My Beach Essentials

I love going to the beach.  That warm sand under my feet, the wide sky opening up above me, the sound of waves lapping at the shore, and the sunshine kissing my skin.  Nothing really makes me happier.  There’s just something about the ocean, in particular, that seems to pull my stress out into the sea, never to be seen again.  It’s almost like the feeling you get after that massage you really needed.  You feel so at peace and so calm.

Now that summer is officially here, I’m in full beach-mode and eagerly counting down the days until my next beach trip!  So I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite beach essentials.  🙂

First (since I’m skipping over the obvious essentials such as bathing suit and flip flops here) let’s start with fashion, shall we?  After all, for most of us, that’s the best part.  🙂  You all know how much I adore stripes, so I’m all about nautical themes for the beach.  But with summer, pretty much anything colorful goes.

I keep jewelry simple, and sometimes nonexistent.  But every once in awhile, I do like to throw in some fun, colorful bracelets!  My rule for any jewelry that I wear to the beach is that it has to be super comfortable… and super cheap!  🙂  I don’t want to wear anything that I’d have to spend time searching for, should I lose it.  So I’m all about rope bracelets or bangles, especially if they’re full of fun, bright colors.  (These two particular bracelets are from the Loft and H&M.  I usually look in the Junior or clearance sections of my favorite stores, when I’m trying to find fun accessories for the beach).

Beach post 029

And I totally include nail polish in the accessories category, because it’s so fun and colorful.  There are endless color-shade choices for the summer, some of which include sparkles.  It’s just another way to add a splash of color to an already bright day.

Beach post 023

And the great thing is that if you can’t decide between colors, you can just paint an accent nail and choose a few of your favorites!  (If only every decision was so easy, am I right?).

Beach post 027

When it comes to fashion, a pair of white shorts is a summer staple for me!  They’re the perfect mix of casual, yet classy, and go well with just about any color.  I particularly love pairing them with stripes (surprise, surprise), because it’s an easy way to obtain a beachy look.

For this outfit, I paired my favorite pair of white shorts (from the Loft) with a red and blue striped tank (from the Limited).

Cape Cod outfit

I’m also all about comfort for the beach though.  So when you’re looking to really go beach-bumming (while still looking cute), you can’t go wrong with a favorite pair of jean shorts and a long, flowy tank or T-shirt.  This particular tank top (from Bob’s) is super loose, so it also can double as a cover-up.  I can easily wear my favorite bathing suit underneath for some swim time!

The outfit was completed with my favorite red, wide-rimmed hat.  (Hat’s are great, because they look cute but also work to keep the direct sunlight out of your face and off of your head).

Hawaii outfit



For the chillier beach days, I like to pack a hat and a quarter-length sleeve T.  The heavier T with a pair of jean shorts is actually a really cute look, so you can pretend that you’re trying to be fashionable… as apposed to just trying to stay warm.  Shhhh, I won’t tell!




Cover-ups are also a staple for the beach, because most of us don’t want to spend the entire afternoon walking around in a bathing suit.  I don’t know about you, but my skin needs a break from those sunny rays every once in awhile!  This cover-up that my sister is modeling in the photo below has all the earth colors of summer and is super flowy and comfortable.  It’s also light and breathable, which is important for a day spent in the sun!


I also like to use loose sundresses as a cover-up, especially when I plan to do some shopping at the stores along the beach.  High-waisted sundresses, in particular, create a cute look while covering up a bathing suit underneath.  That way, you’re prepared to do whatever the day brings, whether it be window-shopping… or wave surfing!

I paired my favorite cover-up sundress (from the Loft) with my beach bag from Barnes and Noble.  🙂

cover-up 2

And, yes, my beach bag is a must, because I have to carry certain items with me on my beach days!

First and foremost (probably even more than I care about the beach fashion), I have to pack plenty of snacks!  🙂  Some of my favorite beach-time munchies include popcorn, peanuts, fresh veggies, gummy candies, watermelon, cherries, Doritos (hey, you only live once), and plenty of water for hydration.  I usually end up finding an icecream stand in the area too, not going to lie.

Beach post 033

I also always make sure that I pack plenty of protection against the sun.  A little bit of Vitamin D is great for you, but there can be too much of a good thing when sunshine is involved.  A current favorite sunscreen (which both my sister and I highly recommend) is Kiss My Face sunscreen.  It’s natural and won’t make your face break out.  Win, win!

Beach post 038

(Don’t forget to pack sunscreen for your lips as well, and you might want to include some hair gel to fight off the frizzies.  I love the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette finishing crème for helping my crazy fly-aways).

I’m also all about protection for my baby blues, so I have to pack my sunglasses, for sure!  In fact, sunglasses are just another example of something that’s beneficial for you… but that also can fit your own particular tastes.  You can go big and bold, or a little more discreet.  But either way, you’re rocking them out and protecting your eyes from the direct sunlight.

And last but not least, I’m always sure to pack my favorite beach towel.  I set it up close to the lapping waves, then lie back to enjoy a day of relaxation and pure fun.

Sigh.  I’m happy just thinking about it!


What are a few of your favorite beach essentials?


This post was inspired by Personal Creation’s Fun in the Sun Collection.  Click on the link to check out their beach inspirations, as well as personalized beach towels, shorts, glasses, backpacks, and more!  🙂

2 lined beach towel                           2 sea animal backpack            2 tropical fun shorts





11 thoughts on “My Beach Essentials

  1. Love this post!! And thanks for the reminder to wear sunscreen on the lips…that’s one thing I often forget despite being covered everywhere else. That and the ears which easily burn as well!

    1. It’s so easy to forget the lips! (I usually wear a hat, or my hair down, so I’ve never had an issue with my ears burning. But that’s true, those would be easy to forget too)! 🙂

  2. Where is your towel from?! I absolutely love it!

    Also, this post is very timely since I’m headed to the beach soon! I don’t typically wear jewelry to the beach, but if I do then it’s definitely something that I won’t mind losing. Not that I’ve ever actually lost earrings there or anything, but just in case I do, I want to be sure it isn’t my favorite pair, haha!

    1. I’m pretty sure that I bought my beach towel from Sears! 🙂 I really needed one at the time anyway, but I HAD to buy this one since I loved the saying so much.
      And I totally agree with the wearing jewelry that you don’t mind losing. One time, my friend lost a diamond earring on the beach, and we searched… and searched… and searched in that sand, only to come up empty-handed. Since then, I’ve made sure that I only go to the beach with cheaper (but cute) accessories. 🙂

    1. Ooh, yes, I forgot to write that. I LOVE the orange nail polish I bought!! 🙂 It looks so cute with brown flip flops, and I am currently obsessed.

  3. This must’ve taken you a while to write. So thorough! And of course you had to go to the beach for “research” purposes, right? You should probably go again as ongoing research just to make sure you’re giving the absolute best advice to your readers. 😉 😉 😉

    I’m heading to the beach soon and since it’s only a day and I don’t care much for the beach in the summer, I’m extremely limited in my beach supply selection. But ya know, really the only thing I need is sunscreen. haha. Approximately a ton of it! I’d like to try the sunscreen you recommended. I use a kind that’s for babies because it doesn’t have junk in it. It’s HARD to find sunscreen without crap in it that doesn’t cost a fortune. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Isn’t the water freezing still???

    1. Yes, I most definitely did have to go to the beach for research purposes! 🙂 (And I even grabbed Sarah and told her that I needed her assistance, because I think she was dying to do that kind of ‘research’ too). 😉 And I like your idea of going back, just to make sure I covered everything. Yep, Girl, I like your way of thinking!!
      And that’s the awesome thing about the beach! Sunscreen is really all you need! (Although snacks are important too, but those are easy to pick up on the way). 😉 And I know that you love bright colors, and I’m all about that when it comes to beach ‘fashion’. Other than a bathing suit and beach towel, I don’t own anything that’s officially for the beach. I’m just drawn to bright colors and suddenly a comfy sundress has turned into a cover-up, a book bag has turned into my favorite beach bag, and a striped top is my new favorite beachy look! 🙂
      And I’m ‘pretty’ sure that Amazon sells Kiss my Face sunscreen, if you can’t find it local. They even make one especially for your face, and it’s great because it won’t make you break out. (I know that other brands really bother my skin).
      And the water may as well have ice cubs floating around in it. 😉 The thing about New England is that the water never really gets warm anyway. But at this point in the season, it’s so cold that your feet go painfully numb. So we’re pretty much stuck to the beach (which is fine for now). Although my friend Liz and I want to start swimming for exercise, and we ‘might’ (if we’re really brave) try to go swimming next week at a nearby lake. THAT could be interesting, but we’ll see if we actually can make it in! HA, ha.

      1. Oh good point. I could easily do the Nicole method and find non-beach items that suddenly become beach items!

        I’ll look for that sunscreen. Thanks!

        haha… best of luck swimming in the cold! Take a spotter along with you just in case! 🙂 (I’m a safety weirdo).

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