Preggo Journal – Week 22

How far along:     Only 38 weeks to go… but who’s counting??

(Correction thanks to one of my readers:  I have 18 weeks to go.  Apparently I can no longer do math.  Should this be listed under the symptoms section)?  😉

How big is baby:  This week, according to websites that compare baby to the size of veggies and fruits, Brady is the size of a papaya.  🙂  (Hmmm, this makes me wonder to myself.  Have I ever even tried a papaya?  I don’t think so, but I kind of want to now).


 Total weight gain:   My next doctor’s appointment isn’t until August, so I don’t have a current weight update.

 Gender:  Team blue!!

Name:  Brady

 Maternity clothesStill dressing the bump with my normal clothes (other than the one maternity sundress and two pairs of shorts I bought a few weeks ago), but I’m becoming more limited as to what still fits.  😉

 Sleep:   I’m sleeping pretty good, for the most part.  Still waking up several times a night to pee though.  Ha, ha.

 Best moment of this week:   Feeling more flutters and tiny movements.  It’s incredible!

Miss anythingIced coffee.  I missed it so badly, that I actually called a Dunkin Donuts hotline to find out how much caffeine was in their decaf iced coffee!  🙂  The caffeine in their small, coffee coolatta (with skim milk)  was so minimal that I felt comfortable splurging (especially since I’ve been so good about avoiding coffee and caffeine in general).


MovementJust those tiny flutters and little bubble sensations.  I’m loving every one of them, because it lets me know that Brady is doing well and exercising his arms / legs.

 Food cravings:   I actually didn’t have any specific cravings this week, although I’ve definitely had a major sweet tooth.  I need to cut back on the sugar going forward!  🙂  (Although from the moment I became pregnant, I’ve really wanted stuffing.  So I was excited that stuffing was served at an anniversary party I attended over the weekend.  Soooo delicious!).


Exercise:  I had SO much energy on Monday that I actually jogged a little bit at the end of my morning walk.  I didn’t run fast or run very long, but just jogging at all made me oh-so-happy!  Also, I have fallen in love with swimming.  My friend Liz and I try to go once a week, and Nate has agreed to go with me at least once a week as well.  It’s so refreshing and really works my entire body.

Anything making you queasy or sick:     Still not a huge fan of chicken.  But nothing makes me gag anymore (that I know of), so I’m incredibly happy about that!!

Symptoms:  Major upper-back pain every night.  But I feel great every morning and for most of the day, so I can’t complain!

 Have you started to show yetBaby bump is round and growing by the day!  🙂


Happy or moody most of the time:    Happy!  This was such a great week for me, because I had so much energy and just felt so healthy.  I’m loving each summer day and living in the moment.

Final thought:  Happy Friday, my friends!!   🙂


9 thoughts on “Preggo Journal – Week 22

    1. LOL!!!!!! I laughed OUT LOUD, when I read this comment… and nearly choked on the spoonful of cereal in my mouth. 😉 It struck me as hilarious, because – honestly – I had run the math by my husband yesterday before posting. I told him, “I’m SO afraid that I’m going to do some sort of silly, pregnancy math in my head.” So he confirmed with me that I have 18 weeks left… And I still went ahead and somehow wrote 38. Ha!!!! Thanks for promptly bringing that to my attention. 🙂

  1. You can definitely have a little caffeine, no worries!! Pregnancy can be difficult sometimes, so go ahead and treat yourself every once in awhile! Looking great, momma!

    1. Thank you so much!! 🙂 And my doctor said the same, a tiny bit of caffeine won’t hurt me, especially since I haven’t been drinking coffee on a regular basis since becoming pregnant. (I’ve had about one or two decaf cups a month, so nothing major at all). Sometimes, a cup of coffee is just sooooo needed! 🙂

  2. You look so beautiful!!

    And I think you’d like papaya…the trick is finding one that’s perfectly ripe and juicy. They’re so refreshing. 😀

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