Celebrating Miracles

I wrote this note two years ago -almost to the day – on my Facebook account. I remember those emotions as though it were yesterday. But now as I read it, I have a sense of pure joy. I was so frightened for Nate (my husband who worked as a corrections office at a maximum security prison), and he was going through SO much physically, due to an extremely serious assault that nearly took his life. It was a nightmare come to life. But miracles DO happen!  And all of those prayers paid off. Not only will I go to sleep tonight with my husband by my side, but we’re also expecting our first child. God heals, both physically and emotionally; and Nate and I are proof of that. Reading this note now doesn’t fill me with the sadness that was in my heart when I wrote it. It makes me want to shout from the rooftops that God is good, that miracles happen, and that life really is beautiful!

*Written June 28, 2012*

Hi everyone!  I only have a few minutes in front of my Dad’s computer, so I’m going to gush a bunch of words just to help keep everyone updated…

As you probably all know, Nate was stabbed in the back of the neck on Monday while he was at work.  I walked into the Intensive Care unit of the hospital after having rushed there from work and was told that there was a very good possibility that he would never walk, eat, swallow, or breathe on his own again.  I had to sign a paper stating that I understood this, and I signed it but could barely process what I was signing.

The only thing that I could think about in that moment was that I might never feel my husbands arms around me again.  And I can’t begin to explain what that felt like.  I also couldn’t breathe when I thought of how scared and devastated he would be.

It was a long surgery that followed.  I was told that it would be about two hours long, but he went in around 7pm and did not get out until about 1 am.  It was the longest few hours of my entire life.  I probably wouldn’t have been able to make it through without all of the support and prayers already coming through.

That night, the doctor came to give us the update and told me that the knife had passed 1/2 centimeter from the veins in Nate’s spinal cord.  It had cut into the lining, which leaves him at a risk of meningitis.  However, they were pretty sure that, if they could keep infection away, he would walk away.  In fact, they say that the x-rays show that the ‘knife’ moved the spinal cord,when it should have sliced right through it.  Also, the gash in his esophogus turned out to be just a knick.  More than five doctors have currently called it a miracle.

That being said, Nate still has a long way to go…  He still can’t talk as he has a Trach (sp?) tube in his neck for breathing.  He’s in intense pain from the surgery and can’t seem to get comfortable. Today was the first day he actually slept since it happened.  The hospital put a cot in his room for me, and we’ve pretty much been up all night with his vomiting and just inability to get comfortable.  The doctors are pretty confident though that he is going to walk away from this 100% complete, without any complications.

Please continue to pray though, because infection could complicate that.  Also, he REALLY is still sick, coughing up blood, vomiting, and just in pain.  He can’t walk yet, but he did stand up on his own.

I say all this to just ask you to please, please keep praying for him, for his strength and complete healing.  Today hit him mentally and he just needs God’s strength to get through this.  And also please pray for strength for me so that I can remain strong and positive for him.

I love you all so much for the support you have shown. I cannot thank you enough! I wish I had the time right now to reply to every text, phone-call, and Facebook message; but all I can say right now is THANK YOU and God bless!

I will try to keep you all posted as much as possible!!

The current update as of June 2014?  Nate still has a numb leg, but he can walk, eat, breathe, speak, and live a completely normal life.  He is slightly restricted in what he can do physically, but nothing compared to what the doctors had been worried about.  He really is a walking miracle.  I can’t believe that it’s been two years since his assault, because so much as happened since then.  So many tears, heartache, struggle… joy, laughter, celebrations, and victory.  

When it all happened, I couldn’t have imagined that we really would be okay.  I was so scared that I’d never fall asleep in my husbands arms again.  I remember sitting in the ICU and wondering if he would ever be able to hug me again, and I wished that I had never taken his hugs for granted.  

And here we are now.  Together…  Expecting a baby…  Happy!

God is so good.  I can’t say it enough.  And I can honestly say that today, I am not mourning what happened.  I am celebrating.  And I am giving my husband as many hugs as I can possibly squeeze into one day!  🙂


9 thoughts on “Celebrating Miracles

  1. Oh my goodness. I teared up reading your words from that difficult time. And now I am so filled with joy and happiness for you guys. The blessings! They’re awesome. God is good! Keep up with those hugs!

    1. I know, these past two years have gone by so fast! And with them came healing and an excitement over what the future holds for us. 🙂 Thank you for being a long-time reader and bloggy friend. The support I received from bloggers like yourself has always amazed and encouraged me so much!!!

  2. The world needs Nate and his hugs, voice, jokes, rants at the tv, leadership, encouragement, nerdiness, and well, everything! I can’t believe it’s been two years and look where you are… absolutely amazing. No one deserves that happiness more than you two. Hugs!

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