Baby Name Reveal!!!

Nate and I have had three potential baby names picked out for weeks.  The only slight problem we ran into was that all three were girl names…. and we found out last Monday that Baby B is a boy.  And even though we knew we had more than enough time to brainstorm boy names, we still were a little nervous; because – for years – we have run into the same issue.  When we dreamed about the future and thought about our favorite baby names, we could only come up with comical boy’s names that we would never name our potential son.

Like Colby… Jack.  Get it?  Colby Jack, like the cheese?

Yeahhh, maybe you had to be there?  😉  Nate and I sure thought it was hilarious!


(No wonder my mom was terrified, when we told her that we were going to pick out the baby name without any assistance.  She was terrified as to what her future grandson would be named).

No lie, when I called my mom to tell her that we had officially picked out a name for Baby B, her response was, “Oh no!”  Which made me nervous too, even though we both burst into laughter after her outburst.  But don’t worry, she loves the name we picked out as much as we do!  🙂

So that brings me back to the important news.  Our baby’s name!!

Nate is actually the one who picked it out first, suggesting ‘Brady’ as a potential name.  For those of you who are familiar with the New England Patriots (and with how obsessed my husband is with the football team), you probably aren’t in the least bit surprised.  Tom Brady is a legend in these parts, and the quarterback is still running strong.


I surprised him, however, by absolutely loving it!  ‘Brady’ just sounded right somehow.  As my sister Sarah so eloquently put it, “It’s as though his name was Brady all along, but we just didn’t know it yet.”  And although Nate and I slept on it for an entire week and ran through endless baby name lists, we always came back to ‘Brady’.  No other name felt right.

For the middle name, we have always known that we wanted it to be ‘Paul’ after my dad.  Although we have been influenced by many amazing people, my dad is someone that both Nate and I truly look up to, probably more than I could put into words.  (You should have seen the look on my dad’s face, when he found out that our little Brady is going to be named after him.  His face was beaming and so filled with pride).  🙂

So baby’s official name is Brady Paul.


Our little Brady.  🙂  Yes, it really does sound right!


12 thoughts on “Baby Name Reveal!!!

  1. I teared up reading this. You’re so adorable. I love that you’re giving dear old dad a nod and a way to live on through his grandson.

    Unrelated: your hair looks fabulous in those photos!

    1. Yeah, my dad was so cute when we told him. He’s the John Wayne type so not overly expressive when it comes to emotions. But his face lit up like the 4th of July, when he heard the news. I had planned to go into an explanation of how much Nate and I admire him and look up to him, but I couldn’t do it… Because behind his bright eyes, I also saw a hint of emotion that I knew would make me cry, should I get too emotional myself. 🙂
      Oh, and thank you for the hair compliment!! It does what it wants to these days, so I love it when it decides to do something that looks good! Ha, ha. 🙂

    1. YAY, I’m so glad that everyone else likes ‘Brady’ too!! It’s a big decision to come up with a name for a little baby, I must say. Ha, ha. But it’s so exciting when you find one that feels perfect. 🙂

    1. My dad was so touched by the gesture. 🙂 Nate and I both felt it was the least we could do, as we look up to him so much. We’ve called him so many times for advice, regarding everything from gardening to finances. 🙂 He just did such a great job of taking care of my family and making wise choices that we want to learn from him!

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