Bits O’ This and That

1.  The ‘Share a Coke’ soda bottles are probably the smartest marketing plan I’ve ever seen.  Whenever I see a Coke bottle with a friend or family member’s name on it, I have to buy it for them.  I had promised Nate that I was done being the soda fairy, but then I ran across one with my sister’s name on it.  So obviously I had to pick it up for her as a special treat.

I really hope other companies don’t jump on this band-wagon, because I can’t afford it.  🙂



2.  I met this furry guy over the weekend, and I wanted to take him home with me.  I think donkeys are just the cutest!



3.  Nate and I picked our first zucchini from the garden yesterday!  I sliced the long veggie into zucchini coins, sprayed them a bit with cooking spray, then cooked them lightly on a griddle.  I topped the grilled zucchini with pepper, garlic powder, pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese.  To finish off the ‘pizza bites’, I broiled the zucchini until the cheese melted.

It was a delicious – and low calorie – way for me to satisfy my never-ending pizza craving.  (Even Nate ate his half of the zucchini right up, when I served it to him like this).  🙂



4.  Nate and I had plans to watch the New England Patriot’s first day of practice, but the weather forecast is calling for rain.  Once I read the weather report, I wondered how our plans would be affected, as I didn’t think Nate would want his preggo wife sitting in the rain for a few hours.  Apparently, I was right, because Nate came home from Walmart with a poncho just for me.  😉

Oh, yeah, I plan on rocking this poncho!!



5.  This fuzzy guy has taken over the new office chair and isn’t showing signs of giving it up anytime soon.  I’m not complaining…  He usually wakes me up a few times a night, because he wants treats or his head scratched.  (He also likes to try sleeping on my chest, which is way comfier for him than for me).  😉  Since the introduction of the office chair, he sleeps on it all night long and lets me sleep in peace.

So I guess you could say that we’re both in love with the now-fur-covered chair.



6.  These coconut Outshine bars are amazing!!!


Anything new with you??  🙂


12 thoughts on “Bits O’ This and That

  1. Love Outshine bars!! Raspberry and strawberry are my favs. What’s new here is I’m nesting hardcore! Figuring out what clothes (and stuff) I should get rid of to make room for our new baby. I made a ton of progress today. Also painted some pictures frames and hung some curtains for the bedroom where the baby’s crib will be.

    1. Hmmm, I think that strawberry Outshine bars are at the top of my list too, as are the pineapple ones. They are SO refreshing, and I love the chunks of frozen fruit in them. So good!!
      Ooh, it sounds like you have been busy making a cozy place for the new baby! I really have to buckle down and finish (ahem, start) decorating the nursery! 🙂

  2. Coke’s marketing with the names is genius!! Really, who can resist a bottle with a name of a loved one on it?? Your zucchini pizza bits sound so tasty! I love zucchini a lot. I love that your cat has discovered his love for the office chair – and that he’s giving you a break at night!

    1. I know, right?? I can’t resist a Coke bottle with someone’s name on it! Nate won’t let me walk by the Coke displays anymore, because I’m so bad. Ha, ha!!

  3. Oh man, what if other companies did start doing this “share a ___ with ____” thing?! I’d go broke too, haha! It’s just such a cute idea. Starbucks should pick it up. 🙂

    Also, your zucchini pizza bites are adorable and look delicious! I’m so impressed you grew a zucchini! 🙂

    1. Oooh, what a great idea! (Although I kind of hope Starbucks doesn’t take the suggestion, because then we’d really go broke)! Ha, ha.
      I’m SO excited that the zucchini came in! 🙂 We also have summer squash, green beans, and tomatoes. I’m most excited about this year’s new plant though: a spaghetti squash! I hope it grows well, because I’d love to try that fresh from the garden!! 🙂

  4. Let’s talk about that donkey, because I’m obsessed with him!! We went to Jamaica on our honeymoon a couple years ago and the place we did the ziplining tour had a donkey named Imogene. I LOVED her. They have the sweetest faces 🙂

    Mmmmmmmmmmm, outshine popsicles are the best! They are a pregnant lady’s kryptonite!

    1. I know! And I love how donkeys have such long, fuzzy ears. I just want to scratch behind them. 🙂 If I ever moved to a farm, adopting a donkey would be first on the agenda, I imagine!!

    1. Cats live in a world all of their own, that’s for sure. They’re so funny!
      And Nate didn’t make a sign, but I don’t think I’ll give him the idea for next time. 😉 I was SO afraid that he’d yell it out, once Brady walked by. LOL!! Thankfully, he didn’t. 🙂

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