100 Happy Days (Days 21 – 33)

For those of you who are new to my blog, I’m participating in the 100 Happy Days Challenge, during which I’ll  – for 100 days – take a picture of something that made me happy.  🙂  Here are pics from days 21 through 33.

What made you happy lately?

Day 21 – Putting together summer favors for my piano students. These freeze pops are bringing back a bunch of childhood memories!

organize 007


Day 22 – Kissable kitten heads. Soooo fuzzy!!



Day 23 (accidentally miscounted) – I get so excited when cherries go on sale during the summer!! Soooo yummy!!



Day 24 – Feeling SO excited about the ultrasound in just a week that should hopefully tell us if Baby B is a boy or a girl!! I really hope that baby cooperates for us. But mostly, I’m praying for more good news that the baby is looking happy and healthy! Any guesses as to the gender?

Baby! 001


Day 25 – Spending a few hours outside with my hubby and just being silly and having fun together. Nothing makes me happier!



Day 26 – Went for a walk with Liz, followed by a swim! (We totally swam 10 laps)!! It was an amazing way to start the day, that’s for sure! Now to get started on my to-do list for today.



Day 27 – While organizing my cookbooks, I stopped to look through the first cookbook I had ever owned. What memories! My Uncle Mike bought it for me when I was 7, and I’ve been in love with cooking ever since!



Day 28 – Just chillin’ at Babies’R’Us with my mom and sister (a.k.a. Auntie Sarah), testing out comfy rocking chairs, cuddling a stuffed giraffe, and dreaming of babies.

July 2014 shopping haul! 010


Day 29 – The weather may have drastically changed me and Nate’s July 4th plans, but we made the best of it. My parents had us over for fresh corn on the cob, lobster, steamed clams, crusty bread, and fruit trifle. Yeahhh, thanks to the rain, we had a rough day.   😉

1st Annual Clambake - 2014 070


Day 30 – LOVING these Applegate all-natural, no nitrate beef hotdogs! They only include natural ingredients, so a pregnant gal can enjoy them. Oh, yes, and you can be sure that I am eating them with lots, and lots, and LOTS of relish!!! Ha, ha.



Day 31 –  Today we found out that Baby B is a boy! Nate and I couldn’t be happier or more excited!!! 



Day 32 –  Buying Baby B’s first outfit, because we wanted it to come from us.



Day 33 – Fresh strawberry shortcake = summertime happiness!






12 thoughts on “100 Happy Days (Days 21 – 33)

    1. I grew up swimming in lakes, so I don’t freak out at all. There are two not far from my house, and they’re State Parks (a.k.a. well-maintained, very clean). They aren’t mirky at all, and you can see the bottom while you swim. So it’s a really fun experience, as apposed to “Ugh, what did I just swim through?” Ha, ha. I DO love swimming in pools too though, but no one I know seems to want to put one in. 😉 So the lakes will have to do for now. Hee, hee.
      And that IS an interesting fact! Hmmm, I can see how milk would be yummy and refreshing on strawberry shortcake…

  1. I’m going swimming with a girlfriend tomorrow! She and I both have the day off and we’re going to enjoy every minute! 🙂

    And I love that kids’ cookbook from your uncle. What a sweet gesture. And look how much it has impacted your life! 🙂

    1. Oh, FUN!!!!! Enjoy your time cooling off in the water. It’s one of my favorite summer activities these days!!
      That cookbook really did impact my life! I’ve loved cooking since I was a little kid and it really was thanks to my owning my very own cookbook. 🙂

    1. Oh my goodness, we totally had the same first cookbook!! I LOVED that book so much! And congrats on your baby boy 🙂 That onsie is the cutest!

      1. Thank you SO much!!! There are so many adorable outfits for little boys that I had to hold myself back from buying everything. Hee, hee 🙂

    2. YES! I wanted to make the ‘end of summer’ treats slightly musically themed, as apposed to just yummy themed. Ha, ha. 🙂 So I found a quarter note stamp and had fun stamping all the of the tags. Great observation!!

    3. YES! I wanted to make the ‘end of summer’ treats slightly musically themed, as apposed to just yummy themed. Ha, ha. 🙂 So I found a quarter note stamp and had fun stamping all the of the tags. Great observation!!

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