When You’re the Best of Friends

It’s funny how life works sometimes.  How people will make their way across your path at just the right moment, when you need them the most.  How strangers you come across can become – in time – one of your best friends.

Wendy and I first met at church through our mutual friend Heather.  Wendy and I had hardly said a word to each other, sticking to our own group of acquaintances despite the fact that we sat two rows apart every Sunday morning.  It was just out of habit that we’d smile at each other but stick to the groups we were already comfortable with.  (I was super shy back in the day too, so that didn’t help).  😉  But when Heather invited us both to an afternoon of shopping with her mom, we accepted and had an absolute blast.

Wendy 2

Then we didn’t talk again for almost a year!  Insert driving school and a room full of teenagers who all seemed to know each other.  During the first day of driving school, the driving instructor gave the class a 15 minute break, and all the girls instantly huddled together to chat while the boys grouped together towards the front of the room.  They obviously had attended the same schools and had probably grown up together, while I was the outsider.  I shifted in my chair, nervously looked around the room, and caught sight of another lone figure sitting at the opposite end of the room.  It was Wendy!  She didn’t know anyone either; but when she caught sight of me, her face instantly lit up and she came hurrying over to grab a chair near me.  We became instant, driving-school buddies and chatted during every break or whenever we were waiting for our parents to pick us up.

Then we didn’t really talk again for about four years!  We both became busy with part-time jobs, and I went off to college in Florida while she stayed local.  But after my sophomore year of college, I realized that I wanted to change my major from Creative Design to Journalism with a focus on Creative Writing.  After researching several schools, I settled on a college just outside of Boston that promised to have a strong journalism program.  Wendy already attended there.  🙂

It was during our Senior year that we really became best friends.  We ate dinner together in the cafeteria almost every night; and on Friday nights, we splurged on pizza and a movie.  We talked each other through crushes, guy advice, stressful Senior exams, job searches, and basically any young adult frustration that you can think of.  Somehow, we just always seemed to face similar milestones and struggles.  And from this point on, we weren’t going to let one day pass.  We were best friends for life.

Her boyfriend proposed to her just months before Nate proposed to me.  She and I were married just months apart, and we were in each other’s weddings.  We bought houses in neighboring towns, have cried with each other during the hard times, and have laughed together until our ribs hurt.

Wendy 3

And now, we’re both pregnant at the same time!  🙂  In fact, just yesterday, I attended her baby shower.

Wendy is due in August, while I’m due in November.  So when you think about it, we aren’t due that far apart at all.  Our little ones will grow up together, and she and I are already planning on going for walks next summer with our baby carriages.   🙂

Wendy's Shower 075

We’ve been through a lot together, her and I!  And I am so unbelievably excited that we are now about to embark on the adventure of motherhood at the same time as well.

Wendy's Shower 076

It’s funny how life works sometimes….  Or maybe it’s not funny at all.  Maybe it’s God helping two paths cross, because He knew that two girls were going to need each other one day.  🙂


3 thoughts on “When You’re the Best of Friends

  1. I just love this! I love the way that you get to watch your best friends grow and change over time and how sometimes it just so happens to work out that you enter new life stages at the same time! It’s so good to hear how you guys have gotten so close over the years. I am excited for your baby carriage walks next summer! 🙂

  2. God was intent on ensuring that you two have each other. What a story of serendipity! It is really fun to have close friends who are in the same stage of life as you – proposal, marriage, babies….

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