The Wedding Day

Ashley’s wedding reception was being held at the Wychmere Beach Club, probably one of the most beautiful, upscale places that I have ever been to.  We were all pretty certain that at some point, someone from management was going to drag us all off the premises, declaring that we weren’t classy enough to be there.  Instead, everyone who worked there was exceptionally nice, courteous, and more than willing to help out with anything we needed.  Which then led us to the belief that we were probably all dreaming.

But when you’re dreaming about being at a place like that, you don’t ask anyone to pinch you and wake you up.  You just go with the flow and enjoy every moment.  😉

Ashley had stayed on site the night before in an absolutely beautiful room that looked as though it had come straight out of a magazine.  This was where the bridesmaids met to get our hair done and also to do our makeup.  When I wasn’t snapping photo’s nonstop, I was gawking out the window at the ocean spread out before us.  (Classy, I know).

The hairdresser decided to do all of our hairstyles differently, which was very creative and fun.  For my hair, she did a side braid, which she then spun into a bun.  I absolutely loved it!

Here are a few more hairstyles that were done…

Oh, and I sort of- kind of loved the dresses Ashley had picked out.  The picture below doesn’t need any explanation for those of you who have been reading my blog for a few days or more.  😉  For those of you who are new, let me explain that I have a stripe addiction.  And take a look at the skirts we were wearing!

Yes, I know, be still my heart!  🙂

Ashley looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding gown too!

The limo picked us up around 1:30pm to whisk us away for the photo-shoot.  (Ashley and her fiancé wanted to do photo’s before the wedding, allowing all of us the opportunity to enjoy the cocktail hour).

I don’t have any pics of the actual wedding, since I was standing up front with the other bridesmaids.  🙂  But here are some pics from the fun, beautiful, and delicious wedding reception (which was also held right on the water).

(BEST wedding food I have EVER eaten, by the way).  🙂  Sooo delicious!!!

Yes, it was breathtaking.  🙂  AND even more importantly, my best friend Ashley had the beautiful, romantic wedding that she deserved.


8 thoughts on “The Wedding Day

  1. I don’t know which was more amazing, the food or the hairstyles. I just wanted to reach through the pictures on that food though! Do you watch how to hairstyles on YouTube?

    1. Wedding food is usually good but still… wedding food. This wedding food was five-star dining. I’m not even kidding, I would have paid a lot of money at a nice restaurant for that meal and would have left satisfied and happy. It was to-die-for!! (I will probably dream of those whipped potatoes for the rest of my life). Ha, ha. 🙂
      And I don’t usually look up hairstyles on YouTube, but I really should. I tend to wear my hair the same way ALL the time, and it gets boring after awhile. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous bride, wedding party, and location! And your date!!! Handsome dude! Loving him in that purple. Was his tie purple or silver or…? I’m surprised he didn’t get some stripes up in that tie 😉 I’m dying over those skirts. Except I’d probably get the white parts dirty in 0.2 seconds. I’m classy like that. (Goes with the theme, I guess!)

    1. I know, Nate was totally rocking the purple shirt and his suit!! (The tie was a silvery white). Honestly, had I made him go shopping for a wedding outfit, he probably would have been sporting stripes that matched my skirt. 😉 But I LOVE this outfit on him, so I didn’t torture him by forcing him to go to the store. Ha, ha.
      And I’m ‘classy like that’ too, and I’m surprised I didn’t end up dropping food on myself or something like that. Ha, ha.

    1. The skirts were from Etsy and were so comfy! It makes me wonder why I don’t take advantage of Etsy more often… Ha, ha. 🙂 Sigh, I just LOVE weddings!!!

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