What I Wore Wednesday – 3 February outfits

I’ve decided to make my ‘What I Wore’ segments a monthly thing, mainly because I’m guilty of wearing the same outfits over…and over… and over again. So hopefully in the course of the month, I can at least come up with a few new outfits to share! 🙂 It’s just so easy to grab a tried-and-true outfit, as apposed to going through the delightful, but often time-consuming, ‘trouble’ of determining what top, pants, shoes, and jewelry to wear. And also I have a limited supply of possibilities, so I think a monthly fashion segment will fit best. (Although – again – I could be wearing so many more outfits if I took the time to actually go through my wardrobe. *sheepish grin*).

SO I really am hoping that this segment will inspire me to create new looks with old favorites!

OUTFIT # 1 – Piano Teaching
I’m pretty excited about this first outfit; because for the first time ever, I wore colored pants! And I have to say that it felt pretty good. I’m not sure why it took me so long to jump on the bandwagon, but I do know that there is no going back!
I found these teal, skinny pants in the clearance rack at the Gap for $9. Yes, $9! They’re stretchy and super comfy, and I’m in love with the color!
For the top, I wore a white blouse from The Limited, covered by this cute heart-sweater, also from The Limited.
The fuzzy boots were purchased from JCPenny last year during an after-season sale.


OUTFIT # 2 – Baby shower
For my second outfit, I wanted to look cute without being too overly dressy (mainly because I was leading worship at church, running to my Pepere’s around lunch, and then skipping off to my friend’s baby shower). So there was a lot going on in the course of the day!
I wore my favorite pair of dark-wash skinny jeans, which were a bargain find at TJMaxx for $15. The top is an almost-sheer, wine peasant blouse from The Loft, so I wore a black cami underneath. I love how flowy the top is, and it has a cute black accent at the neckline.
To complete the outfit, I added tall brown boots and dangly, brass earrings.

Shopping! 001

Highstreet wanted to be an accessory too apparently. 😉

Shopping! 003

(Yes, I realize that my cat is as big as most small dogs. We try to keep that kind of hush-hush though, because he’s pretty sensitive about it).

OUTFIT # 3 – Date in Boston
This last outfit was my fave! 🙂
Nate and I went into the city last weekend on the warmest day of winter so far. The temps hit about 55 degrees F, and so I was more than happy to keep the winter coat at home!
I wore my favorite pair of dark-wash skinny jeans (from TJ Maxx) with a deep red, American Eagle T-shirt. Over the T, I wore my light brown, leather jacket and a bright, yellow scarf from Target. My tall boots and a red purse (also from TJ Maxx) finished off the outfit for my date in the city with the hubby.

Joel's engagement 007


6 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday – 3 February outfits

  1. You are gorgeous! I love outfit posts so I look forward to this monthly installment. 🙂 I love the teal pants (have a similar pair myself!), and the second outfit is super cute with that wine top – love. But my fav is the Boston date outfit. That yellow scarf! So springlike and wonderful!!

    1. YAY, I’m so glad you (like me) enjoy outfit posts!!! (Didn’t you feature an outfit once, where you wore a brown skirt with a light brown sweater that had a bird on it? Anyway, I bought a sweater that was very similar to the one you wore, because I saw it in a store and had fallen in love with it after seeing it on you! This might sound creepy, but I totally think of you whenever I wear it. Ha, ha!!!). 🙂 So thank YOU for your fashion inspiration!

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