Summer Shopping Haul

The original plan for today had been to go to the beach; but the threat of multiple (and severe) thunderstorms made me, my mom, and my sister think twice about how we wanted to spend our day together.  And although we were a little disappointed at first in the weather’s lack of cooperation, we promptly decided to spend the day shopping instead!  After all, it’s been a little while, and we were starting to go through bargain-shopping withdrawels.  (Not to mention the fact that my little bump is slowly turning into an official baby belly, so it was time to pick up a few more things).

July 2014 shopping haul! 003

The bargains started the minute we walked into the mall when we were greeted by adorable $1.99 flip flops from JCPenney.  You can’t beat that price, especially when they come in so many fun designs and colors!

And to be honest, I was a little nervous about finding clothes now that my belly is popping… and is only expected to pop a whole lot more.  🙂  I’m trying to avoid maternity clothes as long as possible so that I don’t invest in clothing that I will only wear once or twice.  So I knew that I’d have slimmer picking than normal, as I was on the lookout for dresses with high waist-lines and looser fitting tops.  That being said, I was happy to at least find one bargain deal, even if it was only in the form of flip flops.

But my fears were short-lived, as JCPenney also had a sale on dresses… and several of them accommodated a growing belly quite nicely (while still promising to fit after the baby has been delivered).  Score!!

I love the comfortable fit of this wrap dress, the bright colors, and the fact that I can dress it up or down.

July 2014 shopping haul! 054

This sundress, also bright and cheery, shows off my belly bump, but still gives me room to grow.  And I think it will be perfect for beach trips, BBQ’s, or even comfy days around the house.

July 2014 shopping haul! 057

I also found this cute dress in the clearance rack at The Loft.  It was already marked down, but they were offering an additional 60% off sale items.  Winner winner, chicken dinner!

July 2014 shopping haul! 004

A quick trip to Target later, and I also was purchasing my very first Maxi skirt!  They’re usually way too long on me, but my sister commented – while trying it on – that it was too short for her.  So I eagerly asked if I could try it on, and it fit me just right!!  It’s soooo comfortable.

July 2014 shopping haul! 041

Also at Target, I met Olaf for the first time.  He is just as cute in person, and I almost wish I had convinced him to come home with me.

July 2014 shopping haul! 037

Sarah, on the other hand, was able to convince chocolate to come home with her.  Because everyone knows that a girl needs her chocolate.

July 2014 shopping haul! 033

Looking at chocolate made us realize that we were hungry, so we stopped at Ruby Tuesday’s for some lunch.  I ordered two mini burgers, and — drum roll, please — they each came with a small fried pickle!  I have always wanted to try fried pickles (to the point where it even made it to my bucket list).

July 2014 shopping haul! 029

Now I’m sure that a chain restaurant such as Ruby Tuesdays may not be the place to try fried pickles for the first time, but – still – I absolutely adored them.  So no harm done (especially since the burgers and fries were oh-so-delicious)!  They were crispy, salty, seasoned with vinegar… and fried.  What wasn’t there for a pregnant woman to love?  (So I can cross an item off of my bucket list; but I still will be on the lookout for some more-athentic ones at a local fair, should I ever make it down south).

Soooo, in total, I purchased three dresses and a skirt…

July 2014 shopping haul! 061

… a black and flower print peasant top…

July 2014 shopping haul! 062

… three T’s and a pair of flip flops.

July 2014 shopping haul! 063

I’d say that was a pretty successful day with two of my favorite ladies!  🙂

July 2014 shopping haul! 058







11 thoughts on “Summer Shopping Haul

    1. Hee, hee. I tried to not point it out in the blog post, since I bought three striped dresses / skirts…AND striped flip flops! LOL! Yes, I have a problem. But I’m glad that you think it’s awesome too, because I also think that stripes are just the cutest thing!!! 🙂

  1. I loooove it all! You found such cute stuff and so practical for current and future use. 🙂 I especially love the LOFT dress.

    Also, I am now craving fried pickles. And a burger. And fries.

  2. You found such great stuff! I’m glad you found a maxi skirt short enough for you – I was so excited when I finally found a maxi dress long enough for me, haha! 🙂 I love that you picked out things that you can wear again after baby arrives. Smart girl! 🙂

    Also, I am so excited that you finally got to try fried pickles!! I told you they were amazing!! 😀

  3. Loving the blues! They’re great colors for you.

    Also, can you believe I just saw Frozen for the first time last week? I missed half of the words because kids were talking over it but I got the gist.

    1. I saw Frozen for the first time not to long ago too… What did you think? To be honest, I was slightly disappointed with it. (Now preparing myself for backlash from Frozen lovers. Ha, ha). To me, the snowman made the movie, because he was So ridiculously funny and cute! But I was just a little disappointed with the music. I didn’t think the music was quite up to the level of cartoons such as Beauty and the Beast or the Little Mermaid. But still, it was cute, and I enjoyed watching it! 🙂

      1. I agree about the music (not catchy enough, sorry, I just don’t want to sing “let it go…”) although I did love that the “act of true love” was sisterly instead of romantic. I appreciate that message for young girls.

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