Not Such a Foodie Anymore

As I’ve mentioned before, shopping for food – or even just eating food in general – has been an interesting endeavor, now that I’m pregnant.  I feel as though my usual, food-loving self has somehow traded bodies with the pickiest of six-year-olds. (Or maybe even an alien who can’t appreciate the amazing foods of earth).  I don’t want broccoli, or wheat bread, or whole grain pasta, or pretty much anything else that healthy adults are supposed to enjoy (or at least force themselves to eat).  I want the blandest of carbs like white pasta… white bread… white potatoes.  Come to think of it, even white cake sounds good.  😉

Oh, and pizza.  Pizza is still my favorite food on the entire planet right now.

I can’t even have the lean proteins that I used to enjoy, because I have a major food aversion to chicken.  I mean, if chicken tasted like bacon, there wouldn’t be an issue, and we wouldn’t even be having this ‘conversation’ right now.

Nate, bless his heart, tries to be the most understanding of husbands.  He just doesn’t quite get it, nor should he be expected to.  I’m pretty sure that even pregnant women don’t get pregnant women most of the time.

So he tries, but -let’s face it – he’s working with an exhausted, hormonal woman.  There was the night that he kindly told me, “Well, you can’t go hungry, so you really just need to force yourself to eat something.”  That makes logical sense to anyone but a pregnant woman.  But since I’m pregnant, I looked at him as though he had two heads, five hands, and one big toe sticking out of his chest.

The thing is that I’ve been grocery shopping once a week and planning out a week’s worth of menu’s (just as I always have).  But when your tastes change every single day, it’s not the smartest way to go about things.  A lot of food goes to waste.  And suddenly, you’ve spent your entire grocery budget, but there’s apparently nothing to eat in the house.  (At least nothing that doesn’t make you gag or convulse).

The other night, all I wanted was fried seafood.  Like, my mouth was watering at the thought, and it was all I could do to not start walking in the direction of the take-out stand (even if it would have taken me hours to get there).  Nate calmly explained that – instead of eating out – we should wait until the grocery budget was restocked… and in the meantime, maybe we should make some soup instead.

I responded very maturely, as only a pregnant wife can.

Funny pic for future blog post!

I tried to keep from having a preggo meltdown over something as simple as fried clams.  But in the moment, it felt as though those fried clams would solve all of the world’s problems.  (At least all of my problems anyway).  After all, keep in mind that I’ve struggled with most sources of protein and have been eating the same, bland foods for days on end.  And now that I was actually craving something, I couldn’t have it.

Also keep in mind that Nate had no idea JUST how desperately I wanted this fried seafood.  He was thinking that I just kind of wanted it.  He had no idea that I was about to go all Hunger Games on him for it.

So anyway, the preggo meltdown came sometime around midnight, when I should have been thinking about anything but fried clams.  I was kind of lying there all stiff, and Nate asked, “Hmmm, are you upset?”  And I responded with a tirade about how badly I needed those fried clams, because I’m sick and tired of eating English muffin pizza’s and pasta for every meal.

Nate just kind of lay there in silent shock, his mouth hanging open.  And all I could think about was how he looked like a clam, and it made me even more upset.

Needless to say, we did have fried seafood for dinner the following night.  I treated, since I had earned some extra money that week.  And those fried clams were worth every… single… penny.  (Even Nate said so).  But at the same time, I totally get where he’s coming from.  Pregnancy or not, we can’t throw out our grocery money as though it grows on trees.  I’m usually the one who calls time-out and insists that we need to not spend money.  Apparently, our roles have been reversed now that I’m pregnant, because I’d probably spend our life savings on food if no one held me in check.  😉

(See, as always, we’re balancing each other out)!

So we’ve learned our lesson.  I need to go grocery shopping a couple days a week so that we’re stocked with foods that I can actually eat.  (And, yes, I’ve actually found some!  So I think a blog post about the food I love these days is in order).  🙂

Marriage.  It’s all about communication.  Balance.  And sometimes not killing each other.  😉  But mostly it’s about a whole lot of love, doing your best to understand where the other person is coming from, and working together.  It’s not always easy… but it’s definitely always worth it!!




8 thoughts on “Not Such a Foodie Anymore

  1. ahahaha LOVE that Lucy image.

    Nate is so sweet and understanding. Aww. He makes my heart swell with happiness that some men are awesome 🙂

    Your last paragraph… YES. We are definitely learning that right now. Apologizing sooner, communicating, trying to understand, making the person feel loved, and totally – not killing each other. ha.

    1. Hmmm, there really are some good guys out there, and I’m so fortunate that I met / married one of them. 🙂 Nate was so cute yesterday that he made me laugh all day. He’s been going a little stir-crazy lately, since he’s been out of work for 2 years now. He really does a good job of trying to keep busy, but he doesn’t have that sense of accomplishment that most of us have after a busy day’s work. Well, he decided to start a project in the basement and built me a very LARGE, beautiful bookshelf for my books (which are currently in storage). You should have seen how giddy he was. I woke up yesterday morning, and he – not usually a morning person – was already playing with the cats and laughing hysterically at their antics. Then he was singing and dancing around the kitchen while loading the dishwasher. And when I teased him about it, he was like, “Oh, I’m just doing my thang.” (Oh, yes, he totally said ‘thang’ in this I’m-trying-to-be-a-gangster-voice). It was adorable… and now I am totally realizing that I need to write a blog post about this. LOL!!
      And you totally have it right there. “Apologize sooner, communicate, try to understand, make the person feel loved, don’t kill each other.” 🙂 I’m pretty sure those are some of the top keys to a healthy relationship / marriage!

  2. Oh girl, I’m glad you finally got some fried clams! I don’t know what it’s like to have the intense pregnancy cravings, but every now and then I get the good ol’ fashioned hormone cravings and those are hard enough to resist. I’m glad you and Nate’s communication skills are growing even more now! 🙂

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