The Day I Don’t Trust Anyone

April Fool’s Day is probably one of the most stressful days out of the entire year. Because for its entirety, people do their absolute best to tell you the most shocking of lies in order to traumatize you… and then they laugh until they can’t breathe. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I haven’t pulled a few April Fool’s Day pranks of my own. In fact, I got my dad pretty good years ago, when I called his phone and pretended to be Home Depot asking for him to return the light fixture he had just installed.

But still, it’s just one of those days that you can’t trust anyone. For one entire day, everyone thinks it’s okay to lie! I remember a particularly horrifying prank one year, when my mom told me and my siblings that she had baked us a chocolate cake… only to shout ‘April Fools’ when we all raced into the kitchen. I’m not sure that I’ve even recovered from that one yet.

But here we are, April Fool’s Day 2014.

My day started early. I was downstairs eating a banana and peanut butter before my workout, when Nate came hobbling over to me.
“I have the worst rash,” he said, itching his butt. “I hope it’s not contagious. You should see it. It’s awful.”
I just kind of stared at him in horror until he burst into laughter, quite proud of himself for having caught me so early in the day.

He was on a roll apparently. “Hey, we should call my parents and tell them you’re pregnant… and then say April Fools!” he said, really excited.
“How about we don’t?” I said.

I’m beginning to wonder if April 1st should come with a health risk. Or maybe people should at least be warned to chose their victims carefully? I’m terribly concerned for people with weak hearts or high blood pressure.

As for me, I think I just might go into hiding for the rest of the day. Well, that is, after I’ve thought up something good to get Nate back!

We're Pregnant! 001

After all, if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them. 😉 And who wouldn’t trust this innocent face?


10 thoughts on “The Day I Don’t Trust Anyone

    1. Moms are always dangerous on April Fool’s Day! And I have to say, there’s nothing worse than waiting for someone to get you. It’s so suspenseful! Ha, ha. 🙂

    1. I DEFINITELY need to get him back, seeing as how he already got me a second time. I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do, but I told him that he had better watch out… So I think he’s nervous of my revenge! Hopefully I can come up with something good. Ha, ha.

  1. A nice warning for Nate. One of my friends pulled the “pregnancy” April Fools joke, and that joke will be going to kindergarten this fall….
    I don’t like the lying. I usually do something silly. This year we had breakfast for dinner (which is now a favorite for Michael and may have to be incorporated during other times of the year, apparently)

    1. I love the breakfast for dinner idea! 🙂 And it’s too funny, because I DID make breakfast for dinner last night, without planning on doing it because it was April Fool’s. Ha, ha. 🙂

  2. Pleeeeease tell me you got him back!! That Nate is such a mess (in a good way), haha! It’s true, though, that you can’t trust anyone on April 1st. Christopher has a coworker who’s a friend of ours and she always calls Christopher “little brother”. Yesterday she walked up to him and held out her hand (where he couldn’t see the other side of it) as if to shake his hand and she goes “good morning, little brother!” to which Christopher looked at her hand in half disgust and goes “Um, no way.” When she looked genuinely hurt and confused he was like “wait… you aren’t trying to prank me?” Which she wasn’t. They both laughed about it after that. But still! It’s a day to be on your guard for sure!

  3. Sadly, Nate’s joke is something John would pull any day of the year. hahaha.

    I’m not a big April Fools fan but the little redhead in my life actually ASKED me to pull a prank on him. (I did not. Party pooper. It was too late in the day).

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