A Wedding at the Cape

This past weekend, my husband Nate, sister Sarah, and I piled into the car for a mini road-trip to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Actually, to be completely honest, Cape Cod isn’t all that far away from our New England homes.  But when you take into consideration the traffic (a.k.a. the time it takes to get there during peak season), the fact that I’ve only been there twice, and the fact that Sarah had never been – well – it rather did feel like a road trip.  (We had enough luggage in the trunk to officially call it a road trip anyway, and Sarah had packed enough food to hold us over for about two weeks).

So, yeah, it was a weekend road trip for us!  🙂

The reason for our weekend get-away was that my best friend Ashley was getting married at the Cape and had asked me to be her Matron of Honor and Sarah (also her very good friend) to be her bridesmaid.

The weekend started promptly upon our arrival at the Cape with a bridal party luncheon being held at the Hot Stove Saloon in Harwich.  (In the picture below, in order from left to right:  Sarah, Ashley, Me).  We could almost all pass for sisters, I think!  🙂

Sarah and I had decided to split a plate, and we went with the chicken salad sandwich.  (Yeah, I know, I know, I never eat chicken these days.  Well, this preggo girl suddenly wanted a chicken salad sandwich, and I wasn’t about to argue with myself).  🙂  It was really delicious and definitely one of the top five chicken salad sandwiches I’ve ever eaten out.  It was really fresh tasting and had a hint of garlic (which I love).

The fries weren’t too shabby either.  😉  YUM!!!

Once finished with lunch, Nate, Sarah, and I drove to the hotel to check in.  Nate and I have stayed at the Mariner in Yarmouth before, and we were not only fans of the price but also of how clean it was.  It’s not cheap to stay at the Cape, so we were all for staying at the Mariner once more.  Besides, they have a really awesome, wooden chair out front that makes for fun photo-shoots (in addition to their own tiny version of a mini-golf course and a small playground).

After going for a small walk for coffees (don’t worry, decaf for me), Sarah and I began the serious task of getting ready for the rehearsal dinner.  Oh, who am I fooling?  We goofed off and laughed until our ribs hurt.  (Don’t feel too bad for Nate.  He’s a goofball too, so he fits right in).  🙂

The rehearsal went really well, and – once again – Ashley proved why I call her Martha Stewart.  She was completely organized (while looking absolutely put-together and gorgeous in her white, polka-dotted dress).  And the bridesmaids looked absolutely adorable too, I must say!


The rehearsal dinner was Italian food, and I was absolutely starving by this point.  I’m pretty sure that I beat both Sarah and Nate at finishing a plate of food, but then I still had room to split a piece of carrot cake with Sarah.  (Ya know, I am eating for two after all… and rehearsing a wedding takes up a lot of energy).  🙂

Next on the agenda was to crash in the hotel room watching television before falling asleep.  Morning, and wedding festivities, would come early!  🙂


5 thoughts on “A Wedding at the Cape

  1. You weren’t rocking stripes for the rehearsal dinner so Nate did it for you, eh? Can’t wait to hear more.

    Also, I love all of your fun photos. You guys must be a blast to be around!

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