Target, Orange Toes, and Summer

I just realized that this Saturday is the first day of summer, and that makes me possibility giddy with happiness.  As in the set-me-free-on-the-beach-so-that-I-can-do-really-bad-but-joyful-cartwheels-on-the-sand kind of happiness.  I think that already I’ve embraced the warmer weather more this year than I have in a long time.  Part of that is probably due to the brutal winter we had here in New England.  And another huge part is that for the first time since I was 15, I won’t be working through the entire summer.  (That totally makes me want to do cartwheels again, but – really – I honestly can’t even do bad ones.  It always looks more like I’m just putting my hands on the ground, extending my arms, and then hopping around on my feet like a stubborn mule trying to kick off its rider. So not cool… or sexy…  or anything that I would really want to be caught doing, since it’s that embarrassing).


I really plan to make the most of this summer!  In fact, I took the entire month of July off from teaching; and although that means I’ll be quite broke, it will also mean that for the first time in about 16 years, I will have a summer break.  For me, that was totally worth it.  And all of the things I dream of doing  the most (like reading on the back porch, finally giving my house a deep clean, decorating the nursery, going to the beach, and sitting by campfires) are free anyway!  I just really felt as though I needed it (I mean, who doesn’t?), and I had the opportunity to do it this year.  So I thought, why not??  Why not take a holiday and live a slower-paced, more spontaneous lifestyle, even if only for four weeks?

Tonight in particular made me excited for the more spontaneous way of life that I generally don’t make time for.  My friend Liz and I decided yesterday to take a trip out to Target the following evening.  (This fun plan was SO last minute for me, since I book my schedule faster than a Paula Dean recipe can use up a pound of butter).

Shopping with Liz 014

Liz and I both needed odds and ends while we were there, but we were especially excited about the excuse to look through adorable baby outfits.  One of my best friends, Wendy, is expecting her first child in August; and her baby shower is this Sunday.  I picked up a few things from her registry, but also wanted to add a couple of fun things too.  I obviously had to buy her future little guy an outfit… with stripes.  🙂  (And I also want to add a children’s book, but that’s coming in the mail… hopefully to arrive tomorrow).

Shopping with Liz 020

There are just so many cute baby things!  Liz and I ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ at the preppy hats, snazzy sunglasses, and sparkly tu-tu’s.  Just so much cuteness.  It really makes me want to find out if Baby B is a boy or a girl, so that I know which section to focus all of my attention on!  🙂  I mean, how cute is this little pair of shoes that Liz found??  I know!  Pure cuteness!!!

Shopping with Liz 019

We also tried on some rompers, which did absolutely nothing for me.  I might as well just go out in public wearing pajamas.  But still, it was kind of fun to get out of my fashion comfort zone.  And I think that with a little vintage music and a beach scene, we actually do look rather cute!

Shopping with Liz 017

Shopping with Liz 015

If I squint enough, I actually kind of like the look on me.  But yeah, not really a fan…

Anyway, before we left, I decided to splurge a little and to buy myself a new nail polish color.  I don’t usually buy Essie polish, because it is about $3 more expensive than my usual brand.  But I really think it lasts longer without chipping, and – these days – I’m all for that.  (I really haven’t been painting my nails much since I became pregnant, but I still do on special occasions or when the urge really strikes).

My decision to completely stray from the typical red paint for my toes was inspired by a few girls I’ve seen recently.  I’ve been noticing a lot of girls wearing orange nail polish on their toes lately, and it’s really cute!  In fact, I almost asked one girl which color / brand she was wearing, but I thought that might come off as weird.  I mean, it’s not like I was staring at her feet or anything.  She was just ahead of me in line, and I happened to look down.  But she might not realize that, and then it could have been really awkward standing in line together.  😉  So Liz and I looked through the colors to try to find an orange that wasn’t too bright… but also that wasn’t too deep or dark.  We both really liked this orange color by Essie (Roarrrrange), so I’m going to give it a try!  (Liz had a good point in that if I don’t like it on my toes right now, it will be a perfect pumpkin color for the fall!  So I’ll end up using it either way).  🙂


Good times at Target!  And soon-to-be good times this summer!  I can’t wait!!


10 thoughts on “Target, Orange Toes, and Summer

  1. Your cartwheels sound like mine. I am definitely NOT a gymnast. I totally want a romper but I feel completely ridiculous whenever I try one on. I think YOU are totally pulling it off. Go buy a romper!

    1. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who can’t do cartwheels! And I’m not too sure about my pulling off the romper, but thank you so much for the compliment! I totally think that you could pull one off though!!!

  2. shopping for baby stuff is so much fun! congrats on your baby 🙂 it is quite a wonderful adventure. if you need any baby stuff advice just ask 🙂

  3. Yay for a real summer break!! How exciting for you!! 🙂 Also, all that baby stuff is SO cute! I love shopping for my friends’ baby showers. 🙂

    Oh, and you actually can pull off the romper! It looks super cute on you. My torso is too long for them so I look pretty ridiculous in them, haha! But you really do look good in it!

    And finally, I have totally asked total strangers the color of their nail polish or brand of their jeans or where they got a top. Not even kidding. Usually people take it as a compliment so they haven’t been weirded out so far (at least not to my face). 😉 Or maybe it’s a cultural difference down here. Because I totally have strangers ask me where I got a certain piece of clothing or accessory too. Maybe that’s more normal in the South? Or in Memphis? I don’t know, haha! But I bet the orange you found will be perfect! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I totally don’t think I’d be brave enough to ever wear a romper, because it’s so different than what I’m used to. But I love experimenting and trying new styles!!
      And I’ve definitely asked strangers about clothing items, but I wasn’t sure if it would be weird to ask them about their toes or not. So it’s good to know that you’ve already asked about nail polish, and the recipient was flattered!! Next time, I probably will just ask. (Although it is a tiny bit different down there in the south. I went to school in Florida for two years, and people are much more warm and open than they are up here in New England. Don’t get me wrong, we New Englanders have heart and a whole lot of love! 🙂 But generally, as a whole, we’re a lot more to ourselves than southerners. That’s what I love about the south)! 🙂
      And I did end up loving the orange!!!

    1. Ha, ha. I felt so brave actually trying a romper on, because I’d even refused to do that for so long too. But I instantly didn’t like it and couldn’t even consider buying it and adding it to my wardrobe. Ha, ha. 🙂 I’ve seen a few people pull the look off, but they’re just so different than the style I normally go for.

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