A Camping We Will Go

Camping, in general, makes me happy.  As much as I absolutely adore the hustle and bustle of the city — beckoning me to take in the sights, smells, and tastes that come with a faster-paced life — nothing relaxes me quite as much as being outside in God’s beautiful creation.  It’s calming.  Fresh.  And honestly, it’s a call to unplug for a few days and to leave behind the electronic devices that so often consume our lives.  It’s amazing how refreshing it is to go several days without television, Facebook, or even texting.  I suddenly find myself taking the time to notice the simple beauty around me.




Nate and I have only camped in Cape Cod, Massachusetts once before; but we knew we wanted to go back.  Nickerson State Park, located in Brewster, is a clean state park with beautiful campsites, easy access to delicious restaurants, and a very short drive to Breakwater Beach.  We arrived early Wednesday afternoon, and after setting up our tent and canopy; we were already headed out to the beach to enjoy some sunshine!  🙂


The tide was out, so exploring the beach was particularly captivating.  We walked for what felt like forever, and we still never reached the actual ocean.  But there were warm tide pools to jump in and plenty of beautiful shells to collect.  I felt possibility giddy to be outside in the sunshine and to feel the warm sand under my toes.  (You all know how much I adore the ocean… or even just sunshine, sand, and water in general).



Another one of my favorite things about camping is the appetite that seems to naturally come with it.  I’m not sure if I trick myself into thinking that setting up a tent, sleeping bags, and a canopy falls under an extreme workout or if somehow the fresh air makes me hungrier.  But somehow, whenever I’m camping, food ends up tasting that much better.

Then again, I’m fairly certain that food always does taste better when it’s cooked outside, so maybe it is the fresh air.  Hmmm, I might not be into science, but this is one experiment that I’d be interested in testing!


Our ‘gourmet’ dinner consisted of all-natural chicken sausages, baked beans, cole-slaw, bananas, and – obviously – s’mores.  Sadly, even when drowned in relish and mustard, the chicken sausages brought up my food aversions, and I wasn’t able to eat mine.  Everything else tasted amazing though, and I had more than enough food to keep me full and satisfied.  So no harm done (other than Nate probably ate too many chicken sausages, due to my not eating any).


(This, by the way, is the cheater way to cook beans at your campsite, should you be too lazy to pack your actual camping stove).  😉

My absolute favorite part of camping though is when evening hits.  I love sitting around the campfire and quietly staring into the flames.  (Playing games or reading are fun activities too, but sometimes it’s nice to just sit and do nothing).  I may, or may not, usually have a glow-stick handy for some night-time fun, as well.  🙂

Camping.  Sometimes, there really is nothing like it!




5 thoughts on “A Camping We Will Go

  1. Last night one of my girlfriends was telling me about her and her husband’s most recent camping misadventure (they broke the only light they brought and her husband forgot to grab a suitcase she left on the bed for him so they were missing their clothes!). So I shared your story (from “Gone Camping”) with her because I knew she’d appreciate it, haha! All this talk of camping, though, makes me want to go!

    1. Ha, ha. Oh no!!! Well, I hope my story made her laugh! The one thing about camping is that if you forget something, you just have to do without… So it makes you appreciate home once you get back. 😉 But it really is SO much FUN!!! You would love it! 🙂

    1. I can’t wait to bring Baby B camping someday!! Nate and I are already discussing how old the baby has to be before we start camping with it. 🙂 We have friends who went camping with their baby (who was about 9 months old), and they had a BLAST! Since our baby is due in November, I have a feeling that we’ll skip camping next summer. 🙂 But we may try to go as early as the following year, even if it’s just at the campground a few miles from our house. (That way if anything goes wrong, we can just head home. Ha, ha).

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