Just 10 Things

#1.  I am LOVING the fresh fruits being sold at grocery stores these days, thanks to their now being in season.  Watermelon has always been at the top of my list, but I may – or may not – have done a happy dance when I saw that cherries were on sale for only $2.99 a pound.  (They can sell up to $7.99 a pound when not in season)!

I’m also devouring blueberries, strawberries, peaches, and nectarines in very large quantities.  Soooo good!

Summer 2014 so far 001


#2.  I haven’t had to really buy any maternity clothes yet, other than the shorts I already purchased, because I still own plenty of shirts that still fit.  And for nicer occasions, I’ve just worn my usual sundresses.  But I knew that my bathing suit wasn’t going to fit right at this point, and I really do hope to swim a lot this summer.  (It’s a great, low-impact form of exercise for pregnant women… or anyone for that matter). In order to make sure I was ready for the upcoming warm months, I decided to buy a maternity tankini from Target!  The top I found in the maternity section, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the bottom options.  So I paired the tankini top with a running skort from the athletic section.

Summer 2014 so far 198

I love the fit, as it’s super comfy.  And I’ve already put the bathing suit to use, as my friend Liz and I drove to the lake this week to swim some laps.  (Let me tell you, when you’re feeling bloated and swollen on a hot day, there is nothing more refreshing than swimming in a cool lake).  The water surprisingly wasn’t too overly cold, and Liz and I were able to swim 10 laps along the beach area.  It was a great workout for my arms, legs, and core, while still leaving me feeling delightfully cooled off.

Summer 2014 so far 210


#3.  If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now, then you might remember how my basement used to look.  Remember this photo of all the mismatched junk, crates of books, camping equipment, and dust that covered our basement floors?


Well, I’m happy to report that the basement is just about complete!  🙂  Nate, along with the help of his brother who is into carpentry, sheetrocked the walls and divided the basement in half. One half is for storage (so that includes organized shelving for the crates).  The second half is a gym and entertainment room.  We covered the floor with gym mats, built a large bookshelf for my books, bought a huge couch from Bob’s Discount furniture, and – of course – put up the projector that Nate had bought back in our apartment days.

It’s a casual spot to hang out, especially when Nate has guys over to play games.  It also stays cool in the summer, so this pregnant girl is loving movie nights down there these days.  🙂





#4.  NOW I’m tackling the spare bedroom that adjoins the nursery.  It really didn’t look all that messy until I emptied out the closet (which was stuffed to the brim).  So, yes, this girl has her work cut out for her!  But I’m ready for the challenge!!  Since it’s an extra room for now, I’d love to turn it into a craft room (for my sewing machine, which really has yet to be used) and maybe even a writing room.



#5.  I always knew that I was married to a super-hero!  🙂

Summer 2014 so far 144


#6.  It has been HUMID the past few days.  As in at least 80% humidity.  As in my hair is starting to look like a perm gone bad.

That’s some big hair right there!!

Summer 2014 so far 240


#7.  I have a lot of organizational and cleaning goals for July, but I also have plenty of plans to just enjoy the summer season!  The other night, I sat on the back porch and browsed Pinterest while sipping on freshly brewed iced t.  I can’t remember the last time I did that, but I can assure you that I will be doing it again soon.  Life is too short not to slow down every once in awhile!  I am learning that more and more all the time.

Summer 2014 so far 158


#8.  I have been CRAVING relish this entire pregnancy, but really haven’t had any reason to eat it.  (So I sort of just ate it right out of the jar most days).  But then I discovered Applegate hotdogs, which are completely all-natural beef hotdogs.  No nitrates… no preservatives.  And they only contain ingredients that you can pronounce, such as beef, water, salt, and garlic.

The first time I ate them, I noticed a little difference between them and the Kayem brand that I had grown up eating, but I still really enjoyed the hotdog.  Now that I’ve had them a second time, I honestly don’t even notice a difference.  Nate and I both love the taste, which is huge since Nate is picky about his meat.  And we especially love that we can enjoy a hotdog without the guilt.  Sooo, we won’t be going back to the other brands, even after I’m pregnant.

Oh, relish how I love thee!

Summer 2014 so far 159


#9.  Oh, yeah, and I love creamsicles.  ‘Nough said.

Summer 2014 so far 149


#10.  My latest piano project was to print out a copy of the musical staff, which I framed.  I then bought some child-friendly erasable markers and will be using it as a musical white board.  I can use this to help teach students notes on the staff, key signatures, and even intervals.  And at the end of the lesson, I just have to wipe the glass clean with a tissue!  Easy peasy!


Those are my ten things!  What have YOU been up to?

And any July 4th plans?? 

Summer 2014 so far 234





14 thoughts on “Just 10 Things

  1. I love your basement!! Ahh, wish I could come sit in its coolness.

    I have been busy these last couple days priming and painting to old nightstands. They look amazing! And now I’m exhausted.

    1. I wish you could come visit and watch a movie in the cool basement too!! And that’s too awesome that you’ve painted and primed old nightstands! I have a feeling that I will be doing that in the near future myself, as I want to hit some yardsales soon. 🙂 (If you have time, please send me pics of your finished results! I’d love to see them!! Nicole_leb@hotmail.com).

  2. You are being so productive with your month off! I’m glad you took some time to kick back and relaxing while browsing Pinterest. It’s good to have moments like that too. 🙂 Also, the basement looks great! Good job!

    1. Thank you! Nate really was proud of all his hard work in the basement. 🙂 (After the tidying and organizing, I had the fun part of decorating. Nate did the most work when it came to actually putting it together). 🙂

  3. Love the skort and tankini combo! And the basement looks great! (I especially like the cats bombing each photo. I love cats.) Your mention of 80% humidity makes me feel (a little) guilty about complaining about the 57% we have going here. Remember to relax and enjoy your month off work – in addition to all that productivity!

    1. Ha, ha. My cats are definitely not camera shy. 😉 And I’d complain about 57% humidity too, if that’s what we were dealing with. Humidity in general is no fun!!! And don’t worry, I had a fun day today and don’t really plan on doing too much work the next couple of days either. Ha, ha. I’ll get more done next week, but I feel like having a few chillaxin’ days first! 🙂

  4. We’re up at around 85% humidity these days, which is why I have short-short hair!!!! Our July plans are pretty similar….house painting, garden reorganising and I need to keep my Pinterest addiction going too!

    1. Oh my goodness, 85% humidity? Ouch! When it gets to that point, it’s like walking through a sprinkler whenever you step outside. Ha, ha. (And what did we do before the wonderful days of Pinterest??). 🙂

    1. Nate is so proud of his entertainment room. 🙂 It worked out well that Nate and his brothers could do the labor themselves, so we just had to pay for the material. And that projector was Nate’s splurge toy back in the days when we both worked and could splurge on things like that every once in awhile. Ha, ha. It’s mostly for Nate, but it makes me so happy to see how proud he is of it. (AND this pregnant girl is really appreciating the cool room now that it’s very hot outside)! 🙂

      1. That is a pretty sweet projector set up. I have no doubt that he’s proud and excited by the whole thing. He absolutely should be.

  5. Pleeease tell me about your bracelets in #6 and the last photo! They look awesome.

    I too am devouring fruit. That and daylight are the only two good things about summer. hahaha.

    Thanks for the fun update!

    1. Awwww, thank you! The bracelets actually some of my favorites too! I found them for only about $5 at H&M, but I’ve seen similar styles at Charlotte Russe. They’re usually in Junior sections, but I don’t care… I love the varying earth colors, and I think they’re fun for summer!! 🙂

      1. I didn’t see anything on their sites online so I guess I need to start looking in the jewelry/juniors sections of stores. I used to wear tons of bracelets and now I just rock a watch and hair ties. Hair ties = boring. Thanks for the help!

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