A Sunday Walk

Beginning a consistent workout routine is never as easy as it was to end one. BUT the amazing thing about exercising is that every bit counts. So if I missed my workout today, I can celebrate the fact that I worked out yesterday and then do my best to get a workout in tomorrow.
And one thing that I’m learning is that fitting in a workout doesn’t have to feel like… work.


Sunday was the nicest day of spring so far, filled with so much sunshine that I wished I could bottle it up for a rainy day. “Oh, Sunshine, how I missed you!”

And while I absolutely adore running, there is nothing like going for a leisurely walk on a warm, spring day. Somehow it’s the perfect way to unwind after a busy week and to regroup before yet another week begins. Add a winding, country road and the most amazing family a girl could ask for, and you end up with so much more than a workout. You end up with a simply magical afternoon!


Dad threw the last snowball of the winter season.

Family Walk 012

Sarah and I snapped picture after picture… until my mom and dad commandeered our cameras and began to take pictures of us. 😉

Family Walk 018

Nate and Dad found a man-sized Tonka-Truck, which they – obviously – had to take turns climbing on.

Family Walk 027

It’s too bad we didn’t have the key, or else we could have taken turns going for a ride too. 😉

Family Walk 037

Hopefully this doesn’t mean Nate will want one of these now. 😉

Family Walk 039

Although it felt as though we were just exploring the bumpy, neighborhood roads and having fun, we were also getting a workout in.


(Janelle, I had to take at least one photo with my signature move, after all). 😉 Peace!!

It turned out to be such a lovely afternoon, and it makes me so happy that spring is here finally! 🙂 I missed walks like this!!

Family Walk 023


5 thoughts on “A Sunday Walk

  1. bwahahaha I giggled to myself when I saw the peace signs then laughed SO loud when I read your comment below the photo. ha! You’re the best.

    And those shoes! ❤

    I just commented to Sarah's post that I LOVE that you guys take family walks. So adorable.

  2. It makes me want to take a walk today. I was going to take one yesterday after I helped a lady from the church move but it rained 😦 Hey wait can I count lifting heavy furniture as a work out? I feel so much more fit already! 🙂

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