A Little Sweet, A Little Taco

Long before Nate and I started dating, we were best friends. You know those two people that are absolutely perfect for each other and you wish they’d start dating already? But instead, they decide to be best friends for months on end and do absolutely everything together, still while stubbornly claiming that they aren’t dating yet? Yeahhhh, Nate and I were that couple.

One of the first places that Nate took me to for dinner on one of our we’re-not-dating-but-we’re-kind-of-going-on-a-date-moments was Taco Bell / KFC. Nate was a manager at this particular restaurant location and had apparently talked to his staff about the curly-haired girl that he was starting to really like, because the teenage girl at the counter gasped as we approached.

“Nathan!” she exclaimed. “Please don’t tell me that you’re taking her for a date here?!?”


Nate looked slightly shocked at the outburst; because to him, Taco Bell and KFC are the epitome of foodie heaven. I don’t exaggerate in the least. At that point in time, I knew that he liked fried chicken and taco’s in ways I could never understand, but I didn’t quite realize the extent of his chicken and taco passion. In fact, up until that fateful day, I had never even eaten at a Taco Bell or KFC, because I wasn’t really into that sort of thing. But again, we weren’t officially dating and I’m not picky when it comes to a fun night out with my guy, so I quickly assured the girl that it was quite all right.

Flash forward years and years, and my hubby no longer works at the restaurant chain. However, he never did grow out of his fried chicken and taco phase, as I – and everyone else in his life – had fully expected him to. In fact, thank goodness the saying “you are what you eat” isn’t literal, because my husband would be a walking chicken leg with a taco for a head.

Again, I’m not exaggerating.

blog 2

I do my best to make sure he eats as healthy as possible the majority of the time, cooking meals at home that consist of veggies and lean meats. But every once in awhile, he needs his taco or fried chicken fix. And in the five years that we’ve been married, I’ve learned that it’s not worth fighting over, as long as he continues to eat healthy the majority of the time. (I usually get the Cantina Bowl when we go, which is a salad with avocado, rice, beans, lettuce, corn, tomatoes, and chicken. It’s not fine-dining, but it is pretty good). šŸ˜‰

blog 3

Life really is all about moderation.
After all, what can I say, it’s not like I don’t splurge sometimes too. I just tend to lean towards something sweet…
Cupcakes anyone?

blog 4
I guess maybe it is true that opposites attract. šŸ˜‰


11 thoughts on “A Little Sweet, A Little Taco

  1. He took you to Taco Bell? That’s pretty hilarious. Not exactly the most impressive of date locations… but matt and I went to Burger King once on a date so I can’t be one to talk (though I’d say we did it ironically).

    1. To be fair, on our first ‘official’ date as boyfriend and girlfriend, he took me to the Wang Theater in Boston to see ‘Little Women’ and he also treated me to dinner at a nice restaurant. But apparently, when we were not officially dating, he didn’t want to impress me too much, so he picked KFC / Taco Bell. šŸ˜‰

  2. We have a plethora of fast food memories. In fact, we ate at Taco Bell on our wedding night because the Trans Siberian Orchestra was in town and all the restaurants were full with several hour long waits! We still have Mexican Food on our Anniversary night to commemorate. šŸ™‚ And also, everything in moderation is the way to go!

  3. This is so cute!! And it sounds just like my husband and I. He would eat fast food ALL the time if I didn’t stop him, and I prefer sweet snacks. I didn’t even know they made Taco Bell and KFC combined restaurants…if you’re going to eat fast food, that sounds pretty perfect haha.

  4. Ah, if you only knew how often Christopher and I ate at Taco Bell during our years dating in college, haha! It was definitely our favorite. We loved those tacos! We don’t eat there often now because we like to cook at home and if we go out then we like to eat local places. So now we seldom eat Taco Bell or KFC (or any fast food for that matter) unless we are road trippin’. šŸ™‚ I’m glad you guys have found a way for him to still eat what he loves. All things in moderation = great! šŸ™‚

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