6 Preggo Updates

1. I still have an aversion to a lot of veggies, and my obsession with corn on the cob hasn’t subsided in the least. When I saw this cookbook during my weekend travels, I may have squealed out loud.

ALS walk 062

2. Once I have an official baby bump, I will most definitely need to buy this sweatshirt. ‘Nough said. 😉


AND I’m kind of in love with this T-shirt, so I might have to add this one to the shopping cart too.


3. Lately, I burp a few times every time I finish eating. And since I’m eating all the time to keep the nausea at bay, I burp all the time. I’ve heard that burping is considered a compliment (as apposed to a vulgar practice) in some Asian countries, so I am considering moving to Asia for the next few months. I’ll probably be the most polite, complimentary person in the entire continent.

4. I’m happy to say that the tidal-wave of emotions that came with early pregnancy has now settled, and I feel like a human version of myself again. It got pretty crazy there for a few days. One moment, I’d see a squirrel running across the lawn, and I’d want to cry. Then I’d suddenly wish I had a gun, because I was really angry at that squirrel.
I’m not an angry person at all, so being angry for no reason freaked me out. Thankfully that only lasted about a week, and now I’m nauseous… but quite happy. 🙂

5. I’ve had a meat aversion for weeks now. Apparently it has been even just one day too long; because while Nate was opening a can of cat food today to feed the pets, he paused, stared longingly into the can, and then thoughtfully said, “I wonder how this would taste.”
Don’t worry, I promptly sent him out to buy himself a burger, so he didn’t have to resort to cat food! 🙂

6. Over the past few days, I’ve come to realize that I couldn’t care less about sweets. Icecream in particular has lost its appeal. (Oh, who have I become???). Nate bought some of my favorite icecream (cherry chocolate chip) the other day, and I ended up boiling myself a small bowl of pasta instead. I ate it, plain, in bed while watching a movie; and he enjoyed the frozen treat that had been meant for me.
Before my pregnancy, had you told me that I’d chose a bowl of plain spaghetti over a dish of icecream, I would have laughed until I cracked a rib. Now that I’m pregnant, I think it’s a perfectly normal and delicious practice.

ALS walk 059

Tell me something new about YOU!! 🙂


9 thoughts on “6 Preggo Updates

    1. Ha, ha. Yes, I have to admit that my corn obsession is a little crazy these days. But you’d probably give me a run for my money when it comes to watermelon. 😉 I bought a really large one this morning, and – no lie – I thought of you! I remembered that you – like me – are in love with this delicious, summer-time fruit!!

  1. I laughed out lout at #5. You know the cats were thinking, “Back off, buster – that’s our meat.” I’m glad Nate got a burger. 🙂

    It is really tragic that you didn’t enjoy your favorite ice cream. Maybe next week you’ll be back on sweets? The body is a funny thing!!

    Something new about me – my work moved offices last week and I can now WALK to work in less than 5 minutes. It’s pretty awesome.

    1. Yes, the cats probably were thinking that! Ha ha. They are very protective of their food!! 😉
      Who knows what I’ll be eating next week! The body really is a funny thing! Before I was actually pregnant, I thought that aversions meant that you just didn’t want to eat something. But really, these aversions are so intense that I actually gag. It’s pretty crazy! But with summer coming, I really do hope that I’m back to liking icecream soon. 😉 It would probably be better if I continued to not like it, but I don’t think summer would be summer without icecream cones!! Ha, ha.
      And that is too amazing that you can walk to work!!!! Do you get to go home for lunch, if you want? That’s pretty convenient, I have to say! 🙂

  2. What’s new with me…at 9 1/2 weeks pregnant I had my appendix out! Fun times…thought I was just having severe nausea from the pregnancy, and then I started to feel worse and worse and had stomach pain. So, had emergency surgery Monday to take it out. Our life is feeling just a tad crazy at the moment.

    1. Oh, no!! You poor thing! I can’t believe you’re dealing with nausea… AND an appendix surgery! That must be a lot, since you’re already caring for a little one! I hope things start to settle down for you and that you’re feeling 100% very soon!

  3. Oh no! Poor Nate! Nearly resorting to cat food, haha! I’m glad he got himself a burger! And you’re right! In China it’s considered a compliment if you burp after your meal. Or at least it was 10 years ago when I lived there. It could’ve changed since then. But yeah, you can go visit my hometown and be considered super polite, haha! I’m not sure how you’d fair in the heat of summer without a/c while being pregnant, though. That’s not something I’d even want to imagine! Yikes!

  4. LOVE that superpower shirt!!! I burp all the time; I’m so ladylike. I don’t even have an excuse!

    Oh man that ice cream looks good! Do they have other fun flavors? I’m all about trying unique things. (Just no bacon in the ice cream…)

    I don’t think there’s anything new about me that you don’t already know so sorry I don’t have an exciting tidbit to share!

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