100 Happy Days – (Days 14 – 20)

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m participating in the 100 Happy Days Challenge, in which I have to – for 100 days – take a picture of something that made me happy.  My original goal was to do it for 100 consecutive days, but I’ve missed a day here and there.  😉  But I decided to just pick back up where I left off, because I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a rule against that.  (If there is, please don’t tell me because I’m having fun with this, even if I do slack off and forget to take a photo here and there).  🙂

So without further ado, I give you days 14 through 20!!

(Oh, yes, and happy Friday, my friends!!  Do you have any fun weekend plans ahead?)

Day 14 – Spending some time with my dad on Father’s Day. I love him soooo much!!!

Father's Day 2014 011


Day 15 – Feeling refreshed after some time spent at the Cape… and putting that extra energy to use in time to get my house cleaned up a bit!



Day 16 – Shoppin’ with Liz at one of my favorite stores!

Shopping with Liz 014


Day 17 – My new favorite kinda-healthy dessert! They’re $1.29 so rather pricey, but cheaper (and way healthier) than buying Ben and Jerry’s. It’s Greek yogurt with dark chocolate, coconut, and almonds. Soooo good!! (AND the key lime flavor is amazing as well).



Day 18 – An early morning workout



Day 19 – Shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s as a pregnant lady is a whole different experience… I may – or may not – have left the store with foods such as Root Beer, licorice, and oodles-of-noodles. But in my defense, they were all healthier, natural versions! Still, I think a few people gave me stares and were wondering, “Who let this girl into Whole Foods??” LOL!

Whole Foods Vlog 024


Day 20 – Sunshine, warm sand, and a fresh coat of nail polish. Sometimes it’s the little things.

Beach post 027

What made you happy today?



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