100 Happy Days – (Days 1 – 13)

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’m participating in the 100 Happy Days Challenge, in which I have to – for 100 consecutive days – take a picture of something that made me happy. I never did post my pics last Friday, so I have about two weeks worth of photo’s to share with you today!

Which is your favorite happy days moment that I shared?
And what’s something that made YOU happy today? 🙂

(Day 1) – Being married to my best friend!

Day 1

(Day 2) – Redeeming a gift certificate for my first-ever massage.

Day 2

(Day 3) – Eating BBQ ribs!!! I’ve had a major meat aversion for the past 10 weeks, so I’ve been avoiding it at all costs. But today, I was craving a big ol’ rack of BBQ ribs. Ha, ha. And, boy, did I enjoy them!! (Actually, it was my first time eating ribs! Now I know why Nate orders them so much when we eat out. Yummy)!

Day 3

(Day 4) – Catching up with my Uncle Mike who’s visiting from Florida!

Day 4

(Day 5) – Game night with friends!

Day 5

(Day 6) – Working out with a friend and catching up!

Day 6

(Day 7) – Receiving just-because phonecalls and Facebook messages from friends… and receiving adorable artwork and paper crafts from students. My day started off rough for several reasons, but so many people brought a smile to my face!!

Day 7

(Day 8) – A big bowl of watermelon to end a busy day! So refreshing!!

Day 8

(Day 8) – Having fun at Ashley and Ryan’s couple’s shower. I’m SO happy for my bestie!!

Day 9

(Day 10) – Doing a 5k with my bestie as part of her surprise bachelorette party! What a FUN day! Love this girl!!!

Day 10

(Day 11) – My first preggo T-shirt, thanks to Ashley. I LOVE it!!!

Day 11

(Day 12) – Icecream with some of my favorite people in the entire world!!!

Day 12

(Day 13) – My new favorite scent! (Thank you, Mom and Dad!!!)

Day 13

More Happy Day photo’s coming soon! 🙂


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