Mother’s Day at the Beach

Sometimes, despite the fact that I’m pretty-much nauseous 24/7, I forget that I’m pregnant; and I overcommit to things. I know – in my head – that I’m perfectly capable of completing all of the tasks that I not only agreed to do, but offered to do. But then I set out to complete these tasks; and pregnancy brain and extreme exhaustion leave me wanting to take a nap about halfway into my project.

Mother’s Day weekend was like that. I love cooking and baking for people; but tackling two homemade breads, a batch of blueberry muffins, three from-scratch desserts, a side dish for 30 (for a bridal shower I attended on Saturday)… on top of leading worship on Sunday? Let’s just say that I hit over-tired halfway into baking the second loaf of bread and then who knows where I landed after that. I was happy from the excitement of making my mom and mother-in-law feel special, in addition to helping host my bestie’s bridal shower. But I was also exhausted to the point where I honestly couldn’t function.

Preggo 013

So when Nate asked me on Sunday afternoon (after we had visited the mothers) what I wanted to do to celebrate my first, almost-official Mother’s Day, I looked up at him with tired eyes and replied, “I want to sit by the ocean!”

Nate may as well have flew us there on a magic carpet, because he responded so quickly. 🙂 He loaded up the beach towels and sunscreen, and away we went!

Preggo 038

By the time we reached the coast, the sun was slighter lower in the sky, but the air was still rich with its warmth. It’s honestly my favorite time of day to be at the beach… The crowds begin to leave, so it’s much quieter and more peaceful. And the setting of the sun makes the waves sparkle that much more.

Preggo 011

We walked along the beach, hand-in-hand, chatting about possible baby names and just dreaming about the future. Then we stretched out on our beach towels, closed our eyes, and listened to the seagulls and crashing waves. I felt as though every ounce of exhaustion (and maybe even a tiny bit of leftover stress) oozed out of me and was carried away on the tide.

Preggo 004

I just felt so happy and at peace. So perfectly content. Honestly, it’s just what this girl needed to recuperate from such a busy, fast-faced weekend.

Preggo 036

And I’m pretty sure that Baby B (making himself or herself known now by my little baby bump) appreciated the rest too. 🙂

Preggo 003

Oh, and don’t worry, I have promised myself, Nate, AND Baby B that I will not be taking on more than I can handle in the future. I learned my lesson!

Happy – belated – Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there! Also, I firmly believe that being a mom doesn’t always come through childbirth. We women can choose to have a positive impact on those around us, showing love and a caring heart. So to those of you who may not have raised a child, but who have shown a mother’s love to a child, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day as well!


3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day at the Beach

  1. Oh girl, I can’t believe you did so much and survived! I can’t imagine tackling that many projects and I’m not even pregnant, haha! I’m glad you had such a relaxing afternoon at the beach, though. The perfect way to spend this mother’s day. 🙂

  2. If you do find yourself overcommitting to things, call in reinforcements (me!) You know I love to cook and bake 🙂

    You look gorgeous. Like, gorgeous-er than before, which is saying something.

    Happy Mama’s Day!

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