Drool Baby Expo

Creating a baby registry can be overwhelming with so many products on the market. Take strollers, for example. Babys’R’Us alone has three never-ending aisles of strollers to chose from. All I want is a basic stroller with four wheels, adaptability for when the child grows, air bags, an instant sanitizer spray that spritzes any hand reaching into the carriage, and a safety bubble.

Simple, that’s all I’m looking for. 😉 But how is one to choose from so many?

Baby Expo’s are a great way to check out amazing baby products, because company representatives are on site to answer any questions. And the best-of-the-best products are there for you to touch and feel in person. So when I found out that Boston was having the Drool Baby Expo this year, I grabbed my mom and Nate and headed into the city! 🙂

Baby Expo 012

The first booth we explored was by Magic Beans, and it was my absolute favorite, by far. In fact, I loved it so much that I’m pretty sure the store is going to be one of my registry stores. 🙂 They had adorable toys, great supplies for breast-feeding moms, baby-food making kits (because – yes – I am going to try making my own baby food), adorable humidifiers in the designs of owls and elephants, and so much more. Pure cuteness, but also practical and good-quality.

Baby Expo 013

I also really liked the Honest Company booth; because they sell all-natural products such as household cleaning supplies, bug spray, and body lotions. I’d really like to go all-natural as much as possible, especially while we have a baby in the house!

In addition to browsing, chatting, and asking lots of questions, we also ate pretty well. 😉 There was a cupcake booth with the most delicious, mini cupcakes. (They were perfectly-sized for a pregnant woman who just wanted a taste of something sweet).

Baby Expo 015

Nate, on the other hand, probably could have eaten half a dozen. They really were quite good!

Baby Expo 014

Around the corner from the cupcakes, we were served refreshing mocktails with the cutest, baby-themed names.

Baby Expo 019

I tried to memorize some of the names, because they were so adorable. BUT I can’t remember even one, for the life of me. So all I can say about my beverage is that it was absolutely delicious! Cheers!

Baby Expo 018

There were also tables of apple slices and peanut butter, in addition to veggies and hummus. So fresh, healthy, and satisfying!

Baby Expo 020

Before we left, I was given a gift bag to take home, on top of all the samples and info-packets I had been given by the various vendors, which was pretty exciting. I mean, who doesn’t like a gift bag??

Baby Expo 023

The gift bag had items for baby, including such things as: a twist-in-turn toy, a fuzzy elephant book, a whimsical wooden toy on wheels…

Baby Expo 024

organic baby food to try, all-natural Honest baby wipes, a baby food container, a travel baby spoon, adorable Honest diapers with giraffes and bicycle prints, and Huggies wipes.

Baby Expo 025

There were also items for the future mommy (a.k.a. ME), such as: a really cute water bottle (which is great, because I totally needed a new one), Honest Company face and body lotions, lip balm, a baby on board sign for my car, nausea-fighting preggo drops, a glow face wash, hand sanitizer, pens, and snacks!

Baby Expo 026

I really hope that I like this Healthy Mama Boost-It-Up drink that came in the bag! It’s all-natural and has electrolytes, which will be nice in the summer. Plus water doesn’t always help my nauseousness, so this might be a great way to making sure that I’m staying hydrated enough!

Baby Expo 027

SUCH a fun day!! AND I definitely narrowed down a bunch of items for my registry, so I have a much better idea as to what I want to register for now. YAY!!

Have you ever gone to a baby, bridal, or home improvement expo?


4 thoughts on “Drool Baby Expo

  1. A friend and I went to a bridal expo before either of us was engaged. She wore a fake diamond from Claire’s and I was her ‘bridesmaid’. It was fun but overwhelming!

    I’m glad that the Drool Baby (awesome name!) expo was helpful to you. I can imagine that all the options are exhausting to sort through if you just look online or even in store after store. The expo consolidated!

  2. That’s SOME loot you brought home. Big score! How was Nate at the expo? Was he patient and interested or was he just being the good husband and there for support? (I clearly want more Nate info!)

    Unrelated: have either of you had any dreams about the baby yet????

    I’ve gone to wedding expos back when I wanted to and then did work for a wedding coordinator. So much fun. I prefer online shopping because everything’s in one place but sometimes you just need to look at, feel, and touch things and ask questions that you get an immediate response to. Looks like you got a lot of great things which really made the baby expo worth it!

  3. Oh my goodness, I didn’t know they did these! I only knew about bridal and Christmas expos. I had no idea they did baby ones! I bet it was great to actually touch and feel some of the products. And I’m glad you found a company you love so much. Also, a bunch of my friends went the make-your-own-baby-food route and loved it. I definitely plan to do that someday too. 🙂

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