A Chilly May Day

It was starting to feel like summer around here for a little while. The neighbor’s lilacs were blooming. My husband was raging his annual war against the dandelions in our front lawn. And Highstreet was airing himself out during the warmth of the day.

me 014

You know, just a typical it’s-starting-to-feel-like-summer day.

me 028

But the thing about New England is that you never know what the weather will be tomorrow. So even though I was worrying about not having a pair of shorts to wear a few days ago, today I found myself shivering in a house that had dropped down to 64 degrees. I don’t even want to know how cold it is outside. Really, I just don’t want to know.

But before I knew that a great chill was about to fall upon us, I was anxiously going through my wardrobe and trying to find summer outfits that would be appropriate for piano teaching or church.

Clothes shopping lately has whisked me back to days gone by, when I was an awkward teenager and nothing seemed to fit right. 😉 My bump isn’t quite big enough yet for most maternity clothes, unless I desire plenty of extra fabric for something along the lines of watermelon smuggling. But at the same time, my belly has popped enough so that my shirts – normally fitted nicely along my torso – appear to have shrunk, whenever I make an attempt to try one on.

*I would show you a picture, but I really can’t pull off the Magilla Gorilla look.*

Sundresses and forgiving dresses made from stretchable fabrics have become my best friend. I hunt for them the way Katniss hunted for survival in the Hunger Games. The way adrenaline junkies hunt tornadoes. The way I hunt for spoonfuls of relish and tall glasses of cold milk (my current obsessions), even though I never used to particularly care for either. (Don’t worry, I enjoy both separately. But the minute I begin to crave a relish smoothie, you’ll be the first to know). 😉

me 005

I’ve so far been able to get away with my typical pair of jeans. I may have cheated a little and gone up a size the last time I needed a new pair. The styles are so tight right now anyway that the jeans still look fitted on me, but there’s just more room for my growing belly. And these days, happy belly equals a happy me.

As for shorts, let’s just say that finding a maternity pair that didn’t make me look like a bloated whale was no easy task. Just finding a pair was tough enough. As I walked into a very large, well-known department store and realized that they had a total of five pairs of maternity shorts (of all sizes and styles, none of which were meant for my body), I began to wonder if pregnant women even wore shorts.

One last-ditch effort led me to Target, where I actually did find two pairs of shorts! The jean shorts have a small band for under-belly wear, and the black shorts have a much taller band to be worn over the growing belly. The tag promises comfort for all 9 months, so let’s see if they come through for me! (Please, Target, don’t let me down)!

belly shorts

All I know is that I had a mini-celebration there in the dressing room, mainly because I knew that I was about to purchase my first-ever item of maternity clothing. One small step for maternity-kind, I know, but one giant leap for me. It was kind of a big deal. 🙂

Now if only New England would stop playing games and would let the sunshine come out and play long enough so that I could wear them. 😉


6 thoughts on “A Chilly May Day

  1. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I dreaded buying maternity clothes, and when I had to fit into them at just ten weeks (I got SO big SO fast), I was bummed. But, I love your attitude, and somehow, I think you’ll make pregnancy look adorable and beautiful the whole way through! YAY!!! (See what happens when I go out of commission for too long???)

  2. Love the dress and the shorts!!

    But yes, what is up with this crazy weather? For your knowing pleasure, it was 34 degrees this morning. Time to pull out the sweaters? Only in New England.

  3. The shorts look similar to your non-maternity favorite pair although a little lighter. So you should look fabulous in them! Hope they’re comfy!

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