Team Blue!

Baby B is a…

BOY!!!  🙂


Nate and I couldn’t be more excited and thrilled!!!

(Of course, this is further proof that I’m horrible at guessing the gender of babies, even when it’s my own.  I was pretty much convinced that the baby was going to be a girl.  So much so that I have an entire girl’s nursery planned out in my head.  Then again, I did tell Nate this morning that I was considering changing my vote to ‘boy’, since I’m always wrong and – at the time – thought it would be a girl).  😉

BUT Nate and I are floating up to cloud nine with excitement!


I absolutely adore little boys!  (And Nate is already planning out all of the important things that he’s going to teach Baby B, such as how to properly throw a football and the awesomeness of bacon).  Me?  I’m now dreaming in colors of blue… and brown… and green.


Today, happiness was finally finding out that Baby B is a boy.  It made the pregnancy seem that much more real.  It made baby feel even more like ours.

And we just can’t stop smiling!!


(Thank you to my sister Sarah for taking these awesome photo’s)!!!  🙂


13 thoughts on “Team Blue!

    1. I hadn’t received your email, so I’m glad you said something!!! 🙂 I did find it in my junk email and made sure that my inbox won’t do that in the future. And I can’t wait to find out what you’re having! 🙂


    I would’ve been thrilled either way of course but this is super exciting, especially for Nate. You two are already amazing parents! Baby Boy B is going to be the best kid ever thanks to you guys!

    1. Nate is already planning on teaching his little boy ALL about football, hiking, and camping. It’s so cute! (And he’s really taking this seriously and even nervous about being a good enough dad. I told him that he has nothing to worry about, of course)!

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