Week 10 (almost week 11) recap – Food Aversions

The food aversions hit a day or two before the severe nauseousness did; and they came on swiftly, suddenly, and without warning. Turkey burgers were the first food item to make me shudder from the top of my head down to the tips of my toes. They were sitting in my fridge, really not hurting anyone; but when I opened the fridge door and saw them, I fell back and gagged.

“Wait,” I thought to myself, after slamming the door shut. “Did I just have my first pregnancy food aversion?”

I opened the fridge door back up and peeked inside, letting my eyes slide over to the shelf holding those turkey burgers. Gag!!

“Oh my goodness,” I shouted to Nate, clapping my hands in glee. “I just had my first pregnancy food aversion!”

Looking back, I’m not quite sure as to why I was so excited. But I think that somehow it made my pregnancy feel official, so I was going to celebrate it, even if I was gagging in the middle of my kitchen. 😉 (Speaking of official, I’ve already had an early ultra-sound! 🙂 And Baby B has a healthy, strong heartbeat already).

Also looking back, I probably should have subsequently tossed those dreaded turkey burgers into the freezer or even just given them away. But instead, I tossed them, an entire chicken, and some leftover beef into the trash, which was promptly taken out to the curb. Somehow, in that moment, I hated those burgers with a vengeance and just wanted them out of my kitchen… and out of my kitchen fast!

And so thanks to the food aversions, I can almost say that I’ve become a vegetarian over the past month, because meat in general makes me gag in unlady-like fashion. In the past five weeks, I’ve only had chicken twice and beef three times, and not one of those times did I enjoy it in the least. Fish I can sometimes handle, but – since I’m pregnant – I’m limited to the quantities I’m allowed to eat. That being said, I can’t officially claim to be a vegetarian, because I have an aversion to most vegetables too. 😉 I understand that broccoli never did me any harm, but tell that to my raging hormones. I just don’t want any part of those little green veggies.

Now corn on the other hand… Corn is currently my love. Nate walked into the kitchen the other morning at 8:30am, and I was already eating my first corn cob of the day. In that moment, snacking on corn before we left for church just made complete sense. Sweet and crispy, slightly boiled, I eat it just like that… no butter or salt for me. I just want to taste the pureness of that corn.
Oh, and fruit. I can’t seem to get enough fruit. I polished off my very own pound of grapes and half of a watermelon one afternoon. *sheepish grin*

edited chalkboard

As for meals, since one can’t live off of corn alone, I’ve been consuming bland carbs at a rate that I didn’t think possible. The thing about nauseousness caused by pregnancy is that you don’t feel like eating, but eating frequently actually helps to keep the queasy sensations a bit more under control. So rice krispies are comfort food for me these days. As is ginger-ale, crackers, pasta, soft wraps (I’m actually able to fill them with veggies and a bit of cheese at this point, so that’s a good start at introducing veggies back into my diet), cheese, fresh bread, and pizza.

Pizza, pizza, pizza. For over an entire week, the only thing I could stomach were Newman’s Own All-Natural Frozen pizza’s. We ate them three days in a row, and I sadly looked at Nate one night and apologized for making him eat the same meal so often. He responded by going to the grocery store and picking up a bunch more. My Nate is a good man! A very, very good man.

We're pregnant! 001

He even agreed to go to my parent’s house tonight for mushroom pizza from my favorite local pizzeria, because it was the only thing that sounded good to me. 🙂

Yum!! 036

On a VERY positive note, however, I can slowly feel my aversions subsiding!! *Insert happy dance* I still have absolutely no desire to eat chicken, but I did enjoy some pasta with hamburg the other day. And as I mentioned, I’m able to eat wraps filled with veggies now, so I’m slowly able to introduce greens (and fiber) back into my diet. Thank goodness!
Today’s lunch was a soft wrap filled with a green salad, cheddar cheese, and some all-natural Ranch dressing. Super yum!!

Yum!! 033

Since my taste-preferences seem to change all the time, I thought it would be fun to record some of my favorite pregnancy foods. So I’m going to try to keep a food journal on my Just Live It in the Kitchen page. So if you’re a foodie, and you want to see what crazy things I’ve been eating, head over there; and hopefully I’ll keep it updated a few days a week!  (I should mention, however, that I’m not recording them to give advise as to how you should eat when pregnant! Right now, I’m just trying to get through the queasiness of my first trimester, and then hopefully I’ll be able to really focus on eating a ton more veggies and whole grains). 🙂

But enough about me! What foods have YOU been craving lately?


13 thoughts on “Week 10 (almost week 11) recap – Food Aversions

    1. ‘Pooh’ to the dairy intolerance! Right now, I’m eating so much cheese, so I can’t imagine! I hope that ends soon for you! And I have to say that gummy bears do sound rather delicious… Ha, ha. 🙂

  1. Your wrap looks delicious! Do you always drink OJ with pizza? I used to do that as a teenager and younger but then all the acid started to kick my butt. How was that mushroom & spinach frozen pizza? Looks yum. I LOVE mushrooms in general but especially on pizza!

    The foods I’ve been craving for weeks: Wege small pretzels with Hershey’s milk chocolate. Take a bite of chocolate… smash in a pretzel. Not a healthy habit, sadly.

    Thanks for sharing your food aversions! That is my favorite question to ask pregnant ladies because the answer is always interesting and unique, and I don’t think the question is too probing.

    1. I don’t usually drink OJ with pizza (although I used to drink it with ‘everything’ because as a teenager, I was addicted to the stuff). 🙂 But the other night, it was the only juice my mom had, and I’m still a huge fan. So I thought, why not? I was really craving juice and it just made sense at the time. I’m sure most people would think that pizza and OJ are a weird combination, but it sure tasted delicious to me. Ha, ha.
      Hmmmm, pretzels and chocolate are SO amazing! Do you eat dark chocolate? I’ve heard that is rather healthy, so maybe you could count it as being healthy that way. 😉 I like dark chocolate, but I have to admit that I’m a huge milk chocolate fan too… I’m trying to lean towards dark chocolate though, since it does satisfy my sweet tooth faster. But I’ll never turn my nose down at a Hershey’s kiss or M&M. 🙂
      And it’s true, asking about food aversions isn’t weird at all. (You should hear some of the questions that I’ve already been asked! I definitely think people should stick to food aversions. Hee, hee). 😉 But it really is interesting to hear how different women crave different things… or have an aversion to other things!

      1. Oh interesting. I think OJ & pizza is a great combo!

        If I’m eating chocolate plain, I like salted dark choc. But truth be told, I really don’t like to eat anything chocolatey unless there’s peanut butter involved 🙂 Or apparently pretzels. haha. I like your suggestion to consume dark choc and consider it healthy! ha. So wise.

  2. All I could handle was ice cream! I do remember eating frozen pizzas, but almost everything made me sick! I’m glad yours are subsiding! Mine didn’t until some time after Landry was born. 😳

    1. Hmmmm, I forgot to mention icecream! I have had it a couple of times, and I have to admit that I did really enjoy it. 🙂 And I can’t imagine having aversions for an entire pregnancy! You poor thing!!

  3. Aww, you poor thing! I love how awesome Nate is to you! I bet he is loving the pizza, haha! My aunt told me that she HATED meat when she was pregnant! Now she eats it again, but a lot less than she used to! Very interesting! I can’t wait to check out your kitchen page 🙂

    1. He really is loving the pizza, which is a good thing. Ha, ha. And I’m hearing from a lot of women that they had an aversion to meat! It really is interesting!!

  4. Aww your Nate is such a good guy! It’s so sweet that his response to your apology was to go buy more pizzas. 🙂 I’m glad you can stomach at least some foods! And hopefully the rest of the aversions will really subside as your 2nd trimester arrives!

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