A Really Fun Day

Originally, the plan had been to keep Baby B’s gender a secret for an entire week, and then we would do a photo-shoot next Monday with my sister.  But by this point, I had already told everyone when my ultra-sound was going to be, so the ‘did you find out yet’ phone-calls started to come in early.  And I knew that there was absolutely no way that Nate and I would be able to keep it a secret for 7 whole days.  Maybe if I was the only one who knew, but I wasn’t expecting to see Nate’s excitement level shoot through the roof the minute he found out it was a boy.  🙂


I mean, he went from wanting to keep the baby’s name a secret until it was born… to him begging me to let him tell everyone.  (Please keep in mind that we hadn’t even finalized the baby name yet.  But when I had to step out of the ultra-sound room to empty my bladder, I returned to the room in time to hear Nate telling the ultrasound tech our favorite boy’s name choice).  He was just bursting at the seams!

(So expect a baby name announcement soon, because I don’t think I can hold Nate back much longer)!  😉

The ultra-sound at 10am was followed by a routine doctor’s appointment at 11am.  Baby B is growing the way he should and everything is looking great!  (I was thrilled to see that my blood pressure is still right on point… and I didn’t even gain any additional weight this past month!  I was excited about that, because I had put on 14 pounds in the first trimester, thanks to all of the carbs I ate during the nauseous stage.  So I’m happy to see that the weight gain is balancing itself out a bit and that I’ve now gained 14 pounds in about 20 weeks).


After my second appointment, Nate and I rushed to my parent’s house, where we met my sister for an impromptu photo shoot.  I had called my sister that morning and promised her that my vision for the gender reveal was going to take little effort.  I knew I wanted three balloons tied to three pairs of shoes.  Easy peasy!


Well, that photo may make it look as though it were easy, but I somehow had picked the windiest day of the year for the shoot.  The balloons did NOT want to cooperate, any more than my hair did.  But thankfully after wrestling with balloons-gone-wild for quite some time (and just before the pink balloon decided to break free), Sarah was able to capture a shot that had the simple, cute look I was going for.


Next on the agenda was to begin our gift registries.  Nate, of course, was all about taking charge of the scan gun; and he was a little trigger happy… but not too bad.  😉  I, on the other hand, had to be steered away from all of the adorable outfits that I came across.  Now that we know Baby B is a boy, I’m obsessed with the little boy outfits I think would look adorable on him.




I do know, however, that baby is going to be absolutely spoiled between grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends.  So although I’m sure he won’t need a ton of clothes, I did want to buy a special outfit from me and Nate.  We chose this adorable onesie, which Nate promptly dubbed “absolutely the one.”  I had to agree.  It was too cute to leave at the store!


After getting a good heads start on the registry, I realized it was almost 5:30 and exclaimed – maybe a little too loudly – “No wonder I’m hungry!  I need some mashed potatoes!”

All I’d eaten that day was a bowl of cereal, a handful of cheese crackers, a tossed green salad with Ranch dressing and cheese, and an apple.  I usually eat way more than that, but we had just been too busy to eat.  So it hit me that all I wanted was a giant bowl of mashed potatoes… right then and there!


Of course, once I got to the restaurant, I added on a ‘side’ of BBQ’s ribs and roasted spaghetti squash too.  Because, you know, sometimes you need a ‘side’ with your mashed potatoes.  😉  I was pretty much in heaven for the entire meal, because it tasted so unbelievably good.  I really haven’t been cooking good meals lately, so this real meal tasted like fine dining at its best.  And I’m not ashamed to say that I polished my plate clean!


By that point, I was exhausted and ready to go home.  But I can’t believe all of the fun things we squeezed into just one day!!!  🙂





4 thoughts on “A Really Fun Day

  1. Aw you guys!!!! I love that onesie! Baby B is gonna be a handsome little man wearing that. I’m so so so so happy for you and can’t wait to hear the name! Also, please tell Nate that he wins Man of the Year for being so excited about becoming a father to a little boy. He’s probably making other dads look bad which I fully support. haha. Keep up the excitement! ❤

  2. Love the onesie!!!! Great choice and I can’t wait to hear your name for the little guy as well. We have our names picked out (I’m such a type A I wanted both names picked up before we got pregnant this round haha) so name gets announced when we know the gender. 🙂 I so want a boy this time and all your pics are only reinforcing that! My weight gain is following yours about exactly…kinda funny. I’m relieved mine seems to be leveling off as well.

    Quick funny story about balloons and photoshoots. Did a 1 yr photoshoot for my daughter’s 1 year birthday last year. I ordered special polkadot balloons on Amazon and everything. It was very windy that day and I didn’t tie them to the chair I was using well enough. They all blew away! I just about cried. Luckily I had some back ups, but it was very distressing.

  3. What a day!! Hooray for finding out the gender and being too excited to wait to share! I’m looking forward to the name reveal too! It’s so sweet that Nate is just SO excited! 🙂 Also, that onesie you guys picked out is precious. Your little boy is going to be one well dressed kiddo.

    Oh, and yes… sometimes you do need a side to go with your mashed potatoes. Like you, I too adore mashed potatoes. And those look delightful!

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