A Day in Nantucket

Nate and I were only at the Cape for two full days, so we knew that we wanted to make the most of our trip.  Realizing that the rain was going to hold off, we decided to drive to the ferry, buy a couple of tickets, and take a boat ride to Martha’s Vineyard.  We had visited two years ago, took a tour via moped, and fell in love with the beautiful island instantly.

It was a rather spur of the moment decision; but, between the two of us, we were able to find the parking lot, where we were shuttled through town to a ferry ticket booth.  This is where we discovered that we had somehow parked in the wrong lot or taken the wrong bus, as this ferry didn’t go to Martha’s Vineyard after all.  Two ticket purchases later, and we were on our way to the island of Nantucket.  🙂  As we had never been to this specific island before, we shrugged our shoulders and said, “Oops, we meant to do that!”

Guess I should have paid more attention to where we were going and less attention to my snacks!


Ha!  Yeah, you’re right…  Like that would ever happen.  😉

Honestly, we could have just hopped back on the bus, jumped back in our car, and drove to the correct parking lot.  But what’s the adventure in that?  And by this point, we just wanted to start island exploring!


Although at the end of the day, I’d have to say that Martha’s Vineyard is my favorite of the two (should I compare the islands), Nantucket was absolutely gorgeous and a fun place to visit.  There were quaint shops, cobblestone roads, restaurants, adorable homes covered in multi-colored roses, and plenty of benches to sit at while looking out over the ocean.




AND, drum roll please, everyone was wearing stripes.  I kid you not, from the moment we stepped onto the island until the moment we left, I could pick out the people who actually lived on the island, because they looked as though they belonged there.  They had the light capris, beach footwear, golden tans… and striped shirts!  (Especially blue and white striped shirts, which is my favorite color combination).    Sadly, I hadn’t planned my wardrobe accordingly, but at least I was sporting a striped bag.  😉

I told Nate, after passing an entire family sporting stripes and anchor décor, “Wow, I found my people!”


Unfortunately, my resemblance ends there, as the island was a little too rich for my blood.  The shops were adorable, but I quickly realized that I could only afford to window shop.  I found T-shirts for over $60 and a set of 4 linen napkins was selling for $98!  What, what??   I quickly put those napkins down and told Nate to slowly back away for the exit.  I didn’t feel clean enough to hold those napkins, never mind buy them for the purpose of wiping my face!

And this adorable little bathing-suit?  Well, I could probably outfit my future child in an entire summer wardrobe for the price.  The little cover-up behind it might be worth the price though, just because it is covered in stripes, after all.  😉  Kidding!

Mostly…  😉


Also, we took a bus tour of the island, and our guide told us that one of the rooms in a cute inn we passed rented out for $3,100 a night!  Nate and I had fun guessing what could possibly make a room worth that much (especially since our last week-long cruise even cost less), but we couldn’t think of enough reasons that would make a room worth that many pennies.

Still, the island was beautiful to explore.  And it’s kind of cool that famous people including Tom Cruise, Tommy Hilfiger, Bill Belicheck, Jim Carrey, Bill Clinton, and Katie Courac call – or have called – the island home.  (Not going to lie, I was kind of hoping for a famous-person sighting, but they must have heard I was coming and went into hiding).



While Nate and I couldn’t afford to shop, we did do our share of eating.  🙂  Steamboat Pizza sold by the slice, so it was more affordable for us to do lunch there… and the pizza was delicious and fresh.  We were also determined to try Aunt Leah’s fudge, which has been featured in InStyle Magazine, Martha Stewart “Weddings” magazine, and the Phantom Gourmet.  We kind of got side-tracked on our way and ended up with icecream, but Nate said that he still had his heart set on some chocolate fudge.  😉  So we tasted some fudge from Aunt Leah’s as well, and we weren’t disappointed.  It was delicious!

(Thank goodness we did lots of walking that day to compensate for all of that indulging)!  🙂





At the end of the day, Nantucket was a beautiful place to explore, and I’m glad we were able to see it!  But I’m also glad that I live off the island, where I can sport my stripes… and have fun bargain shopping for them.  🙂




7 thoughts on “A Day in Nantucket

  1. It’s all so beautiful! This makes me want to visit here AND Martha’s Vineyard! The fact that the locals wore stripes just makes me want to visit even more. Though like you, I probably won’t be doing much shopping there. $98 for linen napkins?! Yikes! Glad you guys got to go and enjoy a day adventuring! 🙂

    1. You would love both islands, but ESPECIALLY Martha’s Vineyard!! 🙂 The ocean cliffs of Martha’s Vineyard are breathtaking, and the restaurants there serve up some pretty amazing seafood. So beautiful!

  2. $3100 a night. That is crazy. Wow. The toilets must be lined in gold or diamonds. 🙂
    I do love that you found an island of stripes! And that bathing suit is adorable!!
    That’s awesome that you guys made an adventure out of it when you wound up at a different island than intended. A fun day!

  3. That’s fun that you ended up heading to the wrong island but still just going with the flow. It’s a nice accident.
    It sounds like a beautiful place to explore and sometimes you need to just window shop at overpriced places (to keep you from even considering opening your wallet). It’s way more fun to spend your $ on food anyway.

    1. It was a nice accident! And I agree 100%!! If I’m going to spend money on something, it is going to be food! 🙂 I always say that my pics are my souvenir, and I use up the fun spending money on delicious treats and eats.

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