are just the cousins and their husbands / wives (minus a few). Yes, we have one very big, happy family!! It was so amazing to see everyone!

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Day 39 –   How ADORABLE are these homemade baby booties? Thank you so much Angela for the precious surprise today. I love them… and Brady will too!!

0delete 6


Day 40 – Pulled the first zucchini from our garden today!! 

0delete 7


Day 41 – Going to a Drive-In theater with my hubby. Such a fun, summertime date!

0delete 8


Day 42 – Chilled pasta salad seasoned with flavors from my herb garden. Oh how I love summer!!

0delete 9


Day 43 – Attending the Patriot’s training camp with Nate. I love football… but I especially love seeing how giddy it makes my hubby. He’s like a little boy on Christmas morning once the football season begins. Good times!

0delete 10

What’s something that made YOU happy this week?  🙂

Oh, yes, and Happy FRIDAY!!


10 thoughts on “100 Happy Days (Days 34 – 43)

    1. Mendon, MA! 🙂 (Not too far from the Southwick Zoo, I believe). It’s makes for SUCH a fun night out!!! There are two screens (one usually shows more kid-friendly movies, I believe), and both screens are great quality. It’s pretty neat that your ticket price will get you in to see two movies, AND the cost is $25 per car (so if you fill up your car, it’s cheaper). 😉 It was definitely a great time, and I definitely recommend checking it out!! 🙂

  1. Oh my goodness, so much goodness. The baby booties are out of this world cute. The piano photo and story behind it touched my heart. I love that you guys were able to attend training camp (I want to do that someday!). And last but certainly not least – that basil. A basiltastic dream come true for this pesto loving girl!! You have a green thumb!

    1. I kill indoor plants faster than you can say, “Good luck.” Ha, ha. 🙂 But for some reason, I can take good care of outdoor plants, particularly basil! So I’m sticking with that from now on. 🙂

    1. It was! The only thing better would have been to hike to a drive in movie at which they served cinnamon rolls. Ha, ha!! 😉 Although maybe that would have been too much goodness rolled into one day. 🙂

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