Cook or Cat Lady?

My plan was to feature a cooking post today; because now that I’m not spending over 40 hours a week at the office, I actually have been cooking… a lot. But as I’m sitting here in the comfort of my living room and sipping on some hot tea, I’m realizing that I just feel like ‘chatting’ with you tonight. Chatting… and catching up… and maybe just sharing whatever thoughts randomly pop into my mind.

(Actually, this week was kind of a disaster in the kitchen. *sheepish grin* The recipe ingredients started out as beautiful pictures captured by my camera, but the beauty pretty much ended there. I’m not entirely sure what happened, other than maybe it’s not a good idea to feel overly ambitious and to make all new recipes in the course of a week).


While we’re on the subject… It’s also not a good idea to bake while sitting on the floor, even if you’re convinced that it will make for better blog photo’s. The lighting might be perfect, and the floorboards may even make for an interesting backdrop. But unfortunately, there’s a very good chance that a furry critter will photo-bomb your potential masterpiece.

Tomato 006

And then the furry critter will become crabby, because you keep shooing him away.

cats 010

So then suddenly, instead of taking pictures of your delicious dinner (which is quickly turning into a dangerous science project that scares even your biology-loving husband), you’re lying on the living room floor and taking pictures of your photo-bombing cat (who suddenly just wants to play with his new mouse toy).
So there you go! In a matter of a week, I’ve turned from an experienced home cook to cat lady.

cats 017

Eh, I suppose worse things could happen, right? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Cook or Cat Lady?

  1. You know I’m on board with Cat Lady!!

    Any chance you’re getting new recipes from blogs? Please share the links! (Although, I don’t eat meat, so there’s that…)

    What is Plan B when a new recipe fails? Ours is always pizza because we live in walking distance of a pizza place. A new recipe has only warranted Plan B once though. Phew!

    Have you made lasagna soup? It’s so easy and it’s a favorite in my house.

    Hope your kitchen adventures go better next week!

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