Tiny Shopping Haul

I know that ripped jeans are considered fashionable these days, and that people will spend a good chunk of money for a pair that looks as though it got caught in barbed wire a few too many times. So it’s rather frustrating to me that my favorite pair of jeans, which I’ve had forever, decided to rip in a less than desirable place. I mean, I don’t mind clothes with a slightly edgy look, but – thanks to this rip – my jeans went from classy to inappropriate in a matter of seconds. šŸ˜‰

Of course, being the thrifty person that I am, I thought that I’d fix it with a patch. The patch, unfortunately, turned my jeans from classy to hobo; but I decided that I could at least wear them for casual. Then the patch decided to fall off, and it made for a pretty exciting evening of me trying to keep my back to the wall.

Not my proudest moment ever. šŸ˜‰

SO I decided that it was time to find a new pair favorite of jeans! Honestly, my old pair had been a little snug around my belly anyway (which is starting to pop a teeny-tiny bit), so I figured that I could find a looser pair that was much more comfy.
I picked up a pair of ankle-length, Artist-style jeans from American Eagle; and they fit really nicely! (At first I wasn’t sure whether to buy a long pair or ankle-length, but my love of wearing flats and flip-flops in the summer helped me decide in the end).


While I was at the mall, I also picked up a few loose T’s from Old Navy, which will come in handy as Baby Bee keeps growing. All three were on sale for $6 each!

shopping 008

Oh, and I just couldn’t resist the blue hat… šŸ™‚ It’ll be super cute and comfy for the summer!!

Happy Friday, Everyone! Any fun plans for the weekend??


5 thoughts on “Tiny Shopping Haul

  1. I love those tshirts you picked out! I’m sad to see your favorite jeans go. It’s like losing a reliable friend that always makes you feel good!

  2. Love the shirts! I may have to check out Old Navy for some myself…. šŸ™‚ The blue hat is soooooo YOU! It will be great for the sunny months. And as a big fan of jeans (I won’t even tell you how many pair I own – it’s ridiculous), I’m always sad to see some go for rippage reasons.

  3. Cute picks! Also, I’m sorry about your jeans! I had a favorite pair of jeans that ripped while I was in college so I duct taped them. Yup, not even kidding. Then they ripped somewhere else, so I duct taped that spot too. They ended up being duct taped all over. I probably wore them like that at least two or three times before I finally decided that it was time to find a new favorite pair of jeans. It was a sad day for sure!

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