Takin’ It Easy

My sister Sarah and I absolutely love getting all dolled up for special occasions.  There’s something special about getting your hair done and spending a little bit more time on your makeup.  And when it comes down to it, I adore dressing up in something nice and then dancing the night away with a certain handsome fellow (or a handful of fun gal pals).

But let’s face it, one can only keep that up for so long.  (Unless you’re a princess, I suppose, in which case living in heels and perfect makeup is a part of your life).  If that’s the case, however, my sister and I are most definitely not princesses.

Because on Sunday night, we were a couple of very tired, frazzled bridesmaids.

We had been up at 5:30am and after a long day of wedding photo-shoots, walking down the aisle, dancing, and even a beach bonfire, we didn’t make it to bed until midnight.  To put it kindly, we were a mess.

The next morning, we scrapped any plans that would put us in sight of the general public and decided to find a beach.  To me, the beach is the ultimate stress-release, and it’s a great way to unwind after a busy weekend.  The promise of breakfast, followed by sand under our toes, gave us more energy than caffeine ever could!

Awwww, that’s better!

We ended up at the Sandy Neck Beach in Sandwich, which was almost empty when we got there!  The shore was very rocky, so we had to wear our flip flops a lot.  (That was the only downside to our visit there).  But still, it was absolutely amazing.  Sunshine, salty waves lapping at the shore, feeling calm and relaxed…  It was the perfect way to end our busy weekend, for sure!

We even had a little makeshift photo-shoot!!  🙂

Rather than leave the beach area, we decided to just buy lunch at the snack shop on site, even though we weren’t entirely sure what the food quality would be like.


Sarah and I each bit into our lobster rolls and then gasped.  Seriously, we gasped.  These lobster rolls were jam-packed with sweet lobster and had the perfect blend of mayo and celery on a toasted bun.  I’d say they give the Maine lobster rolls a definite run for their money and – should I have a lobster roll list going – these definitely would have made the Favorite Top Three!

Nate ordered the biggest, freshest scallops he had ever tasted.

So needless to say, that snack-shack at Sandy Neck Beach is no joke.  It is absolutely delicious!

Three thumbs up for a chillaxin’ day at the beach and for just taking it easy when we needed it the most.  🙂

Oh, and Happy Friday!!!  🙂



11 thoughts on “Takin’ It Easy

  1. The frazzled bridesmaid picture had me laughing this morning. So glad you chose a day to relax! Love the photo shoot! You are looking great!

    1. Thank you so much! AND the frazzled bridesmaid pic made me laugh, once I saw it too. Ha, ha. My sister and I were definitely partied out by that point… and it showed! 🙂

  2. …I was hungry before I started reading this post. After seeing that lobster roll… um, I am going to have to go get a snack because my tummy is rumbling! Ha! Love you guys’ little mini photo shoot together! And that frazzled bridesmaid pic cracked me up!

    1. I couldn’t believe how frazzled my sister and I looked, once I saw the picture. Ha, ha!! 🙂 I’m glad that my sister convinced me we had to take one, because without her prompting, I probably would have just fallen into bed! 🙂

  3. You have no idea how much I need a beach trip. Gorgeous pictures! And that lobster roll looks so good (never actually had one since I live by the Gulf of Mexico, though our seafood is amazing).
    And I especially like the frazzled bridesmaid pic; definitely been there before! 🙂

    1. Ooh, you definitely need to try a lobster roll someday, for sure!!!! 🙂 It’s my absolutely favorite way to eat lobster! And the simpler the better. I normally don’t even like lettuce or celery in mine… just a tiny bit of mayo, sweet lobster, and a toasted hotdog bun. 🙂 Soooo yummy!!!
      I can imagine where you live has AMAZING seafood choices though! There’s really nothing like fresh seafood.

    1. 1) I lick my monitor constantly these days, thanks to blogs and Pinterest. 2) I always wear flip flops that have slightly wider straps, and so I have a pretty intense flip flop tan going on. But, hey, I suppose there are worse things. Ha, ha. 3). Sarah’s watch is a jelly watch from The Loft. (I know, because I bought it for her for Christmas last year). 🙂 The Loft usually starts to sell them around the fall, I think.

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