So I apologize for the lack of blogging this week. I’m fairly certain that my lack of writing motivation is due to the fact that I can’t see anything but white. White…white…white… Everywhere white.

I have been contemplating ways to get rid of it and thought that it might be brilliant to host a snow giveaway. Something along the lines of “just comment below, and you will automatically win”. And I will pack a great big box filled with snow to send to you! Sounds amazing right??
It would certainly help me out, because I have so much that I don’t know what to do with it. 😉 In fact, our poor mailbox has nearly gone missing. It’s peaking out of a snowdrift and in grave danger of being lost forever. Or well, at least lost until there’s a decent thaw.

banana bread 002

I’ve been trying to focus on how beautiful it is, because it is most definitely beautiful. In fact, I wish it would stop snowing so that I could enjoy it just as it is now… without another 3-6 inches added to it. (I just checked the weather, and we’re supposed to get at least another 3 inches today, on top of the 5 we received yesterday… on top of the 11 inches we received days before that).


Since the post office probably wouldn’t appreciate a snow giveaway, I’ve decided to take a different sort of drastic action. After piano lessons this afternoon, I am going out to play in the snow! I don’t care how cold it is out there or how deep that white stuff is. I’m making time to have some winter fun!

Stitchy on the other hand is just going to continue feeling miserable, I’m pretty sure. He doesn’t think snow is pretty or fun to play in. I keep telling him that he really should work on his negative attitude, but – well- if looks could kill, let’s just say that I would be a chew-toy right now.

banana bread 006

I guess we’re all going a little stir-crazy. Oh, how we long for spring!! 🙂


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