A Trip to Yankee Candle!

My best friend Ashley (also forever-more referred to as my ‘roommie’) and I almost never met. I was a transfer student, moving from my current college in Florida to attend a New England school that focused more on journalism. Seeing as how I was going to begin my Junior year of school, I should have been placed in an upperclassmen dorm. Ashley, on the other hand, was beginning her Freshman year. Somehow, paperwork was mixed up, and Ashley and I found ourselves both sharing a room in a Freshmen dorm.

pic 10

I wasn’t complaining. I could tell from the very start that she and I were going to get along just fine. She came armed with a bright smile, adorable curtains, a cozy rug, a nice TV, and endless snacks for the room. She appreciated the fact that I was tidy, into running, interested in healthier eating (a.k.a. avoiding the cafeteria at all costs), and was all about quiet evenings in the dorm, as apposed to the party scene. We might as well have been sisters, we were so much alike.

pic 16

But then, only days into our rooming together, a floor-leader pulled me aside and told me that she had discovered the mistake. She told me that I would ruin Ashley’s freshmen experience, so they were going to move me to a different dorm. After my discussion with the floor-leader, I promptly went back to the room and told Ashley all about the discussion… and she said that there was NO way that the school was going to split us up! She and I both didn’t want to run the risk of being stuck with someone that wasn’t such a good fit.

And really, the rest is history. We stood our ground and lived together until she transferred to nursing school the following year. We’ve been best friends ever since. She’s been in my wedding… And I’ll be her maid of honor this upcoming July. It certainly was just meant to be, as we may have never met had the college not mixed up that paperwork! 

Over the years, Ashley has also become close to my sister Sarah, so the three of us try to get together every month for a fun girl’s day. When I found out that Ashley had never been to the Yankee Candle flagship store, located in Deerfield, MA, I knew that this had to be our next adventure! So we planned a girl’s trip and headed even further out into the country.

pic 2

The thing about the Yankee Candle flagship store is that it’s SO much more than just candles. There are rustic kitchen goods, bathroom décor, specialty foods, Christmas decorations, and everything to make the perfect gift basket. It’s one of those places that leaves you wishing you had an even bigger shopping carriage (and a wallet to go with it), because absolutely everything is whimsical, and beautiful, and quaint. It sure is fun to window-shop though, so I still go… even if my wallet isn’t budging! 😉

I mean, how cute would this red, flower-basket bike look in a garden?

pic 5

Oh, yes, and there are candles too. 😉 Endless row upon row of candles that make you wish you had three noses so that you could smell each one at least once. My favorite scent of this trip was pineapple cilantro. Sooo delightful and fresh!

pic 3

Somehow, Sarah always ended up with the food though. 😉 Popcorn, anyone?

pic 24

Speaking of food, we decided to eat lunch at the Chandler Restaurant, which is located on site. I’ve always wanted to try it, but never have.

food 7

It was simply adorable and rustic inside, just as an old-fashioned, New England restaurant should be.

food 6

Since I was rather nauseous at the time and just in the mood for some carbs, I ordered a plane, cheese quesadilla. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was just what I needed. I absolutely loved it! 

food 2

Ashley ordered the fruit and nut salad, while Sarah ordered the chickpea burger. Both girls said that their meals were delicious!

food 4

Oh, and we also had fun in Santa’s workshop, exploring toys that we had enjoyed years ago.
There was everything from Breyer horses to giant Peanut mugs… I’m not going to lie, I would probably still buy one of those mugs now, because I love anything Charlie Brown. And who doesn’t need a coffee mug the size of their head?

pic 14

And I think that Sarah maybe wishes she had an excuse to buy another Breyer horse. 😉 She used to love those plastic ponies, when she was a little girl!!
Soooo many things to look at!

pic 21

But don’t worry, if you’re not into coffee or toys, there’s also a candy store fit for a king…

pic 22

…and a castle…

pic 17

…and a snowy village that doesn’t feel cold, because it’s inside.

pic 20

What can I say? It’s quite the place. And I’m so glad that Ashley ended up loving it as much as we do!


(Oh, look, Janelle, no hands)!! :)


10 thoughts on “A Trip to Yankee Candle!

    1. You would LOVE it!! It’s located about 2 1/2 hours from Boston, smack-dab in the middle of farm country, berry picking, and farm stands. Should you ever be in New England and decide to make the drive, I know someone who would love to go with you as a ‘tour guide’. (ME)!! 🙂

  1. ahahahaha you are hilarious! The peace sign candle and the MASSIVE elephant!!!! Tell me you looked at the pricetag for that guy? I totally need him in my life!

    Another thing that cracks me up: you were all wearing stripes. Yep, definitely (like) sisters!

    1. Oh, I definitely thought of you when I saw the elephant!! 🙂 I didn’t look at the price, because I think I was afraid to. 😉 A stuffed animal that big and amazing must cost a pretty penny! But he was pretty amazing, I have to say!
      And I totally didn’t notice that we were all wearing stripes!!!! Ha, ha. (Actually, I totally own the shirt that Sarah was wearing. Thankfully we both didn’t decide to wear it on the same day, because that has happened to us before. Hee, hee).

      1. (Not sure if wordpress will put this comment below our convo or not.. sometimes it maxes out responses). Anyway, Google tells me that elephant could be around $800 OR MORE. I’d rather buy you everything from your future baby-registry than spend 800 big ones on a giant elephant. As fun as having that elephant would be, I’d rather go practical!

        Hilarious note: people come over to my house, see a TON of elephants, and ask me if I like elephants. I haven’t mastered switching the “uhh, you think?” stupid look to a very kind “yes” smile. I can only imagine what having a massive elephant in my living room would do… 🙂

  2. This looks like the most fun shopping day EVER!!! I love that you and Ashley stood your ground and didn’t let the college separate you. I also love (like Janelle said) that you’re all wearing stripes. Great minds…. And last but certainly not least – that Yankee Candle flagship store looks like a home dream come true!! You need the red garden bike. Or maybe I need it and I’m projecting my need onto you….

  3. Aww so much fun! This place looks amazing! I love candles, but all the extra stuff make these even better. 🙂 Also, I think it’s so neat how you guys met by mixed up paper work and became good friends so quickly. Crazy how stuff like that can happen! 🙂

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